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Is wearing ball weights considered gay?

Hey brock, glad you are still aroung and didn’t get scared off by the sideways hijack of this thread.

Originally Posted by firegoat
Can you give us a definition for “hetereo”?

Well for starters ball-weightless.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by brock
Here’s the results guys:

You have a 55% chance of NOT being gay if you wear ball weights or at least own a pair.

The replies to our questionnaire show that there are ball stretchers all over the world. About half of the replies come from stretchers in America and a quarter from the UK. But stretching has fans in Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, and in almost every country in Europe. Age is no barrier: the youngest stretcher is in his teens; the oldest well into his sixties. Most stretchers are in their thirties or forties and are in well established jobs and relationships. Nearly half are self-employed or in skilled or executive employment, but all occupations (and the unemployed and retired) are well represented. Well over half declare a religious background, mostly in Christianity, but there is a handful of Jewish stretchers. [We look forward to hearing from members of other faiths.] Over 70% are in a stable relationship. Of these, some 55% are heterosexual, over 25% homosexual, and about 20% bi-sexual.


I can’t believe there is a real answer to this question!

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by joe_smith

So you tell me is that gay?

There`s nothing more gay than that. ;)

Originally Posted by vktor
Did Brock mean gay as in happy or gay as in homosexual?
Note: correction is for ESL purposes only.

A fair question. One which I’m uniquely qualified to answer: whatever he meant he did not mean gay as in Happy.

As far as that goes I am in Earnest.

firegoat I’m willing to accept responsibility for this thread.

My need to make light of such self-conscious inquiries is instinctive, as is my frustration with the idea that ‘gay’ is somehow bad, which such questions inherently imply when framed this way.

While Hobby’s point is certainly true enough and valid unto itself, in this instance I feel it’s an over-reaction (then again he does like playing the heavy). I didn’t get the feeling that the question was prompted by a concern for safety, as in a fear of gay bashing and serious personal injury. Moreso I had the impression that it was a self-conscious, borderline narcissistic (in all candor), worry about peer acceptance.

Point one: PE in general is not going to be widely accepted. It’ll be seen as a kink of some kind by most folks. And yes, some may think you’re gay - but then some might think that anyway regardless of this. You never know with people.

Point two: the idea that being gay is somehow bad is very troubling. My hope is we could be more accepting. Further, the concern itself indicates a tenuousness of identity and a need for outside acceptance that is hopefully unnecessary for healthy self-definition. And it’s certainly out of place when considering PE practices. Some things we can keep private without apology.

I’m glad brock researched the question. I don’t know how reliable such statistical information is - how many are closeted or ambiguously ambi-sexual - but it seems safe to assume that there is kinkiness across a wide spectrum of sexual preference, which is at once unsurprising and oddly reassuring.

It’s all good.

PS I’m looking up at my 2” X 2” FYI.

Yours in Earnest, Happy

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

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Originally Posted by mravg
You forgot the part where he meets her gay roommate who wears the exact same ball weights, but in a complimentary color.
The tink, tink, tink sound of ball weights banging together rings throughout the apartment, as she sleeps soundly, dreaming of Cole Haan shoes…………

This thread is fucking hilarious. mravg, once they really get into it, their ball weigths start banging each other hard like those clackers they used to sell at the 5 and 10 when we were kids.

Everything is gay.

Why would other people think your gay wearing them?

Even so, why do you care?

Wait; WHY would other people know your wearing them?!

Originally Posted by Mr. Happy
firegoat I’m willing to accept responsibility for this thread.

C’mon Mr Happy, you’re not accepting responsibility for this thread, you’re taking credit. I don’t remember when I have laughed so much, too bad it was at brock’s expense, but I think he is a good sport.

Thanks for the laughs all.

Originally Posted by Gut Scrambler
Okay then, let’s see: You and her left the bar to go to her place. You begin talking about the big sale at the mall tomorrow and all the nice clothes you would like to buy. You discuss that all the good clothes may go quickly so it is in your best interest to get a good night sleep. You both embrace tightly and set the alarm. You wake up bright and early and start a conversation about the durability versus style of Cole Haan shoes. You both have a marvelous day at the mall.

Anyway, sounds pretty straight to me! :P

Shit! I wear Cole Haan shoes. I thought I was straight. I guess this weekend is going to be a little different than I thought. I’ve also been considering ball weights. Looks like I better see a priest.

Originally Posted by Chaco20
Shit! I wear Cole Haan shoes. I thought I was straight. I guess this weekend is going to be a little different than I thought. I’ve also been considering ball weights. Looks like I better see a priest.

Wearing Cole Haans is fine, hell I got two pairs myself. If you have an actual discussion lasting more than a few minutes, well…

Gut Scramblin' goodness.


Ernest and I have been looking at the forum guidelines and cannot find a reference to “nuf.”

Ernest has recently started saying “nuf,” for what it’s worth.



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