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Is jelqing still the cornerstone of your PE routine?

Is jelqing still the cornerstone of your PE routine?

With the development of more specialized lenght and girth exercises by some remarkable members of this board, I´ve been wondering how does jelqing fit into your routines as compared to before.

I think jelqing is and should be the absolute main exercise for newbies, providing girth, lenght, and better circulation, but as our dicks become tougher, its effectiveness is reduced and most start to make gains by other techniques.

So, how do you use jelqs in your routines and for how much time? What do you think of the overall importance of jelqing?

I for one have a tough tunica and have to jelq for over an hour to get a worked out feeling. If I combine jelqing with other exercises I can get there faster. What do you think?

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I still put such importance on my daily jelqing routine. I think it is the best overall exercise in PE. I also plan to continue with a scaled down Jelq. program after I reach my final goals in order to keep gains and have continued good basic penis health.

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I have always had jelq as the main focus of my pe. In fact if I were told I could do only one pe technique. Jelq is what I would choose.

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5-10 min of jelq is now my warm up. I did PE (just the stretch and jelq programs from the pay sites) on and off for 3 years with NO GAINS. Only the advanced exercises work for me. But jelqing does feel good, I think it has merit as a circulation exercise.

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For me jelqing is the base, but not necessarily the main focus of my PE routine anymore.

I found that the thing that feels best for me is to change my routine every couple of months or so, so sometimes jelqing will take a larger part of the session, and sometimes smaller.

At the moment, I hardly do any jelqing at all, and am focused on extreme Uli’s and pumping, doing some light jelqing in between the Uli’s and pumping sessions.

However, until a few weeks ago I focused on hard, palm down, slow jelqing for a couple of months, and I’m sure I’ll return to it in the future.

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I have been sick for the past week with the flu. I now am just getting back into it and since i had a week off I don’t want to kill myself, so I am laying off a bit and just doing 10 minutes of stretching and 30 of jelqing. I think that jelqing is the most beneficial exercise we can do without killing our dicks. You always hear about people hurting themselves with the advanced erect stretching techniques. No one has ever really been hurt from jelqing. Sure there may have been some bumps and bruises, but nothing severe. I see it as a gateway to pe, the only other comparison is weed. Some people can get away with smoking a joint a day, but eventually you’ll start experimenting with other things. PE is the same way, jelqing gets you into the more advanced stuff.

Jelquing was the cornerstone of my routine, when I didn’t make gains. I think I’ve got only a fraction of girth from jelquing itself. That’s why I’m more into stretching and squeezing nowadays, but I think jelquing is a good and important way to warm-up before going in to advanced squeezes.

I only do about 25-30% jelquing of my total workout time, 25-30% squeezes and 40-50% stretches.

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