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Is it worth it?


Re: is it worth it?

Originally posted by wadzilla
…It just seems like 16 months of work was a fucking waste of time. My life doesn’t seem any happier for it.

Anyone else experience this???


Sort of. But it seems to me it has to do with expectations.

What were yours when you started out on this odyssey 16 mos ago?

Your post made me think about what my own were (in 8 days it’ll be 3 years for me at PE; for the last 6-8 mos I have very lazy at my own routines. What is the point, anymore? I got where I wanted to be and then some. I don’t even care much if I lose some.

I don’t remember having any expectations that having a bigger dick would make my work more successful or my friendships deeper. I’m still driving the same 13 yr old Toyota truck which is, thank God, a lot rustier than I am. More of the mortgage is paid off, but frankly the bank doesn’t give a shit that my dick got bigger. The change was so gradual that my partner hardly noticed over those years. My friends don’t get to see it.

But, my own expectations were met. I had ED and that has decreased very significantly in degree because my penile vascular system improved in its capacity for blood delivery and retension.

I used to be excrutiatingly pee-shy; now I can pee in any public place, a major roadblock gone there. It took two years but I finally got “hung.” On a “good hang day” I’ve got swinging meat that even impresses me, and I am my own harshest critic.

I’ve learned to make sex last longer and to make orgasms more intense. I learned a lot of that in the process of PE, a sort of side benefit. Sex is better. I give more to it than I used to.

And I guess best of all is a general sense of well-being that I didn’t ever have before. I don’t think about this a whole lot but when I do it is a very nice warm and fuzzy feeling. When I am in a mall or some other crowded place I know that my dick is bigger than most other guys’ dicks are. High school and locker room jokes don’t any longer apply to me; in fact, the guys who made the insensitive cracks still have the same dicks they did… and I don’t. There is some strange satisfaction in that.

Take a break. Enjoy what you’ve earned. See how you feel, then decide what you want to do about how you’ve decided you feel.



Another good post by Avocet, you have always made sense my friend!

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