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Is modern underwear harmful?


Originally Posted by theleviathan
This topic is about low hanging testicles.
Here around it seems to me there is an increasing number of threads talking about this, and of course about how to get them.
Since I’m interested in this, I’ve given it some though. I myself have high hanging testicles, to the point that sometimes during sex they’re actually pushed up, above the penis.
I began wondering: could this be the effect of modern (~last 20/30 years) underwear?

My father used to wear very loose boxers, which I guess let everything to hang freely on the inside. These were rather common till fashion kicked in, advertising modern underwear CK-style. Obviously they want everyone to believe that with a proper set of boxer he could be just like a professional male model.
Comments apart, I think modern underwear is much more skin-tight. Nothing hangs anymore. They really squeeze everything.

Am I the only one thinking that perhaps, wearing these for all childhood and the growing phase, they result in having testicles forever pressed against the body?

I wore briefs tell I was 12-13. It did not effect anything at all and my testicles hang much lower then average.

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I wear Nike spandex nylon sport jobs and they are perfect. Never had any discomfort during day use or playing sport.

And as an athlete I couldn’t imagine why anyone would deliberately make their balls hang lower.

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I’d rather not risk it, and just wear loose boxer briefs.

Testicles are located outside the body for a reason. Sperm production and maturation is optimal at a temperature just below body temperature. Testicles close to the body might cause the temperature of testicles to be suboptimal and you might be infertile now.

No, I am just kidding. You’re fine. Your anatomy isn’t that uncommon. If you are still worried, you can always get your sperm count and quality tested. No member of this forum can do that for you. Go see a doctor.

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In the meanwhile, I decided to buy Obviously underwear; I read online a few reviews and they seem to be very comfortable, so I’m very curious to try them out.

I’ll post my opinion as soon as possible.


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