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Is jelqing always safe?

Is jelqing always safe?

Hi Guys, when I jelq I feel some kind of discomfort in my heart and I don’t know why. My guess is that while jelqing we prevent a significant amount of blood from circulating through the body and this makes the heart pump the blood more difficult than normal. You may say that I am too much putting stress on my dick, but otherwise I cannot force more blood to fill the corpora cavernosa. If I use power jelq, my heart will even feel worse. Is there something wrong with me or is it just the nature of this exercise?

It would be difficult for me to believe that the small amount of blood in your dick would impact your pulmonary/circulatory system, unless your dick represents like 30% of your body weight (if that’s the case, please post a picture of this).

I think you have other factors at work there. Maybe some advice from a MD is in order.

:) No I am an 8 incher aiming at 9” nbp. My dick is not 30 % of my body, but I am serious about this. I indeed feel it. May be it is something related to me.

Like darktrick said teoman, i doubt your pe work would cause these problems with your heart. Although the effort your putting in when pe’ing, just like excersise will increase your heart rate, do you feel it just when pe’ing or whenever you do anything that increases your heartrate. Whatever though, i would tell you to see a doc about it.

I don’t believe you can feel pain with your heart, unless you are having a heart attack or something. It may be anxiety. I am not a Doctor, or in the medical field, this is just a guess.


There is no noticeable heart rate increase because jelq does’nt require so much effort, what I feel is something like my heart reacts to the exercise that restricts the blood to flow in the vessels of the penis. As you say I must see a doctor.Thanks guys…

There is no physiological connection between the amount of blood forced into the penis and the work on the heart. The strain that you are describing might be secondary to the excitement. Do you get these same problems when having intercourse or when masturbating? Do you have these same problems when climbing stairs. If so then go see a doctor immediately as these are signs of heart problems. If you are a young person-20-30 years old, the likelihood of heart problems is very low unless you have a family history of heart problems in your immediate family- your father having a heart attack at age below 55.

I am a doctor and although I will not give advice over the internet, in general the answer I gave above holds true. If you are having these chest pains from the workout alone, then I would recommend seeing a doctor because there is no physiological validity to an increase in workload on the heart from jelquing alone.

Growing the cells inside the tissue… can it be dangerous in another was… cause we do mutate the cells… can canser be located here and in those cells …. just something which have crossed my mind once or twice…

Restarting everything.

First of all, using your line of thinking, every bodybuilder would be in danger of “getting” cancer. The destroying of cels and the rebuilding process are natural and happen everyday in our bodies. The linings of our intestines, our skin, and our red blood cells are constantly renewing themselves. Don’t be afraid of “getting” or creating cancer in regards to pe.

Ok I sure belive you… just remembered it was said in my biology lessons that 1 of 1000 mutations were good onces… tnx for your reply

Restarting everything.


It’s probably just muscle tension or a breathing problem.

Sometimes I sort of forget to breathe/get a weird breathing pattern going while using the PJ. And since I do it standing up and bending over and pulling with my arm I can get a few different tense muscles that feels a little weird. That plus the arousal can give a funny feeling.

If you jelq standing try sitting down, this will let your legs relax. Also try to breathe normally. If you feel odd see if you’ve been holding your breath, you might be and this could make you feel odd.

Sometimes I feel tension in the chest standing, PJ’ing and breathing oddly, but I can tell it’s not in my heart, but remember that when you hold your breath at certain levels you can be much more aware of your heartbeat, this plus muscle tension could make you think there is a problem.

If you have heart problems in your family or really think it is your heart check it out, but try the above-mentioned stuff first. I sometimes get this tension and I’m under 25 with a resting pulse below 60.


Well I’ve been in bodybuilding world for at least 10 years and I always perform jogging, trecking, etc. I think I don’t have a major heart disease, and also my heart seems better adapted to jelqing as the time goes. But still, I will take your comments into account,guys…thanks again…

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