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Is It In Yet????

Well said jarvis.

Don’t put your fragile ego in the hands of a neurotic. Just do what you can and accept the result. If you love her and she loves you, then all will work it’s self out, otherwise focus on everything else in your life that does work and be satisfied.

My step son is 26 and he dates all sorts of crazy girls, some of whom can be accommodating, but mostly they are self-indulgent spinners who spend too much time on facebook and watching tv to learn how to live their lives.

He’s learning to not put his ego in their hands, but also not to rip them apart either.


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As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
I remember being in my mid 30’s and I was starting to have bad erections and even less night wood. And I noticed my dick had shrunk from 7 when I was 21 to 6.25 with a raging hard on. Well I remember on one night I didn’t have a great hard on maybe a stage 1 from a 1-4 and I was having sex with my very beautiful but a bitch X wife and I got the question IS “IT IN YET?” I was fucking hurt but I didn’t know about PE or anything yet but I wanted to do something but what growing your dick without surgery was impossible or so I thought. Maybe a week passed and the wife had a couple of her girlfriends over all MILFS in there 30’s all gym rats and in shape, I had made them a couple of blenders of frozen margaritas and they were toasted. I then went into the other room and was playing on the computer but I left the door open a crack, I over heard that the conversion had turned to dick size and these four chicks were saying how bigger was better and that they wished there husbands were bigger and one chick was telling them about her old boyfriend who was hung like a horse she even got this girls shaving cream out of the bathroom saying he was as big it was at least 9x6. Than they started talking about movie stars and rock stars and if they had big dicks. So this was a wake up call to the Dino the next day I was looking for ways to grow dick on the Internet I had heard about stretching devices and that some crazy people actually hung weights from there dicks and wanted to find if it was true. My search found a yahoo club and than I found the old PE forum and 3.5 years later I’m here at thunders with a big dick. So I was wondering what was your wake up call and did you ever hear the dreaded is it in yet.


I went to college with a guy who used to brag about his size and one female friend who was his on off girlfriend mentioned it in our chats (I probably instigated it). But from then and growing up it is blatant that bigger is generally regarded as better; girls talking about it to their friends, etc.

I’ve never been overly insecure but my ex of a couple of years ago said a few backhanded things, not about my own but enough that it made me really insecure for a while and I guess I’ve never really gotten over it. I also watch too much porn.

I bed a lot of women, I’m probably what some describe as a ‘player’, and I love it, and I’ve never had any complaints and girls come back for more more often than not, but I’ve never had a ‘wow’ reaction (apart from one really young girl who’d only had a handful of very small lovers) and I guess I really want that.

I certainly don’t want to be one of those guys in 20 years whose wife is telling her mates how she wants to find a bigger cock, I want her to be the one more than content and it never be an issue.

How big are you now MasterKey?

Wow, I can’t believe that this thread is close to being 10 years going.. Goes to show how serious of an issue this one is.

Reading the whole thing has been quite a ride to say the least. I laughed, I cried, I felt every shred of emotion that runs through these posts. The story that affected me the most, by far, was the one where the guy watched his “big” friend and his girl from outside the room. Especially where he went back in the room and she was half passed out, red-faced, and hips were still rotating.. OMG, I can’t even explain how it made me feel, I lived every moment of it as if it actually happened to me. My heart started palpitating and I felt like going berserk for a minute, Even started fantasizing about brutally beating the hell out of both of them (I am 6’3” and 260 pounds, I bring the pain). Then I just took a step back, a deep breath, and told myself it was just a story. I feel for that guy so bad man and am literally grateful that I will never have to experience what he did. No man should have to live with the pain of these stories, it’s just sickening.

I myself realized I was inadequate through living in this crazy modern world filled with porn and size queens. I never had any traumatic experiences, THANK GOD, but I always just knew I didn’t quite cut it. Plus there was this one time in class, when I was in the 11th grade, that this girl mentioned that she couldn’t see my package through my shorts. I felt that this was a hint at me being small and it didn’t go over to well with the ego. I guess I always felt undersized because I was so overweight all my life, this gave me a huge fatpad. I recently lost like 70 lbs. And am down to like 18% bodyfat. This gave me like 1.5 inches extra to my length. Needless to say I feel a lot better about my size these days (I check in at 6x5 by the way). I plan on losing more weight so I get more show on my natural size. My bp is still about 1 inch more than nbp so I plan to get to around 12% bodyfat (225-230 lbs.).

I have been a familiar with PE since I was 21, I’m now 24 by the way. I also have been a guest (Lurker) here for a while but just recently decided to register and go full fledged. Now that I am seriously PEing I really want to go for the gold (Yguy comes to mind here for me). I figured this would be the best first post I could make so I’m going for it. Plus I have been so moved by these stories here.

I started PE a little before Christmas (New Years Resolution = Fat Dick), I’m about two weeks in and already got .25 added to length. I’m chugging along to the glorious 8x6 ofcourse. I’m doing it for myself, I just want that confidence that comes when your swinging heavy walking down the street, LOL. Can’t wait to see what these next couple months bring me!! I feel that I have great potential and that I can accomplish my goal of 2x1 gain in a year for sure, maybe less. I just hope I can make some serious headway before my gains start to slow and I have to grind it out..

Anyways, my heart goes out to all of you. Keep up the struggle, don’t give in nomatter what. Sense this thread is so old I hope that many of you have achieved your goals and moved on to better times. I wish all the veterans of this thread would come back for a reunion or something.. I want some damn closure on these stories, HAHA.

Nice first post, Albierto, welcome to the land of non-lurkers and safe growth to you.

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Great post Albierto, i have been overweight throughout all my life as well. However i did always felt just a bit below average in length when i was in my late teens since i was about 270 - 280lbs, but when i lost about 35lbs i gained an inch of visible length and quickly felt just slightly average and didn’t need to worry about it.

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The biggest thing about Russell’s story with his gf and his friend mike was that was she was still so turned on and flushed after mike left that she was basically still having sex. To me that makes it obvious it mostly wasn’t the guy and his size that gave her the orgasms though it probably helped he went slow. But she had obviously been fantasising over the guy for weeks, then she got drunk and got exactly what she wanted.

The girl was already daydreaming about having this big sex fantasy before and was getting turned on by this scenario way before she actually had sex.
How large the guy was secondary, the gf had already been wanting to cheat with him long before this night so I would not blame the end of the relationship on that. Her interests had already switched before she cheated physically she was emotionally turned on by the whole scene of being taken

She should of had the guts to leave her bf before this because obviously her feelings had changed alot in the relationship. Mens natural reaction is, the cheating like that was all about the guys schlong but this story was mostly about the girl. She wasnt cheating because of mikes large size in my opinion

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These “is it in yet?” are great stories for building esteem. It never was a cock size issue but rather you chose the wrong woman. Of course PE to your desired size for the icing on the cake.

I’m between 5.5 inches and 5.75 inches when erect.I’m hearing these lengths and thinking.”Uh.time to give up” hahahaha

Some of these stories are brutal.

It just shows that the world really doesn’t understand how fragile people are about penis size. I can only imagine being some of the guys in this thread and then having to put up with the bombardment of (albeit impersonal) ‘bigger is better’ jokes and quips.

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Hey guys here is a news story that I just red..
A 21 years old guy from my country killed a kid which was 11 years old..
They were friends and they went to a uninhabited building to take a walk.The 21 years old guy went to take a piss and his younger friend told him: Haha your dick is so small, my brother’s dick is way bigger..
Then the older guy flipped out and stabbed the boy 9 times and killed him.As I read the power with which he stabbed him was so outrageous that he disconnected the kid’s spine..
Note: the killer was sexually abused and grew in orphanage as a kid.

It is so mind blowing how much of a leverage a simple innocent dick size comment can be.For someone weak minded it can make you kill people..

Though the other normal guys like us it can be used as positive leverage to discover PE and achieve our goals..
I had small dick comment too and as much as it hurted it motivates me so much, so guys in my opinion it is good and healthy that we had these “mind fucking” experiences.
I am thank full to mine and without it I wouldn’t have discovered PE.

-======Goal BPEL 9.5x6======-

I have not heard, “Is it in yet?”, but I have heard the girl say that she`s “too wet”.

Maybe that`s the kind version? :)

Yeah it’s amazing this thread is still here 9 years later:) , It’s amazing this place is still here(thank you thunder). I’m happy it has been used as a tool to motivate people and I hope it has caused people to stick it out and get some gains.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Yeah it’s amazing this thread is still here 9 years later:) , It’s amazing this place is still here(thank you thunder). I’m happy it has been used as a tool to motivate people and I hope it has caused people to stick it out and get some gains.

Dino9x7. What is the difference in your mentality when you where cheated on and crushed versus today? I was wondering if you could describe the feeling.

Thanks for all of your info and motivation to keep pulling forward over the years.

Originally Posted by djrobins
Dino9x7. What is the difference in your mentality when you where cheated on and crushed versus today? I was wondering if you could describe the feeling.

Thanks for all of your info and motivation to keep pulling forward over the years.

I’m totally confident with women, it’s not only from having a big dick but also growing my balls back after leaving my ex wife and becoming the person I was before her. A big dick doesn’t get the girl you have to have the personality to bed her before having a big dick will be any help. Being big does help you keep them along with some skill, I’m sure of that.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


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