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Is it more difficult to gain with a small penis?


more difficult ot gain with small penis

hey everybody,

i am just wondering if it may be more difficult to gain with a small penis. I am about 3 inch flaccid and 5.5 erect and working hard for 2 months by now without any gain. But I read alot about people starting with 6.5. and gaining 0.5 in 2 months. Who started with my lenght and made good gains? Please give me some good advice. I start really to worry that it does not work for me and actually I do really need at least half of an inch extra. Thanks in advance for the answers!

Still trying to stay positive!


I had less flaccid than you and about .5 inch more erect when I started. Read this post: Been there, done that

Some gain fast, others do not. It took me a long time to get into a groove, but once I did the gains were pretty regular. Pleas don’t get frustrated or give up. Something here will work for you. Each of us are different, and many of the exercises are more subtle than they appear. In other words, one can do a technically correct exercise for a long time, but be off just a bit in intensity or duration and not gain from it. If you give up trying to get gains quickly, and go about this methodically, and have patience, and persevere - you will one day have a bigger penis. This stuff works, all you have to do is believe…

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thanks a lot pirate! I will keep on working and actually i do believe in it. I am just wondering if it might not be working for everybody. One day i think hey something has grown there and the next day little willy is as small as before. That is kind of frustrating. I would only love to see some small nice gains staying for a while which would be a great motivatior! Hope these small agins will come and thanks again for your answer and link…what a great story. Your live must be wonderful now!


Please read the forum guidelines when you get chance. Thanks!


Can you post your exact routine staypositive?

My routine:

Firts of all i have to do it at night because of my parents. There is no privacy at all, so I wait until 1 o`clock at night after everybody went to bed.

warm up 10 min ( Iam using a glass with hot water because i think hot wraps cool down to fast)

10- 15 min stretches (all directions)

25 wet jelqs (Nivea bodycream)

5 min squeezes and horse jelqs

5-10 min warm down (again with the glass)

That is basically it. Every fourth or fifth day off. I quitted even smoking, which is until now the best effect of pe. I read it prevents gains which made me a non-smoker after 11 years of smoking. I drink much less alcohol as well. Try to eat more healthy (lots of fruits and less fastfood). By the way i do lots of sports as well.

If I was you I would skip the strething in various directions and

just grab “willy” with both my hands and pull downvards.

It´s more comfortable and the results have been ok!


For me that is.


5 min warm up is more than enough. Stretch downward like Peter says and spend more time jelqing e.g. 5-10 mins. If afterwards your dick does not feel tired start over again. If you want to see gains you have to put in some extra time. There’s no reason to take restdays if you’re not really working out your dick.

Ich mag Ihren Namen, staypositive. Daß Sie machen müssen, positiv zu bleiben.
Mir tut es leid, aber mein Deutscher ist rostig.
Anyway, staypositive, I started at 6.12 x 5.2 (about your size). I gained 0.89” erect length in 4.5 months, but then it took me another 12 months to gain only 0.5 inch. However, I did gain another 0.10” quickly.
Stick with it. You made very positive changes in your lifestyle. Increase your PE workload and stay with it, the gains will come.
Here is a comparison picture, maybe it will help your motivation.
auf Wiedersehen,
- wadzilla

My Gains - To Scale

I’ve posted this remark before, but I will state it here as a relevant thought…

It seems logical to me that those that start with a longer penis will potentially see greater gains in less time than smaller dicks. A longer penis has more material to stretch under the same stess.

If two subjects were allowed to gain 10% , the subject with 8 inches will show a greater gain than the 5 inch subject.

Just from reading testimonials I seem to see a pattern of greater gains from people that start with a larger member.So I personally believe that smaller guys should not expect the same results that they see from the bigger folks.

Sounds logical tinytim but I think most of the time smaller guys do start out with a high lot and therefore good lig gains are possible. On the opposite naturally hung guys seem to have naturally long ligs. I think this is generally true.

You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. - Irish proverb

Hm, I wish that was true for me aswell.. I’m only 6” and my ligs are soooo long. My dick is placed very far down on my body, when people have tried to fondle my packages when making out they’ve most of the time just found the pubic area..

For me it’s the opposite. I would like it if my flaccid (4”) would point downwards and not like a small errection @ 7.30+.

You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. - Irish proverb

Estatic, congratulations. You should have lots of LIG gain potential.

The moral of the story is, both sides can gain. High lot/High exit point and Low lot/Low exit point. Figure out the necessary work and get to work. Everybody can gain. How bad do you want it?

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