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Is this a simple fact

Is this a simple fact

If you get more boner’s through-out the whole day (if you PEing) does it help to get gains. I mean, jelqing is for breaking boarders and if more blood is pumped through-out the day, doesn’t that mean it aids jelqing?

If this is true.. Doesn’t it win over the debate that the younger you are, the faster you’ll gain?

The thesis is plausible, the problem is, when you get an erection you aren’t bringing in more blood than normal. Ergo, you aren’t making any difference where as in a jelq you are bringing in more (extra) blood in order to stretch and expand the tissues in the CC and CS.

And no, age has nothing to do with how rapidly or not you will get gains. Age is a factor in a couple of other things here at Thunders, but that is privileged information right now; if it applies you will know.

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I started when I was PE when I was 41, now I am 44, I grew a little.

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