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Is this the same as JAI

Is this the same as JAI

Hi there guys,

got questions here. OK, I usually do dry jelq-I’m uncut, and when I do these jelq I just using standard O grip and then I milked it down ward and at the end which is behind the head I just give a 3second pull. What am doing here, is this the same as JAI??? or not? because I’ve read that JAI is stretching right? not involving jelqing. Any guy has gained using JAI? why is it up until now I still didn’t got good stretch feeling from A stretch??. Over the last few days I try BTC and it work quite good, but how do you guys keep your balls from getting in the way???.

Well, thats it for now, I’m hoping for your reply. Thanks, seeya:

Hi occa,
Yes, it sounds as if you are using a Dry Jelq/JAI Stretch combination. However, as I understand the JAI stretch, three seconds is a longer amount of time to hold the stretch than the 1 1/2 to 2 seconds recommended. I’m assuming you Jelq semi erect?
It sounds as if you’re using a creative mix of technique. I think it’s common for people to combine these two exercises but from now on I’m going to think of it as “Occa’s JAI Jelq” :)
Here is the JAI article:
JAI Stretch ~ Johan’s Active Isolated Stretches

As for not feeling the A-stretch, keep in mind that just because you don’t “feel” the stretch doesn’t mean it isn’t working. It should be expected that one stretch will result in a different “feel” than another stretch. Personally, I use the way I feel after a work-out as a measure of progress. It’s the accumulative effect that yields results, not the individual exercises.
Balls and BTC? Oh my, that’s a topic. I’ve learned to tolerate BTC right down the middle of the scrotum. Some people push the sack to one side or the other. It’s another ‘personal preference’ matter.
We have balls…what can you do?

Indonesia! How is the climate this time of year? (cold here in New England)

Hi there CaptnHook,

Thanks for your respond:) you are the first person that care with my questions:) ). Actually what I mean 3 second is not 3second pull entirely, I jelq slowly 3 second downward and than pull it about around 2 second. Every time I do some dry jelq when going to the toilet I always get a little hard, so yeah I jelq semi erect. After doing couple of this what you called as Occa’s JAI Jelq:) my cock got a little fuller and a little meat-ier:) . Kinda hard to tuck it down ward in my bikini brief underwear. Thanks for the article, I’ve read about that before.

You have such a different point of view about this jelq exercise, >>>It’s the accumulative effect that yields results, not the individual exercises.>>> I like this one:) . Before I BTC right in the middle of my balls but there”s uncomfortable feeling to my balls, now I’m trying to do it different side from my balls but that feels strange:) ). Can we take off the balls first and do BTC for a while??:)

Yup thats right I’m in Indonesia, Jakarta to be exact. The weather is not so good in the changing period from dry to rainy season, so sometimes its so HOT-you feel like you wanna take off your clothes and free balling:) but sometimes it could rain. Have you ever been to Indonesia? New England in GB or US???. Seeya, take care

Hello again Occa!
Forgive me for not understanding your description of the Occa JAI Jelq :)
You obviously have a better ‘grasp’ of the concept (since you are its inventor). Please don’t think of this as me “answering questions”. I prefer to think of this as an even exchange of ideas and opinions.
I wonder: How many of these JAI Jelqs do you do in a typical workout session. How long are your sets?

Yes, I recommend removing your balls before doing BTC..I’ve been doing this and it is great. But I sometimes forget where I left them and go on a crazy search of my house, cursing myself in a very high-pitched voice. :)
Seriously though, I’ve learned that doing BTC with your groin facing upward (as if pointing toward the ceiling) helps minimize “Ball Crush”. I learned this from my experience with hanging weights. If you can do BTC in a reclining position, even lying on your back the force of gravity moves your balls in the same direction as your stretch — towards your body/ass. I hope that makes sense. It’s not a perfect solution but I’ve found it helps.

So, you’re about to get drenched over there? We don’t have a rainy season here. Our equivalent would be snow, I guess (New England, USA).
There is a fair amount of rain in the spring-time but it is usually very welcomed after the bone-chilling winter. No free-balling from November to March:)
Thanks Occa ——Cap

You're cool

Hi there CaptnHook:) ,

Oh CaptnHook, you’ve crushed my heart, how can I forgive you, I thought that we are connected, but I guess I’m wrong, hik…hik…hik… heheheLOL>>Just kidding:)

No, no need to apologize, its my fault not describing it clear enough. I like that, exchanging idea and opinions:) . Anyway, Just got back from the toilet, and had just done some stretching and JAI Dry jelq. This is what I usually do, I Went to the cubicle, take out my small cock:) and pee first, after that I do several stretch in all direction, 2-3 rep for about couple of seconds, and than I do those JAI Dry jelq, I do it for 12 rep for two or three sets. after doing that my cock usually get semi erect and like I said, its hard to tucked it in the underwear, so I distract my mind, after getting a little softer than I tucked it in. Left the cubicle, and don’t forget to wash hands!!:) . I don’t do this stuff in many sets because I usually do this 3-4 times a day. May I know what is your routine?? If I’m not mistaken you live on a boat right? what exercise that you do most?

I’m trying to imagining you doing BTC in reclining position:) . that must be hard and awkward. How do you position your cock so its stretch well and secure between the cheeks? I can’t grasp it from behind so I stretch it away from my body and than I push it down ward and slip it between the cheek-although its not really between the cheek, because mine is still short:) .

New England is in East Coast, am I right???? how is the environment there? how long you have stayed here? So you’ll have white Christmas than, wow thats cool, I never seen snow up until now, hopefully soon:) . well seeya take care.

Occa my friend,
You sound very dedicated to PE. doing sets 3-4 times a day is an excellent way to keep the penis in a stretched state. This should force it to heal in an extended state.
I think that jelqing should be more concentrated than what you’ve described. That is, if you are working on girth. By this I mean one or two very long jelqing sessions (morning/night) instead of many smaller broken up sessions. I have gotten very nice girth expansion doing it this way. That’s my experience.
No, I don’t live on a boat. That’s a different pirate. PirateSteve. He is a real pirate. But a nice pirate. The only thing he harms is rulers.
To hear that you have never seen snow amazes me. If I could send you some I would. In fact, if I could send you all of it I would. You are not missing much. Once the first snow of the year has fallen and the excitement wears off, it becomes a nuisance. Especially in a city. Bus exhaust and dirt cover the piles of snow turning them into hideous black monoliths. Dog piss stains the sidewalks and freezes into disgusting sheets of dangerous yellow slush. Old people fall and shatter their hips and children get their tongues stuck to flag poles. People don’t stop to talk for fear of freezing to death in the street and flu runs rampant hospitalizing hundreds and killing even more.
Oh, by the way- I mostly hang weight as a routine. It has really helped me gain length.

Thanks Occa. Write back about your progress and the sexy girls of Indonesia. Tell me about the ones you see everyday and how petite and unapproachable and beautiful they are.



Hi there CaptnHook,

So happy to read your respond. Well, I’ve tried that, doing PE in morning or night, in a full session, but don’t know after doing it over sometime I get bored with the routine. So, I do it like this, I still do this when I in the shower, morning or night sometimes doing it again before bed-but lightly. I never do warm-up using hot water anymore. Do you still do it?.

I think after doing some BTC, I got some stretch length gain, now I could stretch until 5 3/4” while before only 5” is this a good sign???

Do you think I could get your email? so we could talk more free and I think other member would be disturb if we talk about snow :) ), but its ok if you don’t want to, I could understand. Thanks Capt. take care and

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