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Is jelqing necessary ? Foreskin troubles.

Is jelqing necessary ? Foreskin troubles.

First off, I am circumsized and would like to keep it that way.
I say this because I’ve been pe-ing for 5 months now using the jelq since the beginning and my amount of (fore)skin is growing too much. My dick is getting more and more decircumsized.
Now this, I don’t want at all. I am asuming this is because of the jelq and have read some threads about it too.

I am thinking of eliminating the jelq coz in my mind it isn’t such a fantastic exercise anyway. But it’s been the base of my routines thusfar.
Could someone please help me design a routine around other exercises like DLD blasters, JAI’s, DLD bends, horses and uli’s or even other exercises.
I do pe 4/5 days a week.

Also, do you guys think that by eliminating the jelq I am missing out on anything ? And is only the jelq responsible for this regrowth of skin or are other exercises to blaim also ?

going for the 8x7 !!!

your post

Yes I know what you mean. I have also developed a lot of skin that bunches up behind the head. When it is really cold, it has even been known to begin to slide over the penis head. It doesn’t me all that much as it doesn’t show whenever there is a certain amount of tumesence. ( I think that’s the right word :) )

Youl could hold the skin back with one hand and jelq with the other. I think that would prevent the skin from stretching more. I wonder if others have advice for growth8X7.

By the way is that your present size or your hoped-for size?


Thanks for the input Ant,

and I could only hope that to be my present size.

Those are my goals 8 nbpel and 7 girth.

Currently I am 6.5 nbel and 5.3 girth so I have a lot of work ahead.

going for the 8x7 !!!

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