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Is It In Yet????

‘The female?’. Sure men are a lot better. You should do something for your misoginy bro. (Marinera, 2012).

Originally Posted by marinera
‘The female?’. Sure men are a lot better. You should do something for your misoginy bro. (Marinera, 2012).

If you read past your disagreement you will
See that I was careful to post a male corollary, and I am far from misogynist old boy.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Originally Posted by a-unit
If you read past your disagreement you will
See that I was careful to post a male corollary, and I am far from misogynist old boy.

You commented here
a-unit - Is It In Yet????
a post where a guy explicitally asked to a girl if his cock was big; he got the answer : ‘No, not really.’. It is my understanding that in your opinion it was a manipulative and hateful answer; that’s where I see misoginysm; if you ask, do you want a honest answer or not? If she had answered ‘Yes, that’s a very big cock.’, THAT would have been manipulative and motivated by goal of control - as I’m sure you would had promptly pointed out.

Next you posted: ‘That’s why most of us are here.’. Well, again I see a not balanced perspective here; many of us are here because a girl said us that our penis was small? Nope, I’m pretty sure many of us are here because give too much weight to the size of their penis, on their own or because the jokes of some male friend (or brother or whatever). Again, it’s giving faults to women of something that was build by men. Men are obsessed with their dicks, women learn this obsession from us.

So you want me to be misogynistic and biased, yet totally ignore the simple fact that in my very next post I defined a type of man who behaves in a base and spoiled way.

And regarding why we are here, I should have said many, not most.

I stand corrected.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

The point of why exactly she made clear she wasn’t especially enamoured was probably lost just after describing her as slutty.

I alway knew i’m small.
Every girl ive been with aprroved it,and still
We all had some good time.
I ended up marrying the one who really have problems with my size.

So problematic that i have little hope we’ll
Make it ‘till next year.

I started lately,even if i’ll get divorsed,
I want to NEVER ever be ashsmed with
Anything that i can offer

Yeah mine was most likely down to porn.. And the girl I’m with at the moment I know that one of her ex’s was just over 8 .. So I assume he was also rather ‘girthtastic’ lol plus I have female friends that have told me they prefer it mainly more girthy but clearly lengthy too.. Can’t even think how long I’ve PE’d for now but I’m yet to see a ‘wow that’s grown’ change in it apart from in slight girth .. But it’s things like this that strive me towards what will hopefully be a nice 8.5 cock XD

That sucks NonButMe. And yours is not small. Just about average.
I hate these stories. How shallow some people can be. I honestly do not think it is worth to stay with such a person. She will get what she deserves later.

It’s a bit like a guy leaving a girl cause she has small boobs or a loose pussy.

You could experiment with toys. A huge dildo. I read some guys here in forum use some kind of dildo over their dicks, like a condom, making it larger.

It’s called a penis sleeve, you wear it over your cock and it’s like a big dildo.

We used to have one of those,
She didn’t like the feel of it.

I think that optimism is a must when you
Are under 5.8inch,

Also when doing PE :)

My girl is a good person,not shallow.
Im am adult and i dont take it like she
Wants to hurt does though.
But its also a big motivation to get better,
Even if in the end she wont be the one
To enjoy the gains

Ah yes. I remember my moment of inspiration. I was laying on my bed in my dorm feeling shitty like I had nothing to do. Than I realized I could atleast try out a dick extender to pass the time. I did some research and found MonkeyBar’s VacHead device with the Jes Extender for a decent price and decided to purchase it. One of the best purchases ever made in my life. I tried it on with the noose, lasted 5 minutes. Tried the hollow noose with the silicone cushion and lasted 15 minutes. The comfort strap was impossible to use and when my head slipped out of it I wanted to DIE it hurt so bad. But than I used the VacHead and damn I was comfortable for a full 2 hours. Now I can wear it for 3-4 hours straight with out issue, and I’m looking into an ADS system.

Oh yeah, wake-up call moments… I had several of them.
As I am already quite spoiled by mother nature I never had the “Is it in yet”-experience, but I know this is a nightmare to the man’s mind.

In my late twenties I had a loose relation with a girl who was a little promiscuous. I am not the jealous type and knew who the other guy was - a 6’7” guy who was bigger than me in dick size too. She once told me “you know, just the moment of penetration might be a little painful (she was quite into anal), but once he’s in then it’s just wow…”. Bummer of a catchphrase, penis envy triggered for sure on my side.

Then I met Madame, my wife. She sometime loves some quite extreme penetrations including different things than my dick or to be more precise all together with my dick. This is fun to do it and we fooled around especially on the beginning with fingers, toys,… you name, believe me, it was see-giggle-try-enjoy time. But on the long haul it makes you think in the back of your head that she seems to have some space reserves one should be able to full in. And the one then should be me. So first thoughts about PE started emerging.

Then I realized that Madame gets kind of loose after a couple of orgasms, and it could be so loose I was not able anymore to find enough friction for my own orgasm. As she is on the rather wet side of nature, first I did not realize this, because for me the biggest turn-on is to feel a woman really excited by what I am able to do to her, and there is nothing better than an overflowing pussy. But if I can’t come because she gets so relaxed I am missing some pleasure, to be honest. That was the point I started to look for PE on the web - maybe 2 or 3 years ago, but did not really dig in, just browsed a bit cross the “marketplace”.

The final wake-up call was coming out of a lengthy discussion about midlife-crisis and how to avoid it. At a moment, I made a statement similar to “I think if I felt more manly I would be less exposed to the risk of a midlife-crisis”. Until there, all reasonable, because my body shape and missing muscles has been my trauma number one in the past. And then my brain just lost control shortly and I had a Freudian slip by saying: ” I want to feel much more manly, and there is nothing more manly than a really huge cock”. She looked into my eyes and said without irony, mocker or even the smallest smile: “Is that really possible?” I just nodded, speechless about my own openness. And she went on, still serious and looking straight in my eyes “Ok, if it helps you, then go for it”. We had never talked about PE before, but then I started to research in earnest and ended up here and am very happy with it.

So, as the Blues Brother would say: I’m here on a mission… from Madame!

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Richard, that girl from the beginning of your post obviously has a nose for big dicks if she managed to find you and someone even bigger than your starting 8.3”x5.5”.

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