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Is this routine enough for length gains?

Is this routine enough for length gains?

I do 3 sets of 2 minutes JAI stretches (2 secs pull/2 secs release)..5x per week..maybe this should be done twice daily and add some flaccid jelq’s.

No girth needed, just length…thanks.


Hmm, probably not, it works out at 3 minutes of stretching per day. The newbie routine would be better IMO. Did you read bib’s LOT theory? If you havent, go read that, its a sticky in this forum.


Thanks SS, that’s what I was thinkin but I think I read Johan advise 3 sets of 15 JAI reps which works out quite a bit less than I’m doin, and what I’m doin just doesn’t seem like enough. Yup, I’ve read the lot thread and am stretching in the appropriate direction (down). I will add some jelqing and another stretching session per day.


>and what I’m doin just doesn’t seem like enough.<

Aha there you go. If it doesnt seem like enough, it probably isnt, however some people might do a heavy routine and not think they are doing much, and injure themselves. Thats why you take it easy to start with, so you get a better feel for what is good and bad.

You could try doing the AI’s on one stretching session, and normal static stretches on the other one. The jelqing is important for general dick health, improving blood flow and will help with the enlarging process too.

Good Luck

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