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is there anything the matter with this?

is there anything the matter with this?

For those of us who have an upward or downward bend to the penis is it acceptable or “honest” to use a tailor’s tape instead of a ruler to measure… When I use a ruler I spend more then a little time fucking around trying to straighten the trout and the erection starts to go down… What say YE?

I’ve got a curve downward and a little to the right….

I dont bother measuring erect, I get up to an inch less because of the curves, I say straighten the thing out flaccid stretch. way more accurate as to the real actual length disreguarding curvature….

There’s often a fair difference between flaccid stretched and erect bone pressed, EBP being smaller because girth pulls back the length but as long as you can measure acurately you can tell how much you are gaining :)

The tailors tape is can be worse than a straight ruler because, if you are anything like me, as your erection varies so will the bend and you’ll might read larger at 90% than 100% (if you are measuring the outside of a curve) and its harder to press into the bone, but if you get a consistent reading then why not.

as you´ve probably already realized, you could add 10 inches to your length but still not see any gains if you only measure the straight line from the pubic bone to tip of the head - if you have an EXTREMELY curved penis, that is.

For the moment, I swear by a combination of EBPL with a ruler and NBP with a tailors tape.

Speaking of honesty, the good thing about the tape is that you don´t have to end up in long explaniations about PE and EBPL if some woman wanna measure your pride and joy. Just give here the tape, and say: “See, I told you it was [your length here] inches!”


Mine is an upward curve. No left or right bias. I just bend it straight then measure with a metal scale (ruler). It doesn’t make that big of a difference.

be back soon

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