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is jelqing necessary for length gains?

is jelqing necessary for length gains?

just a quick question guys. do you think we need to jelq in order to have length gains? i ask this because im getting abit bored with jelqing and i dont have as much time as i used to to ive just been stretching more each day. i seem to be having quite good flaccid hangs during the day from just stretching and wearing a cockring for 10 min in the moring. what does everyone else think?

Hey mongoose,

Jelqing is not required, but I recommend it no matter what PE method you use primarily, as it is good for general penile health and bloodflow.

And may I politely request to you that you peruse the lovely posting guidelines? Thanks!

Good Luck

I think that it is best to have some form of both length and girth exercises present in a regime but that does not mean that you have to jelq. Just include some girth exercises along with your stretches.


Don’t underestimate Jelqing. At the very least Jelqing will give you a healthy diamond hard dick and better yet it WILL give you length. It has in my case at least. You have to love newbie gains..

The benefits of increased circulation, meatier size, and increased vein size that Jelqing gives is worth the extra 10 - 20 minutes in my opinion.

Give it a couple months following the guidelines laid out here and you won’t regret it.



I don’t jelq anymore because I don’t want girth gains. Stretching is the best way to gain length, jelqing would make a nice addition.

Mongoose! Since Ive started my PE endeavour 15 months ago Ive gained 1.5 Inches. Till about 3 months ago my routine included only Stretching for 10-15 mins and jelqing for 30-40 mins. Ive slowed down on gains now so Ive started hanging. Jelqing is pretty damn good thing for overall penile health and IMO very good for length gains. Just dont jelq with a hardon excess of 75%.

Good luck

Walk slowly but never backwards.

I would attribute the little length I’ve gained over the years entirely to jelqing. Nothing else seemed to really work for me as far as length is concerned.

I think jelqing after hanging is the pefect way to gain length because it keep you in a enlarged state.

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I personally believe that jelqing in combination with stretching works best - at least it does for me.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you keep on jelqing.


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