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Is this a *lig*?

Is this a *lig*?

Quick question folks…

My dick bends slightly to the left, and I noticed the other day that when it’s erect I can push it to my left thigh NO PROBLEM, but if I try to push it to my left thigh it is almost impossible. In fact it causes quite a bit of discomfort the more I push. Does this mean I have a loose right lig and a tight left lig (do you even have left/right ligs?)? Also could this be the cause of the left hand bend?





Hey Gorf,
I´ve noticed the same thing. Pushing my erect member to the left thigh is easy to do, but pushing it to right is a lot harder. There is a lot more resistance when I bend it to the right than to left and I have no idea why. It seems likely that it is a lig thing, but thats just a guess from my side.

Suggestions from the lig-experts out there?



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