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Is It In Yet????

Is it still ok to revive this thread? It seems a logical point to dump a piece of motivation for all my brothers to read.

My girlfriend, whom I’ve been with for over seven years now, has had one guy before me, and I’ve had one girl before her. So we’re not all that experienced, perhaps making the whole thing even more impactful without significant ways to compare. Anyway, the first girlfriend I ever had was kind of a slut and though satisfied I felt like she could take a lot more than my somewhat over average size. My current girlfriend mentioned once that her previous guy was “a bit thicker”. Combine the two —> Boom! A guy not satisfied with his size. I’ve been well aware of the statistics for penis size since puberty so I’m not obsessing over it or anything, but I’ve chosen my mate and I want to reach a good fit. You know…a really right screaming fit :P. I’ve asked her the question of how much larger she would be ok with and she says she doesn’t want me to get bigger but hey, never take advice about women from a woman. I know she can take more and if she ever starts to actually complain I’ll still stop. So no aha! moment, but a reasonable argumentation anyway.

Plus if I ever break up with her I’d rather be big than over average.

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For me it started with a long distance relationship with a girl from pa. that of all things was wheel chair bound. we met of all places, on myspace. we had been chatting and talking for about 5 months, when I had a chance to head to PA for work, I was doing pipe fitting at the time, we was together a year, I had put a ring on that bitches finger, asked her to marry me, we never slept together for various reasons, and now that I look back I am glad I didn’t fuck that ungrateful bitch, at the time my stats was 6 1/2 on length and roughly 3 3/4 on girth, she made the comment that I had a needle dick, I thought she was joking of course, till later own, when the job ended I came back home to pack up what stuff I had left, while I was back at home, she needed me to do some work on her notebook, so I asked her to let me remote connect so I could do what, needed to be done. I already had suspicions the bitch was talking to other guys. so she let me remote in her computer, I decided while I was in there I would look in on her chat logs on Yahoo instant messenger, come to find out my suspicions was right she was talking filth to about 10 guys, needless to say I called her and told her to go fuck herself while she was sitting on the toilet taking a shit, and of course the bitch tried to deny it, until I told her she needed to delete her chat logs if she wanted to hide shit from me Lmao. Fast forward 8 or so years with my current girlfriend of 4 years, best damn thing that happened to me, even though she is 57 and I am 29, woman loves me to death, I cook and clean for her, do anything I can, since we have been together I have had issues keeping a erection, I had known about jelqs for a few years, I had done a google search looking for info on things, wanting to pump to improve my EQ, Needless to say she didn’t like the idea, took a little time for her to understand, this past January marked one year of me being on thundersplace, she thought by me pumping that I was doing something to get myself off, eventually my pump broke and I gave up, fast forward to this past February, still having issues keeping a erection, so I explained to her about jelqing after she commented, that I was getting to a point that I had no problems in bed. The starting in March of this year we did not have sex for 3 months due to medical problems with her, I used this opportunity to buckle down and up my game, fast forward to June the DR cleared her to have sex, needless to say that night she had some comments to say and they was good, Made her cum vaginally for first time in her life, she enjoyed it so much we went 2 more rounds that night, later own that night I explained those long showers and what I was doing, since then she has urged me on to do more, she wanting to see me possibly get another water pump when we get caught up on bills, needless to say things are good in bed for me, I am getting sex way more than I use to, well that is all for now.

Ps in the span of that 8 or so years I have lost my mother, had my mother side of the family pretty much disown me, and as for my father well that abusive asshole can rot in hell, he has caused me to have such high anxiety that until recent years of going to the DR and with the help of my current girlfriend, That I could not hold a job, and she has stuck with me through it all, including the no job situation.

I won’t even comment on that.

Good luck mate.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

“Posted by inamo”: she showed me the girth by doing an ok-sign but her thumb and finger didn’t touch so that means pretty damn thick..

This reminds me of my wake up call one day me and my girl where drinking.. So after a couple of tekila shots we started to watch porn when we got to the point of witch was the perfect dick size witch she said from 7 to 9 max in length and from 5 to 7 max in girth she said length wasn’t that important but girth on the other hand was all that matters so she showed me with an ok sign but her fingers didn’t touch.. That was around 6 to 7 inch of girth.. Dam it man that made me feel bad since I’m around 7x5.. So after that I look for ways to make mine bigger not just to be her ideal size for her but to make me feel better about myself too.that’s how I got to thunderplace..

“El que persevera triunfa”
Goal 8x6 let’s see what happens when I get there.🤔

Well I looked at my dick and was like, “I could do better.” But in all seriousness, I knew 5.5inch wasn’t going to cut it. I’ve had plenty of girth but length was very short so after one month, I’ve gained about 0.5 inch so now I’m at 6.

What made me think why I could do better is another story on its own. Most of my friends (I’d say about 80% of them) are girls. And all I hear almost everyday is about there dream guy. Now, personally, I wouldn’t care because I am no billionaire nor am I 6’5” so those two are out of the park. However, all of them say they want a guy with a large package. Now, right off the bat, I knew that a large package was obvious but it wasn’t until I heard it from about 50 different girls that it actually hit me. :D

I figured, if I can do something, that would probably be it. So, I joined here.

I never wondered about my size because my (ex)wife told me I was girthy enough and I am sure she reached orgasm 95% of the times (she really showed it when she didn’t….). Most of my expiriences where with women which I would hit bottom in some positions where you have very good penetration so I never wondered if my size is big enough…

After I got divorced (pretty recently) I had sex with another foxy lady…
She reached orgasm all of the times we had sex and she had orgasms I have never seen before. But I guess that was because she is a foxy lady and not because I am her best lover ever. I have noticed that her vagina was bigger than from all the girls I have ever had sex and that I could not feel the end of it when I was pushing in, in all the positions we had sex.
After some discusion she told me I was just average and she had been with pretty bigger than me. The excitement on her face when she talked about “big” was my wake up call (1 year ago….).

Starting messurements: 6.0 BPEL , 4.80 MEG ---- June/15

Milestone :7.1 BPEL , 4,85 MEG ---- June/16

Goal (Maybe??): 8.0 BPEL , 5.5 MEG

Having read through most of this thread in the last years It is sad to see how people can treat each other. Especially your supposed loved ones.

I thought I give some insight on this as women are pictured as quite evil creatures in this thread but consider they might not always have been this way.

Keep in mind that some women behave like this because they have been hurt in the past. I will give you an example. An ex of mine who I dated for a while got cheated on by 2 out of her 3 long term relationships. The other guy who didn’t cheat she didn’t care about as she was just with him as he was a nice guy and safe to be with. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her feelings which I guess was a nice change for her. Basically she was out of his league.

This is a girl who does anything for you, who is very caring, affectionate, successful, a great lay, hot and for who nothing is ever too much. Yet she got cheated on and treated bad by 2 of her long-term relationships. And so she got very insecure with herself as well as anxiety issues, etc.

I tell you I am glad I got a big cock as this girl would have surely used it against me. Off her 3 exes one was small, one was average and her first was big.

I remember after we just had sex the first time and we were about to have sex the second time she told me: take it easy okay, you know you are huge right? That was great to her of course.

Regarding the ex that was big, she told me one night because her ex was 9 inches I must be at least 10 inches. Go figure… I was at that time around 8.1 inch BP and 6.1 inch MSEG with a 6.7 inch Base girth.
Keep this in mind most girls know a guys size because the guy told them what size they are. Guess what? Guys exaggerate, round upwards and measure wrong. Not to mention that girls also exaggerate and round up.
For example a random guy measures his cock from the side to be 8.5 inches. He then tells a girl he is 9.5 inches then the girl who tells her friends rounds it off to 10 inches. In reality the guy would just measure 7.5 inches BP. Big by any standards but no way he was 10 inches.

Anyway so back to my case, if I am supposed to be 10 inches while I am only 8 inches he was probably only 7 or so. Thing is he is a small and skinny guy so 7 inches would have looked big on him (I am a big guy all-round). Also they were very young at that time (teenagers) and it was a long time ago so I couldn’t care less if he was actually 9 inches (which he is not). I bottom her out in every position so any extra length would have been useless.
I did hear from someone else that he is quite long but thin so there we go. Girth is king and I got girth.

Back to this girl, so she had issues but there wasn’t much she could hurt me with.. So one night we are driving home and she is drunk. I am talking about going down on her which is something she doesn’t really let me do as she is very insecure down there. I told her many times I think she has an awesome V but she didn’t like the way it looked and just didn’t want me to look at it. When we first started dated she always tried to cover herself up and tried to make sure I wouldn’t be able to see her body (which was very sexy btw).

Anyway then suddenly she says maybe I just don’t let you get down on me because I am used to get licked better.. For a second my heart sank but then I manned up and I was like oh no you didn’t. I stopped her right there and told her do not bullshit me. Firstly you never let me go down there so you don’t even know what I can do and even if I do it in a way you do not like it you simply tell me how you like it done as we are all different and we are adults and agreed to keep open communication about sex. She shut up there and she apologized and told me again that she is just too embarrassed for anyone to go down there but she will try to get over it and let me.
Never let a woman put you down! It is all about communication. They offend you? There usually is a good reason for it. Find out what it is.

Another time we were sitting down she suddenly mentioned she wasn’t sure whether my penis was actually bigger than her ex. I told her calmly look: I don’t care whether a guy you were with many years ago was maybe bigger than me but what I don’t like is you bull-shitting me. Anyway she apologized again and admitted it wasn’t. Turns out she was saying this because she asked me a bit before if my ex girlfriend was tight who was Indian. I told her she was the tightest until I met her. Turns out she was upset with me because I said my ex was tight even though I said she was more tight. I guess my right answer should have been no she was just average..

So without knowing you might sometimes offend your girl and they might try to get back at you in whatever they think hurts you most (penis size often being one of them). It just didn’t work in my case as I know I am large and I saw straight through her. I am just here because I want to be even bigger.

When I met her she was still in a relationship but about to break up as she never loved the guy. I remember her telling me he was average but on a few occasions she would be fighting with him over the phone telling him he had a small dick. Go figure. She even told him once I was everything she wanted physically. Quite nasty. I sat her down once after that to not say those things anymore.

Further she would also talk to other people about her ex with the small cock who cheated on her so many times that he had a small dick syndrome and that he just needed to fuck as many girls as possible to prove himself. And about the ex that was big she would say now and then that he just had a low IQ and was very simple minded.

One funny moment was when we were at a party. I know all her 3 exes due to our social circles though I am not friends with them. Anyway at one party the ex with the big cock was also there. He was also there with his girlfriend. For some reason we started talking about sex and cock size, etc and her ex started to tease her and she then replied to him that my cock was much bigger than his. That really shut him up and his girlfriend just stared at with me with big eyes. She actually tried to hit on me a few weeks after in a club.

That was some nice justice to the guy as I believe he used to torture the other 2 exes quite a bit with that fact that he was bigger. Karma.

Anyway too much shit happened between us and I left her, she has been trying to get me back since. She has begged and told me at an honest moment that because of her insecurity, anxiety and previous relationships she always felt she needed to be on top and always needed to put me down. She failed at that and it just caused big fights which were unhealthy for both of us. She tried to make me a Beta. She failed and it only made me stronger.

So to summarize this way too long post (apologies) try to also see it from the girl’s side of perspective as well and solve it with good communication. They might have been hurt before and they are trying to protect themselves. Maybe they are trying to keep themselves from falling too deep In love, from not being on top, etc. So whatever they say do not take it personal and just solve it with communication and make them feel comfortable and understand that there is no need for a powerplay in this relationship. And always keep in mind that they could be lying and that whatever size their talking about is greatly exaggerated.

Good post Uncas. Worth reading all of it, especially for the less (relationship) experienced guys.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Originally Posted by firegoat
Good post Uncas. Worth reading all of it, especially for the less (relationship) experienced guys.


Sage wisdom in that post Uncas!

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Uncas, what you are describing is typical woman behavior to me.

When I am asked about women I always say never put trust or take into serious consideration what women say.

Women get defensive all the time. They don’t have the physical strength to attack you physically , so they attack verbally.

And because it is something that doesn’t leave a visible mark, they don’t think too much about it. They just do it.

That happens IMO because women are totaly unable to understand the nature of the man. That’s ok cause many men are unable to understad the female nature. It is something common. It happens.

For example a man will fuck anything he sees in front of him. He is programmed this way. It takes an experienced man to supress that urge by choice. Nature will always say go for it. Experience and logic will stop you.

A woman will buy the extra pair of shoes she doesn’t need or the dress she doesn’t need, the cosmetics, her hair, everything. Why? Cause she is programmed by nature to do it. Always be ready to draw the best male towards you to provide you with safety and healthy offsprings. How are we gonna do that? By being beautiful, attractive etc. Ooooh, I ll’ buy that one I’ll look so much better oh and that one, my god… You get my point.

So asking a woman or a man why he says the things she/he says and does the things she/he does, which traditionaly do and say, to me is like asking a lemon why it is yellow or a rouster why is it screaming every morning like crazy.

It’s our nature. You can’t fight what you are. It takes a special brain to supress what you are. Humans have this ability. Lemons and rousters don’t.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.


While I agree with you to a certain extend that we have certain cravings and instincts we are not a species let by it. Take for example snakes who are born as a perfect smaller copy of their parents and can care for itself right from the start based on instinct.

Humans on the other are useless when they are born and we are made by experience, not instinct.

And if a woman’s experience has been bad she might put this on you indeed. She might even start to rely more on her instincts. But with good communication alot can be resolved.

BTW I am not defending this behavior I simply am trying to make clear MOST woman are not evil and out there to hurt us.

I don’t agree with men being programmed to screw around either. There is plenty of animal species that are monogamous and that need to be for their survival. If anything it’s our intelligence that’s leading us to screw around not our instincts.

Anyway don’t want to derail the thread so let’s leave it with that.

Bill10 I agree with everything that you said. I hate it nowawadays when people say YOLO or its in our nature to be polygamous, we are animals etc.. I think the ultimate prove that we are humans is to be with one person, to deny our desires and use our brains unlike animals who do everything out of instinct. Lately it is worse than it has ever been I mean now a days or at least in my community cheating is so normal it is the norm if you don’t cheat with the next hot thing that comes around something is wrong with you or you must be guey and this is wrong at least I believe its wrong. There is always going to be a hotter girl or gal a bigger dick than yours a richer man than you and if you cave into our instincts like animals than we live like todays society and cheat all the time. Now marriage is more than just sticking with one girl for the rest of your life is about sacrifice(supressing our urges) to improve each others life wich is easier when two people are contributing to raising kids, financial needs and emotional needs. But today people are too selfish to think beyond their instinct and I think this mentallity is ultimately just doesnt work but it is the world we live in and we can’t change the world but only ourselves.

One more note. For those of you who are worried you are not satisfying your partner… size is rarely the issue here.

Sit them down and talk about it. I don’t really understand if you are in a long term relationship how you can’t discuss these things. You might as well end it right there if you can’t.

Every girl I have been with has been so different. Different strokes for different folks really comes to mind here. Why invent the wheel when it already has been. Ask her what she likes best.

On the note of we can only change ourselves my story goes like this and am going to make it as short as possible.

When I was 16 I fell in love with this girl she fell in love with me we were together for 3 years. She then cheated on me and I was devastated went into really bad depression etc.. Now I found out about this guy she cheated on me and he was buff with supposedly a big dick now, on top I was never been able to give her an orgasm wich made it worse. My dick is 6.5 BPEL and 6 after the belly fat 5.5 msgirth. Well that was that I went into another relationship that last it 10 years until last month. The first 5 years were great. She was a virgin and had a small pussy it was really small. I fell in love with her completely and I am still and love with her but broke up because of the cheating. She cheated on me a lot of time starting in 2011. The more she cheated the looser her vigina got I kept going deeper into depression and deeper. I kept forgiving her because I was scare to loose her. She told me about a few times only the times I have caugh her red hand it and showed me pictures of the guys. Of course they are buff and when I asked the question “who was better in bed” I got no reply and that shit drove me insane, this happen a few times till about a month ago when I just couldn’t take it anymore. I heard from friends that knew one of the kids he was hung. So yes I am totally depressed always buff always hung, these guys are the ones fucking most of the girls and that is just the way the world is and I have to accept it and not fight this anymore. I decided this shit will never happen to me ever again. I will get buff and thanks to thunders place I got a routine to get my dick bigger. Trust me I am new here but I will not stop until I get at least a 8x6 dick even if my dick falls off.

Change your mindset immediately or you are seriously going to hurt yourself.


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