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Is there no solution for me

Is there no solution for me

So I’ve reached breaking point with my PE activities and need to vent.

For years I’ve been browsing these forums and gathering activity. I’ve tried various techniques for short and extended periods, but have struggled with complications associated with them, and my physiology.

Jelqing and manual exercises were great, but two complications prevent me from regularly practicing. Firstly, I suffer more fluid-buildup than most. I can see slight buildup after just 30 careful dry jelqs. Secondly, even at this low number of jelqs I experience mild ED. Yikes!

Hanging never worked for me - Hangers simply wouldn’t seat on my shaft. I attribute this to a slight tapering at the end of my shaft, and the fact that I am uncut. Apart from that, my new relationship means hanging is not feasible.

Vac-extension seemed to be a great solution, but again my susceptibility to fluid buildup is a problem. 3 Hours per day at low tension (ADS tension) is probably the maximum I can safely go for. On top of that I get the odd small water blister.

I’m at a loss as to which path to go down. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

End of vent

I had similar problems that blocked many a path. What I found is that some are less stressful to me than others. Surprisingly, clamping done in moderation is one of them. Jelquing can be done at many levels of force, I suggest you can try with mild force, and go for longer periods as you condition. Pumping at low vacuum levels like 2-3 in hg also is an option.

Also, I think it is critically important to build BC strength and it is a key to gains.

The KEY I think is to first work on getting excellent EQ levels, then progress from there. What I find is that a very sensitive unit, also usually means you need far less time and force to grow than most.

For example, even though I’ve been at this for a long time now, my current routine that has been working very nicely is about 3-5 minutes in the pump at a max of 3 in hg, then clamping for 3 minutes. This I do daily, but after a few days, I need to take one off because my EQ starts to drop. Occasionally I get carried away and add something or more time, and more often then not my EQ goes to shit and I have to take 2-3 days off to get it back.

I really suggest you read both my PI thread, but more importantly my EQ thread linked at the bottom of this post. Feel free to ask me questions if you’d like.

Very interesting Sparkyx. I’ve given both forums a read and the logic sounds good, and applicable to my situation.

I’ve never given pumping much though, but perhaps it could compliment my efforts.

In terms of improving EQ, where should I start? As I see it, ANY work I do will decrease my EQ - or am I wrong?

The trick is to build up the BC strength, blood vessel strength and circulation without tramatizing the tissue too much.

I think its primarily the smooth muscle that reacts and causes the shrinkage and loss of EQ. I don’t know if its the smooth muscle getting damaged or some other tissue that releases a chemical that reacts with the smooth muscle.

So, for you, I think jelquing is a good one to start with, but you are going to modify the force. Start with the least force possible to still get expansion that is close to but slightly higher than your normal erection.

Think about it, when women wear those big ear rings, they start to stretch out their ear lobe holes, and its just a tiny wt…but they wear it for hours.

So, really, small forces over time will create changes, you just want to avoid the level of force that causes contraction, because that seems to reverse whatever tissue stretching you achieved.

So, the least force possible to cause some stretching and NOT result in your dick contracting for more than about 30-60 minutes. I find if I nail it just right, I might get a little bit of shrinkage that dissappears after about 30 minutes and then I hang fuller the rest of the day.

So, experiment with 5 minutes of easy jelquing at first, almost like masturbation but going up instead of down. It should be very pleasant. I suspect that guys like you are using a lot of force, at least too much for you and you cause that shrinkage.

So, start with every other day of 5 minutes, and see if your EQ starts to improve. When it does you can then see if you can go to every day at 5 minutes. The great thing is once you start to see improved EQ, it then becomes your guide. If you see your EQ start to drop, then you know you either have to back off on force or take another day off.

After you can do it daily for 5 minutes with great EQ, then you can multiply the time by 1.15 and increase it by that every two to three weeks and watch your EQ.

Don’t forget to kegel, improving the strength of the BC is critical to success!

You can always drop me a PM if you have any questions.

Read these two threads, I think they really are great and inspiring!

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Speaking to Big Gainer soon

Both of these threads advocate a slow progressive approach with modest forces, and can achieve amazing results.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
I think it’s primarily the smooth muscle that reacts and causes the shrinkage and loss of EQ. I don’t know if it’s the smooth muscle getting damaged or some other tissue that releases a chemical that reacts with the smooth muscle.

Interesting! I never considered the smooth muscle but this makes sense of my observations. Following your comment about clamping, I decided to ease myself into a routine by doing moderate horse440’s each morning. So far I’ve experienced a slight improvement in EQ, and hang heavy throughout the day. No fluid buildup. Perhaps this is because the smooth muscle isn’t being traumatised as much as it would be during a dry jelq?

Yeah, I think its the smooth muscle that is most sensitive to trauma, and contracts…but really its just an educated guess.

The trick, I think is to push it enough to get some stretch, but not enough to cause much contraction.

I know when I got it right, because I will hang heavy and full most of the day, and when I over do it, I hang shorter and thinner…pretty obvious.

If I over do it, its pretty simple, its a mandatory day off. Then I usually am back on track after a day off, or addtional day off.

What I find,is as I get better at reading my EQ, it allows me to experiment and still stay in the growth zone.

So for example, I have been getting pretty good results with about 5 minutes of pumping followed by 3 minutes of high pressure clamping.

THEN…I got the bright idea to follow that up with 30 minutes of moderate to low pressure clamping. Actually it worked pretty good, it held the stretch in place WITHOUT stressing the smooth muscle much. How do I know? I had minimal shrinkage followed by a fairly long flaccid and slightly diminished EQ.

I find if I do this one on and one off, I seem to be making some gains.

So, find the most stretch you can take with the least trauma to smooth muscle . And you learn that by close observation of EQ. This goes for any method you choose to try.

So you could hang or dry jelque or clamp or whatever, just watch carefully for your EQ and adjust the forces appropriately.

The other thing, the ugly stepchild of PE force is the kegel. I think the kegel is critical for any long term gains. This is skeletal muscle and can be over trained, so make sure you are getting stronger(harder squeeze, longer hold, lift a heavier wt) if your strength dips, either you are doing too much or too little. It should be obvious when you examine your recent routine for BC strength.

Also for you (and me,actually) I think fluid migration is to be avoided. Hell, I have had tons of dead ends…skin eruptions from ads and adc, clogged lymph vessels from pumping and vacuum hanging. Shrunken dick from too much force, a large busted blood vessel from jelquing (scared the shit out of me).

All these are strong signals from my body saying, “too much force stupid” but I didn’t understand that because it was so much less than everyone else was doing!

So, my PI and EQ threads are a result of me learning to speak penis. :)

So I try to come to Thunders and translate “penis” for guys and help them learn the language! :) :) :)

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