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Is it possible to have a partial circumcision?

Is it possible to have a partial circumcision?

I enjoy being “natural”, my only problem is that I have dark broken blood vessels circling a small part of my penis. This problem can leave my penis kind of raw after masturbation……. Can doctors just remove enough skin to correct this minor problem??? What chopping off these dark broken blood vessels lessen the intensity of my erection and kill my glandular sensitivity????

I’ve read the older circum posts but non answered the question that is in my subject line……..

BTW this problem is not a result PE, Ive had this for some years now

Hallo Kegler,

Answering your question: Yes, it is possible to partial remove your foreskin.

Years ago, when i was at the hospital for other reason, I took the opportunity of having a circumcision made.
I spoke with the surgeon my problem, it was a minor tightness in the middle of the foreskin, but it was always causing a discomfort (gashes). So we decided to partial remove the foreskin.

But i was not lucky, because the surgeon cut the skin exactly where the tightness was, and the remaining scar made the skin more tight…

I have been for a second circumcision a couple of weeks later (complete removal)… and now is everything alright.

If the surgeon the first time, would cut it a line deeper it would be ok and i would no needed a second operation.


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