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Is It In Yet????

Originally Posted by spicycookie
Where do I start to gain length and girth?
My boyfriend was very disappointed when he pulled my underwear down, then he said “Maybe it’ll feel good”.
We had sex but in the end he wasn’t satisfied at all, just remembering the look on his face makes me tear up.
He used to smile at me whenever he saw me and hug me but now its pretty obvious he forces a smile and doesnt want me anymore.. My self steem was already low and I really wanted to make him happy but I can’t do that anymore.

I’m 4.2” I used to be 5” .. I don’t know how it shrunk.

Where do I start? Jelqing? I have money for a bathmate x30.. Should I start taking L-Argenine? Zinc? I have an average skinny body but I don’t exercise at all, in fact I get tired easily.

The newbie routine is the best place to start you journey. L-Argenine and zinc are good for prostate health but won’t help you get bigger. Just remember, its a marathon, not a sprint. There is no holy grail and there is no short cuts. Its hard work Linear Newbie Routine

Its the beginning of a new chapter. New things are scary, but not always bad.

My wake a call was last week .. 10 years after being with the same girl we spent a week talking about pretty much everything and most of the talks were about sex/fantasies etc. She admitted that 2 out of the three guys she had before were bigger and also told me about a guy who was hitting on her was called a legend amongst her friends due to his incredible girth.

Strangely I’ve always been confident about my size and had no issues being naked in public and even considered going into some kind of threesome without the fear of having guys larger than me in the scene (always thought things were as they are and this doesn’t impact much things) . Also always been confident about my ability to please her but after these talks I started to put things together and maybe realize some stuff I wasn’t paying attention to before. First, she is a bit larger than average when it comes to her vagina but most importantly she can be lubricated like crazy to a point where we both don’t feel anything anymore! Also when she is at this type of exitments she is also obviously larger ..
We’ve used dildos for a while (which I enjoyed), one being 8.6” x 5.9” and the other 11” x 7.8”” (not comfortable with inches, in cm there are 22 by 5 of diameters, 15 of circumference ans 30 by 6.5 diameter and 20 circumference), but since all the talks I just keep thinking she’d love me to be larger. I knew that these were handy in these situations but did not mind.
I’ve talked to her and says the opposite but cannot keep that out of my mind now.

Basically, I cannot stand these dildos anymore and we are not using them for some times now.
Sex is still more than great together but I just fear that due to her natural abilities she would be able to take more out of our sex time and this is something I cannot give.

So here I am, looking for info, slowly looking at how things work and will see if I start my journey here. If I do, I think I’ll let her now to avoid having to hide but I’m afraid I would just pass on my issues onto her since she had issues with her lubricating so much for quite some time. Don’t really want her to feel bad about it since I have to admit this is quite enjoyable.

Ps: not an English native, hope this is decently written.

I have had that asked a few times. The most embarrassing times (yes multiple times) is when the condom fell off in the girl I was sleeping with. Of the 8 women it happened to on the first time, only one slept with me again and I that only lasted a month. One girl said to me that it was ok, it happens. I asked how many times has that happened to you. She said never, and she did admit that I was the smallest dick she had ever seen. I was pretty humiliated. Working on improving that so it doesn’t happen again. Girls will say size doesn’t matter, but when you only sleep once with a guy who has a small penis. Makes you realize that is not true. Size does matter.

I have had this happen a number of times. One time I was with this girl, who I gave oral too for almost 30 minutes and then she begged me to put it in. I started banging her and she said you are not in, please get in me now I am ready to explode. I told her I was and moved around to prove it. She said oh with this disappointed look on her face. That amazing orgasm never did come. I did and she said are you done already. She was honest and said how disappointed sex was, but the oral was great. We had an honest conversation, her last 8 guys she had been with were all around 7” and over. Before that her lovers were never that big and even one who was smaller then me and she enjoyed them all, but then she was introduced to size. Until then she didn’t really know that anything under 6 was not going to work for her and especially anything in the 4”. She figured she would give it a try and hoped that me giving her oral would make it enjoyable, but it did not. I was pretty disappointed. I did give her oral again that night and we did anal sex which she said she enjoyed. Next time she sleeps with a guy with a small penis it will only be anal sex for her


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