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Is It In Yet????

Is It In Yet????

I remember being in my mid 30’s and I was starting to have bad erections and even less night wood. And I noticed my dick had shrunk from 7 when I was 21 to 6.25 with a raging hard on. Well I remember on one night I didn’t have a great hard on maybe a stage 1 from a 1-4 and I was having sex with my very beautiful but a bitch X wife and I got the question IS “IT IN YET?” I was fucking hurt but I didn’t know about PE or anything yet but I wanted to do something but what growing your dick without surgery was impossible or so I thought. Maybe a week passed and the wife had a couple of her girlfriends over all MILFS in there 30’s all gym rats and in shape, I had made them a couple of blenders of frozen margaritas and they were toasted. I then went into the other room and was playing on the computer but I left the door open a crack, I over heard that the conversion had turned to dick size and these four chicks were saying how bigger was better and that they wished there husbands were bigger and one chick was telling them about her old boyfriend who was hung like a horse she even got this girls shaving cream out of the bathroom saying he was as big it was at least 9x6. Than they started talking about movie stars and rock stars and if they had big dicks. So this was a wake up call to the Dino the next day I was looking for ways to grow dick on the Internet I had heard about stretching devices and that some crazy people actually hung weights from there dicks and wanted to find if it was true. My search found a yahoo club and than I found the old PE forum and 3.5 years later I’m here at thunders with a big dick. So I was wondering what was your wake up call and did you ever hear the dreaded is it in yet.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Re: Is It In Yet????

Originally posted by Dino9X7
… I had made them a couple of blenders of frozen margaritas and they were toasted…

I started thinking this was gonna head somewhere. :D My wake up call was when I was talking to a friend of mine and she was telling me about her sexual experiences, and how much she liked having a big dick stuff her and how much important girth is. But massive girth needs some length to properly do the job. Then I asked her what her ideal size was she said her and her friends came up with an ideal dick that was 7 in. and she showed me the girth by doing an ok-sign but her thumb and finger didn’t touch so that means pretty damn thick. Then I joined a yahoo group and stumble here somehow. And that was about 6 months ago.

That just sucks.

My usual comeback to that kind of crap is:

“The tunnel is so damn big it makes a bus look small!!!!!!!!!”

Of course ladies with huge vaginas don’t want to hear criticism either.

I “got the inspiration” the porn way.

I kept seeing porn and was envious of those huge dicks!

Then after searching for porn on a porn search engine I stumbled upon a misfitting search result about penis enlargement.

From then on it was onward to some serious research on the topic.
Then it lead here.

I diddn’t realise it at the time, but I had come to a place that wasn’t weird looking but was to be a place that I visit frequently to this day (I had never looked at a forum much before and was used to commercial web pages)

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!


The sad thing was she was just really asking a question she really didn’t know if it slipped out or something. And my X as far as pussies go is kind of tight.


I wish it went where you were thinking but no


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Yeah, fourth girl I was with, seems her recent ex boy friend was using a 16 oz. coke bottle for a dick, according to her it was to painful for her to enjoy having sex with him.

That was and is crushing for me to remember, all hard and ready to go at it and she says “is it in” that didn’t help any on the old confidence building. That was also when I learned to not question about old boyfriends and just enjoy what I had spread before me.

I figured it out through playing with toys. My wife had difficulty coming through intercourse, but really enjoyed two dildos I bought her. One was the classic 8 inches long, while the other was shorter but almost 7 inches in girth. Since I was about 5.5 x 5.0 at that point, it dawned on me that my wife would probably enjoy sex more if I had a bigger penis. Yahoo searches revealed many pay sites and a few good resources like Thunders Place, so I decided to give it a try for a month or so. I got good growth right away, and the sex did get better (certainly for me, anyway).

Now she complains “You don’t have to get any bigger”, but her body language and reactions show she likes the extra size.

I do truly believe that bigger is better!

Mine actually stems from the 7 th grade believ it or not. This bitch of a classmate hated my guts cause I said she was ugly, so anyways we used to do this thing where a group of guys would make a list and on it there was every girls name, then next to their name was a description of what we thought they were. We posted it in the girls bathroom so they wold see it…..Well we did it and in retaliation the girls did it to us.. and on it was my name, and it said has a small dick. Well ever since then Ive been a a little self concious about my dick, even though I have always been in the average category. Well anyways I saw the girl junior in highschool and it came up in discussion and I was like remember when you wrote that on the list and she was like” I never saw your dick, I just didnt like you in the 7th grade”…Phew…

I heard of jelquing in highschool but nevr had ebough privacy to do anything about it, so finally whe I got to college, I found Thunders and now im 4 months in.

Another issue was that my X had sex with a football player who was supposedly huge, she then said later that she would take in 8 with good girth but not too much. And shes loose so I figured if a loose girl wants 8 by lets say 6…hehe….then it will be perfect for a tighter girl too. So there u have it.

PE is awsome!

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

Thankfully I’ve never had to hear “is it in yet”. Whew, I’d be psyco due to that. My wake up call to penis size came through having sex with my first gilfriend. She was quite elastic and would get really wet. I just could feel that while I was penetrating her with about 6”bp that she could take quite a bit more. I could feel that more girth would have given her a stronger sensation of being penetrated. Then I fit all of my fingers into her a couple of times.

So, I began to search on the net for penis pumps as I had seen them advertised in the back of adult magazines. I found the aleged Dr. Joel Kaplan’s site and bought Gary Griffin’s book Penis Enlargement Facts and Phallacy. That was the beginnnings of my interest in PE. From that book I ordered a fly by night “think and grow prick” program called RACA. The only way that helped me was by telling me to manual stretch and shoot for lig pops. That is how I got to 6.75”. I then joined more penis dot com of Big Al’s. I followed his regimen on and off till I searched for a PE forum that was more active than the one that his website was linked to. I found PE forums first, but stayed active here due to the mount of info and activity that went on here.

Thanks Thunder! I’ve been trying to donate twice this year. I’ve got to get my pay pal account straightened out or something.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

My inspiration came from getting a divorce a year ago. My ex had come home one evening and we were talking about dates. During our conversation she said that the guy she had been dating was so big that she felt like a virgin again. A friendly open divorce and still good friends and was still living at my home during that time because she was a full time college student and I wanted to help her. This bothered me not so much because of the guy, but because of how it made me feel about my size. It was the expression on her face when she said it that hit me the most. We were friends that shouldn’t have been married. Add to that I had a previous relationship back in the 80’s with another woman who once during the middle of sex said to me ” is that thing ever going to get any bigger”. Needless to say that relationship ended fast after that. After the divorce I became almost obsessed with the idea of enlargement and wouldn’t accept that it would never happen.. I just wish that it was common knowledge back then. It would have saved me a lot of grief and embarassment at times..


Dam that was a cold thing to say!!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Originally posted by Sandman
That just sucks.

My usual comeback to that kind of crap is:

“The tunnel is so damn big it makes a bus look small!!!!!!!!!”

Of course ladies with huge vaginas don't want to hear criticism either.

That’s a weak comeback. A buddy I once knew was crushed by a bitch who told him he “felt like a finger.” To which he replied that her vagina was a “crater.” To which she replied, “Only a crater to you - no other men have ever complained.”

My wake up call came when I was about 15 years old.

I looked down at my dick and I knew it needed to catch up with the other guys in the high school locker room. When I was 18 and it hardly grew anymore, I knew I was in trouble….like at the end of the first Terminator movie:

little mexican boy: “He says there is a storm coming…”

Sarah Conner: “Yes,….I know.”

( ominous terminator music ):frown2:

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

I was 18 and dated a girl who was deeply in love with me, I mean never got that kind again and it’s been 9 years. Well we dated for 2 years and i broke it off for the hot city counselman’s daughter. I introduced my ex to a friend, a tall skinny guy, and they dated for awhile.

One day we got to talking, she was still with the guy and of course the snotty brat I chose broke it off with me. We got on the subject of sex somehow and she said she was happy I’d set her up with her boyfriend, he was really big, he wore Trojan Large. She never mentioned it again but it stuck with me. I could never really please her and wore a regular size condom and to think about that really hit me. This guy’s got a huge one, he wears a large, damn!

It was a long way to Thunders, I used to frequent the ezboard when Tom Hubbard’s site was fairly new. I kept losing the URL and they seemed to switch around forums alot. Finally came upon PE Forums and got here through there.

Alot has changed, and I’m now looking for the right size condom to wear which I’m thinking Magnum XL. I hate to brag, I always feel that if I do then it’ll come back to haunt me; but I’d love to get with her again and pull out a Magnum XL. Maybe even say “this is the largest size condom on the market, i couldn’t find anything bigger”.


I wouldn’t even care if we had sex at that point.

Originally posted by wadzilla
A buddy I once knew was crushed by a bitch who told him he “felt like a finger.” To which he replied that her vagina was a “crater.” To which she replied, “Only a crater to you - no other men have ever complained.”

To which he should have replied: I guess you’re right, honey. One out of eight hundred ain’t bad.


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