Is this dangerous?

I’ve not had any injuries except for one instance of edema from a much too long jelqing session. It’s been more than a month since I had this swelling or donut effect. Now my concern is if I’m jelqing hard enough. I’ve tried to read and search as much information on this as I can but even viewing the videos over and over I can’t tell how hard the guy squeezes or pulls. This week I decided to increase the intensity of my jelqing and am pleased with the obvious girth increases. I do look for the danger signs such as spotting and bruising-so far so good. It’s just that I don’t want to set myself up for problems months or years down the road. I try to vary my jelqing from a beginning jelq pretty much straight down between my spread legs to 90 degrees, jelqing left and right from the center of my torso, lieing down and sitting. I also vary the erection level from 20 percent to 40, 60, 80, and above. I can’t say that I jelq at 100 percent erection because my wood seems to get harder each week. I’m pretty sure it would hurt to jelq at 100 percent. Pain is the main guideline I’ve been using when jelqing. After a session I usually edge for thirty minutes, I’m pretty sure I could go longer now except, well I can’t play with myself all day. Any way last week I starting jelqing with my whole hand instead of just the thumb and index finger. The first few times I couldn’t do more than 20 to 25 strokes, more and it would have hurt but today I did 50 strokes no problem. I want my glans to increase and doing this definately pumps it up. So has any one tried this and if so is it dangerous?