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Is It In Yet????

Wad, Granma was just asking about you again last night… wanting to know when you can drop back by. She mentioned that she’d leave her teeth out again like you like it. ;)


Originally - Not Bad Flaccid 5.5" x 4.5" Erect 7.75" x 5" 4 Years of PE Later - Much Better Flaccid 7" x 6" Erect 8.5" x 6.5" Pumped 9" x 7.5" (or more) Goal - Big as a roll of cookie dough! __________________ Sure, I'm no John Holmes... but I'm drinking milk!

Originally posted by falcon
I fucked girl 20 years ago that must have stood 4' 11” weighted in at 80 pounds and my 7” x 5.75” cock could hardly touch the sides.

I know her!

C. Linder :)

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

What are your gains and your current measurments? Thanks

Jelqist, today I measured 6 1/4” BPEL and 5 1/4” midshaft circumference. When I started I wasn’t very careful about measuring (bone pressing etc.)but I was about 5 1/2” BPEL and 4 1/2” midshaft circumference.

What kind of a Size-Queen County nightmare is this?? Please tell us where you live so either us “small” guys can stay away from this place or us “big” guys can visit it. Damn, a place where women obssess with big dicks!
LOL Tell me about it CC. And there’s so much more to tell.

For example I had a friend I would occasionally hang out with who was one of these “big” guys. This took place in the northeast PA area about 2 hours outside of NYC. He would always make sure that girls knew about the size of his dick, I mean not a night would go by where he wouldn’t make a reference to it in conversation. If I had to guess he was probably 8” x 6” cause one night he actually pulled it out and showed it to a couple girls hanging out in his apartment (he ended up having sex with at least one of those girls, that I know of). Anyway one time we went over to his then girlfriend’s apartment. Her and a friend of her’s were hanging out playing cards. But I swear it was a deck of cards with a different picture of John Holmes on the back of each one! At one point his girlfriend made the comment about how he was like John Holmes and once again the topic turned to penis size. As the night wore on I remember thinking it would be cool if I started dating her friend and the 4 of us could double-date on movies and so on, but as it turned out she wasn’t interested. Instead what happened was that one night about a week later my big-dicked friend heard knocking on his apartment door. It was his girlfriend’s friend, who apparantly had to find out what a “big” guy was like. Anyway from what he told me later, she basically came in and threw her clothes off, and they had sex several times that night. Indeed he said he was too big for her and she was in pain the first couple times. From then on my friend saw both of those girls- this new girl would occasionally visit him for booty calls. He referred to her as something like (and I’m making up names here to protect identities) “Crazy Kelly”, because she was super nasty in bed, and would say all kinds of obscene things about his dick. So there you go. My impression from the incident was that life is very good, if you have a big dick.

Thanks Dino.


"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

woa man!

Personally it sounds to me like a nightmare, those stories are enough to make me feel really bad for you. Those girls sound like stupid whores. No offence.

Originally posted by Jelqist
woa man!

Personally it sounds to me like a nightmare, those stories are enough to make me feel really bad for you. Those girls sound like stupid whores. No offence.

If I was a woman, I’d be a stupid whore or a Crazy Kelly slut type. I think a lot of guys here with a pretty high sex drive would be promiscuous as a woman who likes a big cock. We as guys go crazy over women with big tits.

Yes, there are women like Crazy Kelly out there, but as in the case of the above story, they have to know that you do have a big dick until they come out of the woodwork and knock on your door and throw their clothes off and talk dirty and fuck your lights out….

Hey skinneeD,

I love these stories! My overwhelming imagination puts me right there. Its scary sometimes.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

It’s true with a big dick you can get away with a lot more shit with the ladies, but you have to know how to use it and it also makes it better if you know how to use your other tool also “your mouth” . I think that’s what gives us enhanced large guys that once were small or regular a big edge over natural big guys, we had to learn how to please a woman other ways besides with just our dicks.

The biggest thing even if you have a great tool and you know how to rock her world you still need to close the deal and that takes the rest of you so having a great dick and the rest of you is still a mess your most likely not going to be getting any.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

It’s true with a big dick you can get away with a lot more shit with the ladies, but you have to know how to use it and it also makes it better if you know how to use your other tool also “your mouth” . I think that’s what gives us enhanced large guys that once were small or regular a big edge over natural big guys, we had to learn how to please a woman other ways besides with just our dicks.

Dino, that’s so true.

If I’d grown up with a large dick, I’d probably have become a totally obnoxious cunt that no woman would want to be near (exept for those size queens who don’t derserve it IMO).

I am lucky to be married to a girl who loves everything about me. What better could I give her in return, but an even better me ;)

After five years of marriage (been togther ten) she’s commented that she’s enjoying sex alot more lately, although she hasn’t yet figured out why. lol.


That’s cool keep her guessing, would she freak if she knew?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

No she wouldn’t freak. But she would think my time could be better applied elswhere around the house. lol.

Anybody else have any good wake up calls and is it in yet stories

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Have you ever gone back to your ex wife and fucked her with your new dick?

Well, I think I first realized that I was not up to par when I first saw pictures of male porn stars but at the time I thought maybe it was due to camera angles, etc, and that they were porn stars for a reason. I remember my first time with a girl when I was 14 at the time I believe, a freshman in high school.
It was really akward because I had only ever kissed 1 girl before that, and had not even gotten the classic cop-a-feel that you usually can score. Anyway, this girl came to my house because she was going across the country to live with her mom. So what I thought to be a farewell before she left turned out to be us hanging out in my room with the blinds open and pulled up while we were fooling around. Well I am sure that her man in the boat wasn’t too happy with my oar, because she basically put her hand in my pants for about a minute before she took it out and that was it. (The whole time I was scare shitless because I didn’t know what to do.
Unlike RWG and Godzilla I was apparently not endowed with the ability to get booty on speed dial.) We had been going out long distance for a while and one time I came by to house sit for her dad when he was expecting some furniture. Anyway, for some reason I never had really trusted her, she was a slut in the making. You would think that would have meant she would be good at sex, but she was the worst I ever had. So while I was there, I found her journal and being the asshole (I admit it), I looked through it. At one point one of her friends her kept writing about what a dick looked like and when my girlfriend was going to see it. So finally towards the end it said, in reference to her friends earlier question, “what did it look like”, she put “um… it was interesting.”
Okay pardon my french here, but at the time I was thinking WTF!?! Interesting!?! Well not long after that I dumped her ass for cheating on me twice without telling me, and moved on to my next girlfriend. That was the seeds to my issues right there. I sort of talked to my next girlfriend about it and she said that it looked big to her. (She was a complete virgin and I had never had sex before, -except to give oral.) At the time I was well under 5 inches BP, and probably not too high on the girth either. Well she always made comments that it felt like 9 inches, (lying through her teeth I am sure.) Some years later when we were living in the same house (odd story), she slept with a guy and the next day she was holding up a zuchini, and was making jokes that it had to be at least that big. (She turned out to be a freaking size queen!) But at the time I had the idea of 9 inches stuck in my head, and it wasn’t until I was in college that I found a link for a pay site, and funny enough I remember a guy named YGuy there, (although he would not know me.) And from there I did that program for some years, not thinking that there could be more out there. I think I got up to about 5 3/4” EL, and then I found Thunders one day missing having forums to visit.
Since then I have discovered the joys of hanging and am pushing on 6 3/4” right now. (Not much but hell of a lot better than what I started with.) Being able to hold your penis entirely in one hand is not something anyone should have to experience. (For those keeping score at home, that would be about 4” NBP.)
Sorry if this was way too long, I tend to ramble.

If I can tag a question on this if you can stick 4 (Could be more possibly) fingers inside a girl before she it gets uncomfortable does that make her a size queen? I apologize if this gets too off topic.

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

When I was 16 I was dating this girl, I was madly in love with her. We eventually took one another’s virginity (that in itself was a disaster for me, a whole other story). I knew right away that she had a huge cunt; I’d felt a few other virgin twats before then, and knew that this was a whole other world that I’d stuffed little Pete into.

We first banged in October 1995, and we banged a couple times a week after that—every chance we had. Unfortunately, I had problems getting it up about half of the time and had weak erections about 80% of the times that I got it up. The semester after our first sexual experience, she decided to fuck some guy at a college party that she went to with a few of her (very, very slutty) friends. The date was March 3, 1996. One of the most profound dates of my life. While at the party she bumped into an interesting football player. Well, one thing lead to another and she just couldn’t keep herself from accidentally asking him to take her to his dorm, where she fucked him a couple of times, spent the night, and then fucked him in the morning.

She came back and wanted to break up. I didn’t want to be on the losing end of the situation, and couldn’t stand the idea of some idiot in college (I was just a little tenth grader) taking my girl. I basically begged her to stay with me. She did the whole “I can’t believe you’ll still have me after this” routine and hung around, though she would sneak and talk to the guy on the phone (by this time, I had all ready started calling him “the mark” in my head). Shortly after she cheated, I forced her to tell me all of the details—leaving nothing out—of the sex and about his dick. She claimed to have no idea about the size of his dick and refused to tell me. So, I went to one of her slutty friends—you can always trust a good slut to rat on her friend, as long as there’s something in it for her. Well, I befriended them and became very close. The friendship was real and I really did like this girl and her sister (I always hoped to bang ‘em both as soon as I dumped the girlfriend), but I still had the task of finding out about this guy’s dick. I was completely obsessed with it. I wanted to know what had been plunging in my girl friend’s canyon. So, I got the slut-friend drunk and high one night, and started talking about the night that my girlfriend cheated.

Part of my method was to let on like I knew more than I did. I pulled this trick with each and every one of the friends my girlfriend had, and I was able to get a shit load of information about what happened. At any rate, I said something like, “I can’t believe what she said about that guy’s dick. I mean … wait, did she tell you guys about it? ‘Cause I know she’s kind of modest about talking about her sex life and all.” To both my horror (because some part of me didn’t’ want to know) and sick joy (because another part did want to know) the slut bought everything I said hook, line and sinker. She assumed that I knew everything, and she said something like:

“I know, she wouldn’t stop talking about how big it was.”

My blood began to boil, and I felt like I was going to vomit.

Here comes my “is it in?” moment. I knew that the guy must have been big, because her pussy was even bigger after she screwed the guy—a lot bigger. She went back to her normal size eventually, but for a while she was making echoes. About a month after she cheated, I was half-cocked and I just stuck my cock in to fuck. She was looking up at the ceiling, probably thinking about what she was going to do later in the day, and just asked, “Is it in?” I told her no, pulled it out, and said that it was totally limp and it was a waste of time to try. I wanted to ram a fork through her neck.

Back to this guy’s dick.

I automatically assumed that my girlfriend must have loved it compared to what I gave her, causing me to make my only mistake in the manipulation-campaign I waged on all of her and all of her friends. So, I said something like, “I just couldn’t believe that she actually compared us.” (Meaning myself and the other guy.) At this point the slut-friend stopped talking and said something akin to,”No … she didn’t really compare, she just said …” and then she stopped. I asked her what she said, trying to act cool and knowing—as if I had been told, too, just in different words. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and the slut-friend refused to tell, saying I was her friend and she didn’t want to say anything to hurt me.

Fuck! I thought. However, even at that age I had an idea of how this kind of girl worked. So I did the next best thing to manipulating her: I paid her. Yup, fellows, I paid this girl $20 to spill the beans. Not wanting to get stiffed (she only liked to get stuffed), she made me pay her first. After I gave her the money, she asked me if I was sure, I said yes, and then she said she had the munchies and wanted to go get something to eat (with the $20). We got in the car and headed off to get something to eat. Right after we got in the car to leave, she told me about what my girlfriend had to say about the difference between my sex and this guy’s.

The morning after my girl went up to this guy’s dorm, when she came down and met the friends she went to the party with, the slut-friend that I paid said, “I told you black guy’s were better, huh?” My girlfriend replied, “I don’t know, my only other experience was broken.”

Now, I have my articulate moments, but there’s nothing that I could ever say that would share what that moment meant to me. This coming April will be the nine year mark from that moment, and I’d be lying through my teeth if I said it didn’t enter my mind on a regular basis—particularly when I’m about to have sex. I was absolutely crushed and, I mean this when I say it, I simply wanted to die. I felt like I had been cheated in life. I couldn’t believe that after all that shit I’d gone through in my life: being molested, witnessing a grizzly murder, having a fucked up childhood, everything, I just had to have erection problems as a young kid AND have a small dick. I couldn’t believe it; I couldn’t believe that God would allow something like that to happen to me (I was deeply religious).

I lost my appetite, but I didn’t want the slut-friend to know that she had just said a few simple words that would forever change my life and leave a hole in me somewhere that would never be filled (I have hopes). I forced myself to eat some fries and ice cream, then she took me home. I remember that that was the day I lost the will to workout, go to school, pretty much everything. I spent the past two years before that moment shaping my body into the perfect specimen. I had the best abs of all my friends and my arms were shaped exactly like I wanted them to be shaped. My legs, though short, were packed with muscle. I looked great.

I confronted my girlfriend with what I’d learned as soon as I could. She got pissed, but I refused to tell her which one of her friends told me what she said. It was the beginning of a horrible phase in my life.

I started skipping school—everything just went to hell. I prayed every night that God would take care of my ED—I even tried to bargain by saying I’d even lose an inch in length. None of them were answered, but I wasn’t much surprised. For some reason I felt like it was a kind of request that is too greedy for God to grant.

When school let out for the summer, I also started disappearing for days or weeks at a time. I’d leave home and go hang out in “The Ville,” a crack-town that is filled with the vilest and poorest of humans in the area. I woke up several times in an alley, in a strangers house and in a strangers bed. I woke up in Charleston (WV), which was about 40 miles away from the last place I remembered being. Life got strange, and my future wasn’t looking all that great. I dumped my girlfriend on and off. I’d dump her, but then get worried that she’d find someone else and rub it in my face.

I was getting pissed at myself for not finding a way to be the ultimate “dumper” in the relationship and come out looking like I’m was a hell of a lot better off than she was. This would have been true, for me, but I wanted HER to feel like shit. I wanted HER to feel like she had been … yes, I wanted her to feel like she had been left for someone better.

The summer came to an end and a new school year began. I was in the eleventh grade. A lot of things happened in the many months since the slut-friend said those fateful words, first produced by my own girlfriend. Among those things was a very close call I had with murder. I made up a very detailed plan to take care of this guy. I learned everything about him. As I said, I became obsessed and I was manipulating everyone in our circle of friends to get all the information I could about this guy. I had every intention to kick the guy’s ass. I heard that he was a lot bigger than me, but I knew that I was a lot crazier than him—willing to do things to him that he wouldn’t be willing to do to me, so I wasn’t concerned about his size. (I have this fighting policy: if anyone is huge and beating my ass, I’m taking one of his eyes out. The fight will end and I will be the winner.)

After I learned everything I could about the guy from my friends, I began to hunt people down who went to that college on the Internet (Marshall University). I eventually found someone who knew him. I made every effort I could to become “friends” with anyone who knew the guy. With well placed questions and the like, I learned about the guy’s wife, daughter, major, what classes he was taking, where his dorm was. I could even draw a picture of the inside of his dorm and describe the hats and stuffed animals he kept on his bed (he used the animals to make the girls he banged feel special—he gave one to each girl). I saw to it that his wife found out that he was fucking around at college (how nice it was of her to agree to living off campus for him!). I caused a lot of problems in his private life, in that respect. Anyway, I talked one of my friends who attended that college to drive down and get me so that we could hang out and get high. I brought a fat bag of weed, and we smoked it all up. The friend (a girl, I was sure she’d try to bang me) went to class. While she was at class, I decided to go looking for this guy. I figured that being stoned would make bashing his face in with whatever weapon I could find a blast (I’d seen him at this point—he was one huge motherfucker, and I knew my fists wouldn’t do a damn thing). I went down to the cafeteria, and there the fucker was.

He started to leave the place, so I grabbed the closest thing I could, it was a fork or butter knife from someone’s tray. I tailed Mr. Big-Dick up a few flights of stairs and into the hall where his dorm was located. My plan was to come up behind him just as soon as he got the door opened, throw my weight into him and close the door behind us after we both tumbled into his dorm. I was going to use his surprise to get the upper hand and … the next thing that went through my head is what stopped me. I didn’t see myself bashing him with a board or kicking his balls and face with everything I had. I saw myself ripping his throat open and stabbing whatever utensil I had into his face, over and over again.

I turned around and went back to my friend’s dorm and never mentioned what happened to her.

I realizing what I was about to do that day saved me from getting too obsessed and centering my life around that kind of shit many years later when my wife cheated. The guy walking into his dorm wasn’t the only man whose life was saved, simply because I sobered up at just the right moment.

Once the next school year began, I made up my mind to do whatever I needed to make my girlfriend feel just as shit on as I did. We took a class at a technical school together, my high school and the tech school had a program together. The class we took had adults, as well. There was this one lady in particular. She wasn’t beautiful to look at, but there was something about her that made her fascinating. I noticed it, but I noticed that my girlfriend noticed it first—and more. My girlfriend thought this lady was great, the best, unique. They talked and became friends, all that good stuff. My girlfriend thought the world of her.

I knew what I had to do. I needed to get my girlfriend out of that class, because this other girl was nice and liked my girlfriend. Having my girlfriend in the class would fuck up my plan. So I started interrupting my girlfriend while she was drawing and shit (it was a commercial art class). She eventually transferred to a class that was after lunch, while the one I had was in the morning. Things were great. I waited a few more weeks and let my girlfriend and this girl talk on the phone and shit. Then my girlfriend mentioned her plans to invite the other girl on an outing. My time to move had come. I voiced my thoughts on the girl: interesting and nice. I asked my girlfriend if I could have the girl’s phone number. Just to call and talk and stuff, she seems nice. ;)

I called. I did have an interest in this girl. She was the perfect replacement for my girlfriend, not just because she was my girl’s friend and it would royally fuck with her head, but because she was a great chick. I called and we talked. I said everything right. I totally fucking wooed this girl. Two weeks later I was sleeping at her house and hiding from her step dad in the basement. I dumped the girlfriend … it was great. I loved having my (ex) girlfriend ask me shit at school, like “what’d you do this weekend?” She knew who I was with, but it was eating her up. She had to ask anyway. So I told her: “You couldn’t call me because I spent the night at X’s house.” This happened all the time and the ex girlfriend hated. I couldn’t get enough. Unfortunately, it couldn’t last long, because the replacement girl was moving to Ohio. FUCK!

So, I told the girlfriend I’d take her back. She got pissed because she felt like she was my second choice. I fucked with her head some over it, then I finally told her that she wasn’t second choice at all, blah-blah.

A few months later I met a friend of my cousin’s. Now, life was still fucked up at school. I was skipping all the damn time, and barely passing most of my classes (I managed an A or B in one of them). By time I met my cousin’s friend, the Spring semester had begun. She was damn hot and liked me. One night I was out driving her and my cousin around and we had a wreck. I went back to that girl’s house with my cousin and the girl basically raped me. I fell for her pretty damn hard. I lost interest in fucking up my girlfriend’s head, but ended up fucking with it more than I ever was able to before. She hated it, because she could tell I really liked this girl. I went back to school five or six times after the night I had the wreck, but I eventually stopped going. I only spent the night at my parents house a few times after being “raped” by my cousin’s friend, and I eventually just accepted the fact that I moved in with her.

Some time later, I realized that I was a high school dropout. It kinda shocked me, because I didn’t really notice that it happened. The new girl got pregnant, I went back to school and got graduated. I eventually married my cousin’s friend, and she’s sitting on the couch behind me bitching about me spending too much time on the computer as I type these words.

I had suspected that I had a small dick before any of that—but having her ask if it was in and finding out what she said about my dick in relation to the other guy’s dick, I wanted some way to fix my problem. I wanted a dick that worked most of all, but I always wanted one that was bigger. I’ve always been able to use my dick, as long as it works. I use the damn thing very well, actually. As far as knowing how to shake the snake, there’s no doubt I’m above average—but I want a bigger and better snake to shake. I don’t want to have to use a cock ring 5-8 times out of ten that I want to screw.

I joined an ED group on yahoo in the Spring of 2003. It just so happens that Avocet was a member (mailing list type thing) and, I think he is/was a moderator, actually, he mentioned Thunder’s Place. I’ve been here on and off ever since. Thanks Avocet. Thanks Thunder. Thank all of you.

Thanks Bib.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Great thread Dino, I just read it all in one go, and think I should contribute but I don’t think I can follow up KOG’s post!

Just out of interest: Has anyone slept with a small skinny girl with a nice tight box? Seems the trend in this thread states that small girl = loose pussy.

My Wake up call/Is it in yet moment:
I never thought I had a small penis until I got a girlfriend (around September 2003). Well anyway we started having sex, which was quite fun. For some reason I remember thinking I wasnt pleasing her much with what I had, combined with not being able to last long. I was asking her about my size, to which she said it was average. And for some reason I was asking her about the other guys she had been with and what was the biggest cock she had ‘had’. Luckily My girlfriend said something along the lines of “I’m not answering that - You don’t want to hear about the guys Ive slept with”. Thank Fuck she said that - although I can read between the lines and can safely assume she has slept with bigger guys. It was a really fucking stupid question to ask, I won’t be doing it again, although I do admire her for her reply.

Anyway it might have been this comment that got me to look on google to find out the average penis size, which lead me to many places like Kinsey sex survery, and other sites with survery results leading me to beleive the average was around 6.5 X 5”. Fair enough I measured up around 6” nbp and 4.5” girth, both measuresurements quite inaccurate but around that mark, so I was slightly under average. So google came out again and I kept looking for ways to make it bigger. I first came to Penis, and decided not to join. I also found a site were some guy was testing If Penis Pills worked, but was amazed to find that only the excersizes in combination with the pills worked. So I wanted to find out what these exercises were penis health and this guy were raving about, I stumbled across and here. I started PE the night I found thunders!

Since then My girlfriend has made a few jokes (often repeatedly, which is very unoriginal as well as insulting) about me being small. But she does it less now that I let her think that it doesn’t bother me, and to be honest it doesnt bother me that much anymore because I know about PE, and I know about thunders.


My wife is about 4’ tall, she used to be incredibly thin, but she’s picked up a few pounds—still not fat—and has a virgin-tight puss.

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention while I was writing my post, but the wife wanted on the computer: I decided to play my mind-fuck game on that girl because she was trying to play some nasty shit with me. She decided she wanted me AND to see other people. Howver, I wasn’t allowed to see other people. The game was on.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

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