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is this right?

is this right?

I’ve been PE’ing for the majority of the past 22 months… mostly working on length, but about 7 weeks ago I started working primarily for girth. I’ve been working up in intensity maybe a little more quickly than I should have, but after PEing for this long I feel pretty in-tune with my unit. My workout basically goes: warmup, light JAI stretches, 5-6 min. jelq., 5 min. pump (5 hg), 2 sets of 12 ulis, 5 min. pump, 2 sets/15 ulis, 5 min. pump, 1 set 15 ulis, 5 min. pump, cool down. (I also do kegels while in the pump).

In the last 7-10 days, I’ve really gotten to the point where I’m getting very good intensity on my ulis… I’m not sure that with my personal modifications they can even be call uli’s anymore… but they’re really just basic, intense squeezing exercises.

What I’m wondering about… after finishing my routine, my dick is HUGE. I mean ABSOLUTELY F***ING HEEYOOOGE! I’ve been pumping since I began PE, and even overdid pumping in the beginning, so I can tell you that the swelling I get now is not the same as the “pumped dick” look. (The “pumped dick” looks to me like a very soft, thick blister covering your entire dick. It feels squishy, and it subsides abnormally along the length of my dick. The swelling I’m getting now… while even much bigger than the “pumped dick”… is meaty, heavy, firm, and a deeper red than my normal dick color. Pump swelling subsides for me after 6-8 hours. The swelling I’m getting now subsides very gradually. I took 3 days off recently, and by the third day my dick was still much plumper than before I started the girth work weeks ago.)

Up until today, I thought that this was great… perfect… exactly what should be happening. This evening I was looking through some old posts, and found a few threads where guys were talking about too much swelling not necessarily being a good thing. This made my brain go “uh-oh”, and I figured I’d better get a couple opinions if possible.

I will add that I feel no pain or discomfort. I’m not getting any “red spots”. My dick is, if anything, more sensitive than before I started working girth, and my erections are MUCH harder than before I started. All in all, it seems like everything’s going great… except for this little voice in the back of my head now that’s telling me I *might* be doing damage.

A little reassurance, or perhaps a smack upside the head would be much appreciated!

Can’t comment on much in this. I work the 90%+ jelqs pretty hard and get damn big. My cool down is a 10min hot wrap with a fair amount of massaging. By the time I’m done a certain amount of the size has subsided and what it left (still quite a lot) has a pretty solid feel. 5 min hot wrap doesn’t do that for me.

Hope you get some more useful comments.


How much have you gained in the past 22 months?

what are your pre and post workout measurements.

I’m not sure your descriptions correspond to what I usually associate with a blister (I think that would be a bad thing) but may actually be tissue edema (probably not good but not as bad as a blister). It sounds to me like you are working your dick way too hard based on your post above perhaps a little clarification and pre and post measurements will help some of us come up with more coherent comments.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

The reason for avoiding fluid build-up (the “pumped dick” look) is that you don’t want pressure on the outside of the tunica restricting its ability to expand. When fluid accumulates and stretches the skin tight you might as well have a compression bandage on your dick - the tunica has no room to stretch.

From your description you are getting expansion of the tunica itself and not just puffy, constraining fluff outside of it. Sounds to me like you are on the right track. I’m glad to hear you are getting good results from alternating pumping and squeezing because that’s what I intend to try.

thanks for the responses, guys.

I began PEing in Feb. of 2001. Between then and Sept. of 2002 I was working strictly on length (I took about 6 months off at various times throughout that period). I gained just over 2” erect length during that time, and about .25” in girth just behind the head, which I attribute to pumping & ADS. (I have no idea how much girth I’ve gained at the base… never measured there… but I know that I have gained some)
When I switched to working for girth at the beginning of october, my girth was 5” even (once again, just behind the head). I haven’t measured since. I’m taking several days off for an especially busy weekend, so maybe I’ll measure tomorrow.
The swollen look I’m getting now is not anything like the fluid build-up or edema from pumping. I think that either I’m misunderstanding your post, or you may have misread mine.
I meant to say that the fluid build-up from over-pumping reminds me of what a very thick-skinned, very soft blister might look like covering my whole penis. The post-workout swelling I get now doesn’t look anything like that.
I’ve always avoided measuring immediately after a workout, so I can’t say how much bigger it is. All I can say is that it is *much, much* bigger than I’ve ever gotten from just pumping or just jelqing.

Hobby: I hope I am on the right track… perhaps I’ll know more the next time I measure.


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