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Is it possible icrease girth from 4.72 to 6.0 ?

Is it possible icrease girth from 4.72 to 6.0 ?

Anyone there has experienced similar gains ? I started with a girth of 4.72 (12 cm) and now after 7 months I’m 5.11 (13 cm). I wanna 6 inch (15 cm) of girth ! I don’t care bout lenght couse my dick is long 18 cm (7) and I know that girth It’s more important of lenght for women.


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Great job!

I don’t want to say no you will not see 6” girth because with PE and time I believe you can achieve your goals with the right routine. I think if you stick with what is working for you right now you will be fine. When the time comes and you stop gaining, then I would look at other routines.


Can you tell me what you did to achieve those girth gains? Thanks

It looks like you’re in the same boat as me. I started at around 7.5X4.6 and I have gotten to 4.9 girth. I am hoping to get to 5.5.

I am also in the same boat ( 7.5 x 4 7/8 MidShaft ),

I think it is harder for us guys with long but smaller girths to gain girth.

I may have hit a plateau, how long can you go without gaining before you can truly know that you are at a plateau & how can you change a routine or what can you do to start re-gaining?

I currently jelq at night for 45mins ( palms up & down) with 10 mins of head exercises and squeezing and 15mins of horse squeeze reps. I have upped this to an added 30-45mins of jelqing and some squeezes earlier in the afternoon - in an attempt to make more gains.

I probably haven’t gained any girth for 2 months or more and have started horse squeezing etc in the last 3-4 weeks.

I am aiming for 1/8” each month which will bring me to at least 8”BP x 5.4 EGMS by X-mas. But I fear that I am stuck at a girth of under 5” at the mid shaft ( although the base is about 5.25”)

Does anyone have any ideas?

Just a thought..

Hey Jelqist,

You could try for length or girth seperately, instead of doing exercises for both every day. Like maybe stop the head exercises and squeezes until you have the length you want, and then stop all the length exercises and do girth exercises exclusively. Just an idea that you could try.

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My routine

Actually I do 10 min of 2 sec jelqs with 90% erection and a lot of pressure, then I do five series of five 10 sec squeezes with 90% erection and a lot of pressure. This rountine seems to give me better girth gains and I do that 6 on / 1 off.

Probably next month I wanna try to do 5 min of 2 sec jelqs with 90% erection every hour and before bedtime do some squeezes. I think that to gain girth you have to maintain the blood pressure as long as you can, but for this routine unfortunally I haven’t time and privacy.

I'm Jelq-Wan Kenobi, the Jelqing Jedi !

'Laughing out Loud' at your sig Jerry :D

“I’m Jelq-Wan Kenobi, the Jelqing Jedi !”

What bout “Lightsaber Practise with captain Solo” :D



What is the 5 series of 5 ten second squeezes?


Re: Jerry

Originally posted by larry33
What is the 5 series of 5 ten second squeezes?


1 serie = 5 squeezes that last 10 seconds each.


I'm Jelq-Wan Kenobi, the Jelqing Jedi !

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