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is this a sign? or normal?

is this a sign? or normal?

hmm….again this is about Bibs LOT thoery…..but does this go for other men too?

here it goes:

i noticed the LOT at around 730, but at 7 tehres still a small “flex”….i mentioned this in a different post….but then when i am completely flaccid and just let my penis hang, i notice when i do a kegel, i see that same “flex” as i did at 7:00. does this mean that “flex” at 7:00 isnt a tugback and my real LOT is at 7:30? or does this just mean im out of luck, and i gotta be stretching the tunica? thanks guys for helping me out….im sorry for all my annoying questions, ill try to keep it down when i become more experienced and help out in the community more often when i get into the later stages of PE. thanks again!

Either way, you should be working the tunica, yes.

You should look for visible tugback rather than feeling a flex.

Please read this link when you get chance, thanks!:


Good Luck


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