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Is it just me


Originally Posted by ChiefDante

…but it seems to be lacking a lot of ‘moral fiber’ as of late.

When a guy who is from a location called, “Hell” says this then you know it’s getting bad!

THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


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Really it shouldnt matter. If someone is overweight and has a 2” fat pad and their current bp measurement is 8”, its obvious their nbp is 6”, big deal. The majority of the people here dont care about that, we realize the difference in measuring techniques. The congratulations are given because of the gains displayed not because we are fools and dont understand the difference in nbp and bp.

Jan 1st/07 - 7 14/16'' BP 4 Month Growth Comparison Pics - First Clamping pics

Feb 2009 - 8.15'' BP / 7.4'' NBP x 5.1'' EG New pics

You press hard against the bone to obtain a consistent measurement method (e.g. Minimum variance between measures over time). I don’t think it has anything to do with being able to say “I stuck out another inch”. I personally plan to work pass my true goal of 8” visual to about 8.75” bone pressed since I can always get a constant base for my measurement when I’m monitoring my progress. Once I get to 8.75” (could be years, I know), then I’ll check to see if I get a visual 8”. At least that’s my approach.

I agree about some of the problems with BPEL. Once I start my routine, I’ll be measuring both BP and NBP. When I see the pictures, I try to judge how far in the ruler goes and subtract to find out their NBP length. Stuff like this=(measure 9-9-05 (2) sm.jpg) is a little bit too much for me, though. I don’t mean any animosity toward this guy, but he’s taking it at an angle which adds a full inch. (And says it’s 8” NBP.) EDIT: After reading Leachja’s comment, it’s clear that BP is good to consistently measure gains, but NBP is more or less what goes in a woman.

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Seems like something stupid to complain about. Bone Pressed, means press as hard as you can until you hit bone. NBP means what you are describing in your first post Chief.

BP measurements are going to be alot more accurate if you do them in the same position over time. NBP has alot of flexibility to it.

It is an annoyance to me as well, sometimes. Still, if it’s better for measuring then it’s better for measuring.

I don’t like doing my BPEL because I’m still pretty big (215 pounds at 5’11) and BP adds a good inch. I don’t put that it my signature because 7inches isn’t what I see when I look down. I am still losing weight as well, so that may factor in to my NBPEL gains. If it does, then perfect.

4-07: 6.0 x 5.3 8-07: ?

Goal: 8.0 x 6.5 Deficit: 2.0 x 1.2 Currently 75% x 81%

Well, BP is the only way to have accurate measurements. That’s why it is bone-pressed. However, when taking into account visual perception and NBP, things are a bit different… But ultimately, BP is how we compare statistical gains.

Now, certain people have bigger fat pads than others. Why? I’m not entirely sure yet. Me, for instance, I have a 1” fat pad and I’m a thin athlete (165lbs, 6’ tall). I am not fat at all and I body build, I may in fact have too little fat on my body. Where does that 1” fat pad come from? Who knows, but I wish it wasn’t here because it takes away from NBP.

For me, I consider real gains to be the NBP appearance and gains (as I believe you are saying). However, to remove ambiguous and inconclusive measurements, BP is the way to go… regardless of the fat pad.


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