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is my PE stupid?


is my PE stupid?

I’ve been doing PE for 2 months. So far, my gains are consistent, mainly with the girth. I’m starting to be unable to join my fingers at the base. The glan is bigger too. The lenght looks the same.
My technique is simple. I only dry jelq with the same hand on a 85% errected penis. I train only when my penis is in a particular state. I would say hard but flexible. Actually my training is a way of masturbating. It takes 1 hour and I enjoy it.
I don’t stretch because it frightens me. I don’t do kegels because I don’t understand why it would help.
Now I have 1 questions: Do you know people having PE for several years? Is PE really safe for the penis? Are the errections as hard after several months of practice? I really wan’t to keep my hard rock errections

P.S forgive my english, I’m French

Hi christpher nice to meet you,

> Do you know people having PE for several years?

Yes there are a number on this forum.

> Is PE really safe for the penis?

Yes, though injury is possible.

>Are the errections as hard after several months of practice?

Yes, or harder, though some people complain of Erectile Dysfunction caused by PE’ing.

I think your routine needs some changes though. If reading english is hard, see this thread

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Hey Christopher,

Bienvenue and Welcome to Thunder’s Place!

Its great that you enjoy PE and look at it as a form of masturbation. Pe is very time consuming, so why not enjoy it, this way you win twice :)

You are jelqing with a harder erection than the classic jelqing, so take care not to injure yourself. Especially since you are doing long - 1 hour - sessions. I guess if your jelqing is not intense than it’s probably safe enough.

Unable to join your fingers at the base? Thats Big!
What is your initial size? Better write down your initial length and girth so that you can see how much you gain.

There are many members here who are PE’ing for a year, two years and more. Erections are usually reported to be even harder due to PE. But I think you should reconsider about the Kegels because they do help.

Good Luck and keep us posted on you progress.

ù ì å í


stil worried

Thanks to all of you for your answers.

My worries concerning PE are probably common. I have already a nice dick and extremely hard when excited. I would go on doing PE only if I were absolutely certain PE is not harmful. What would bring me an extra-inch in lenght and girth if I were to realize than I’m becoming impotent a few years later. PE does’nt seem to interest the medical community who prefers to focuss on viagra and other pills for obvious reasons. It would be interesting to examine the structure of a penis after a few years of PE.

I gently PE on a 80% hard dick because I feel like it’s not doing any harm to my penis. But it’s just a feeling after all.

Could anyone tells me what brings kegels in a routine. Actually, I’ve succeded in staying hard for a very long time without efforts by cooling down my prostate.


Welcome to the forum Christopher!

Could you explain “cooling” down your prostrate?

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

about the prostate

I mean by cooling down a way that doesn’t trigger any contraction of the prostate. Thus I can masturbate or fuck almost as long as I wan’t. I used to come very quickly before. It was not bothering me as I was capable of ejaculating up to 6 times in a single day. Actually it’s not a chnace because it really depletes all your reserves.


I am at the end of my second year of PE and would offer this. Sensible PE will not get you into trouble but going to extremes will. If you are cautious you are not likely to do yourself any harm.

I had erectile dysfunction when I started doing PE. Erections are firm now as well as more frequent and I have more than two inches more to get hard than I did when I started. I still have a degree of ED and always will but it is no longer something I worry about. I owe much of my improvement to PE and especially pumping.



who is rock-hard?

Thanks avocet8.

That’s very honest saying you had these ED.

I would like to know now how many people here are rock-hard? That is having a wooden stick pointing at 12 o’clock.


My erections are rock hard, pointed to 2 O’clock and they remained this way after more than a year of PE.

To answer you question about Kegels, they strengthen the Pubocoxygeus (PC) muscle, giving you ejaculation control abilities. Kegeling also pumps blood into your penis with each contraction, helping to build up the tissues trigered by the exercises of PE.
Use the search function at the top of the page and you will get a lot of information about Kegels.

About “cooling down the prostate”, this is very interesting. I’ve never heard anyone claiming to have direct control on the prostate, so I am guessing that what you are doing is stop stimulating your dick for a while and let the prostate “cool down” right?
Or is there something else?

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Not a t all. I’ve learned to cool it down by simply concentrating. Ejaculation appears after a few contractions. I avoid these contractions so that I can stay hard almost as long as I want. I would say that the intensity of the stimulationhas no impact on the control. One have to understand that the ejaculation is the result of the stimulation of the prostate by the sympathetic nervous system. If you manage to cool it down, you no longer feel the need to ejaculate. It’s that simple.

Christopher: That thing you do, is it called something so you can look it up on the Internet? Cooling?

Hey Christopher,

maybe the theory behind it is easy but how to do it in practice is another issue. Would you care to explain further? That would be appreciated, by many I´m sure, it sounds interesting.

It´s one thing to control muscles, I have pretty good musclecontrol, but this seems like a whole other thing.

it's my own method

Actually, there are several method of ejaculation controls. On the Net, you can find information on “MMO” (male multiple orgasm) for example. I personally don’t like this method but I share with it the idea of relaxation and deep breathing. Barbara Keesling present an opposite method which is opposite to mine.

It’s hard to describe a method in a few lines all the more the sensations differ from one person to an other. My advise is simple: try to control ans prevent the rhythmic contractions of the muscles that contract the prostate (actually the PC) and then you can go on and on for hours… until you fed up.

Just try!

How does this differ from taking control of the PC muscle avoiding involuntary contraction at the point of ejaculation? What exactly are you taking conscious control over here? What do you concentrate on?

Please use more than a couple of lines :) Use diagrams if you like, you have a lot of us interested here.

Listen, it’s as simple as that. You names it: taking control of the involuntary contractions of the PC muscle. If you manage to avoid these contractions, there are no ways you can ejaculate. At the beginning it was a real challenge to avoid these involuntary contractions. Now, I no longer have combat them because I’m the one choosing to have them. As I told you, it’s a question of feeling and experiencing. Just try and then ask some precise questions.

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