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Is it okay for my kid to do PE?


I don’t think there’s any real problem with someone doing PE exercises while they’re still growing. We’ve read here about how younger guys don’t always get permanent gains as easily as the older fellows. It’s assumed that their tissues are more elastic and take the exercises in stride without deforming (enlarging) like the older guys do. It might be difficult to tell if his penis is getting larger because he’s still growing or because of the exercises.

I’d be more concerned about his attitude. What does knowing about PE at such a young age do to a guy? What “message” is he getting about having a big (or bigger) penis? How will it influence the way he deals with partners in the future? How will his attitude about himself in relation to other guys be affected? Many men come here because they feel inadequate or they think their penis is too small. Even some with 7.5” or more think they’re small! What will this boy think if he doesn’t make his goal? How did he set the goal? Doing PE without having a problem to “solve” might not be a good thing. Unless he treats it as something he can do for fun and perhaps get a bigger dick without having a concern about “measuring up” then he might be setting himself up for problems in the future.

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Hi there wangthang,

Wow, can’t believe what a cool relation ship you’ve got there with your son. How did he knew about PE from the first place?. Did you told him?? or he is in this forum also??. What is his measurement?? he had gained you said, what about you???, what is your measurement???. Damn, so cool to have relation ship like that. Keep us posted OK:) . Seeya.

Originally posted by sunshinekid

Boys typically don't quit growing until around 25 or thereabouts.

Oooops :) I’ll most likely be doing only conditioning exercises when I am 25 and a jelq routine for penis health- if not I’d be reaching my goal or getting way too greedy hehe.

As for your son doing PE, I’d only keep it light. Since they are still growing and developing- even if he is taller than you. I wouldn’t want to injure growing tissue so just be careful. It was either 1999 or 2000 when I first found jelqing on some site (it was a really badly designed and poorly described webpage too). But I lost faith and figured it was a scam. I waited a few more years, got really desperate and well I took PE in a full routine.

Also, those Sudanese (spelling) Arabs who supposedly practiced jelqing passed it down to their sons. You have to wonder how old the sons were when they were introduced to jelqing and how intense the routine was.

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That’s a myth.

And a pervasive one.

Westla makes some interesting points above. Its not the physical side of this your really need to worry about, a 16 year old can sometimes put up a good front of emotional development but how is it going to effect his self perception and his ability to fit in (where he wants to).

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According to the myth, the arabs were introduced to jelqing as infants. But one again, just a myth invented to give credibility to the joke of a PE industry.

Anyways, I wish my dad told me about PE at 16. But I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know about it.

Thats great that you guys have such an open relationship to be able to talk about things like PE. You said he’s gained? how much has he gained already? What are both of your sizes?

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I would definitely think it would be BETTER to start during the teens. I dont know if its relevant, but I would think when natural hormone levels are high for growth, he could take advantage of this. I know it works in the weight room at least. And people saying not to start until he stops growing-that reminds me of people who say kids shouldnt lift weights, and that’s definitely old BS.

I tried to get my father into PE, but he is happy with his (average) size. Anyway, I am 20 years old and I know if could go back in time I would start PEing at age 14. You might want to explain to your son that making gains can take years and also explain to him that there is nothing wrong with his current size. If I were you I would be as supportive as possible so he doesn’t hurt himself because we all know he is definitely going to do PE.

Originally posted by sunshinekid

As a parent of young men who do PE, I would suggest that he wait a couple more years before he starts. Boys typically don't quit growing until around 25 or thereabouts. There is no reason to think that he might not gain a bit more just naturally due to growth process.

At this age, boys have a mixed view of themselves as it is (so do girls) and to give the message to your son that he is somehow inadequate in the penis department probably isn't a good idea. If he asks you about it, tell him the truth and let him decide for himself, but I would not push the idea on to him. Your post was a bit confusing here, is your son jelqing and stretching, or are you the one who has been doing this and has seen gains?

And desol is correct in that your son cannot join the forum until he is 18, by then he should have enough information to make a judgement for himself. Personally, I think its great that he knows about PE, open relationships of this kind are best for families and you and your son have what most don't, communication.

What do you mean men grow until there 25? is it possible that once you have finished growing in height you could stunt your growth?


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