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Is just stretching effective?

Is just stretching effective?

I don’t want to add girth as I already am 6 1/2 by 5 1/2, I will like some more length so i’m just doing some stretches during the day and when in bed but I’m wandering if stretching alone does cause any good effect or if it always has to be combined with other exercises.
Also, is it possible that penis becomes more responsive and looks “fuller” also when flaccid by just stretching?

However, even if not any noticable growth (but I’m everything except regular about PE) shows there are other benefits pretty evident like more veins, better hardons and quicker response to stimulation ;-)


Search for a thread by memento called “mementos momentuous gain mechanism” or something like that.

Also, it might become more full flaccid, but peoples experience differ - not just with stretching.

regards, mgus

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My routine consists of only stretches, different kinds though. Only stretching is effective, proceed it you like.

Don —
Stretching is very good as my routine is Mostly stretching, however I definitely need girth and I do jelqs and manual clamps.

I believe that jelqing at 50-75% erection increases length.

This is because when you jelq at 50-75%, if gripping tightly and dry-jelqing, your pulling your ligs and tunica as you jelq, very effective.

Try it.

I think saying “Only stretching is effective” is mildly ignorant.
Clamping does force the dick outward aswell.

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