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Is less more freequently, actually more?

Is less more freequently, actually more?

Ok, here’s the question. I started off doing a basically 45 minute routine 3 or 4 times a week and it did more damage than it did good. And i’ve started doing 100-150 slow jelqs a day, and thats it except for the odd strecth and kegel.

I’ve read that some people think two sessions a day of say 10 minutes is very good, but then some prefer to do a big sessions once every so ofte, maybe every other day.

I don’t have time for PE really, and was wondering if anyone has gained from just doing 150 jelqs a day every day….

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.


What works for one, will not necessarily work for another.

Find what works FOR YOU. NOT what works for others.

Thats the simplest, bluntest way I can put it dude.

I gain with little PE. Others have to do lots to gain.

Trial and error is the only advice I can give.

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