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Is It In Yet????

If a girl ever asked me that I would stick it in her butt.

I started PE because I want to have longer strokes for sex and masturbating.

I worked for a lady when I was still in high school. She loved sex and let everyone know it. She had a thing about only dating black guys because she “would be sure to get a big enough dick”. First I had ever heard about this myth. Anyway she used to tell me when we were picking around that I had to have a little pencil dick, being a skinny white kid. The girls that had seen it before certainly had nothing negative to say about it but then I didn’t remember a lot of rave reviews either. Eventually I got a complex and found penis enlargement on the net on Tom Hubbard’s first site.


My call came when I was talking with my friend when he came out of the pool. He got a lot of crotch watchers and smiles. He then told me about this site and how he achieved a 9 by 6 penis at age 18. I have been here since 2002 and have gained 1.7 inches in length and 2 inches in girth. Now I’m getting the quick eyes down to the crotch.

My two cents worth.

The best, and only comeback for that statement, is : YES IT IS!

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Originally posted by aarzakk
I was 18 and dated a girl who was deeply in love with me, I mean never got that kind again and it's been 9 years. Well we dated for 2 years and i broke it off for the hot city counselman's daughter. I introduced my ex to a friend, a tall skinny guy, and they dated for awhile.

No offense, but, YOU IDIOT!!!!


<------- You likey?

If you don't take the time to do the PE exercises how do you expect to gain? The fairy godmother of PE?

Wow Dino I dont know how I would have handled that comment, thats tough. The problem wasnt you, you were a little above average, the problem was your erection level. I think your X wife would have taken it personally that you couldnt achieve an erection because she didnt turn you on, thats why she would have gotten upset and thrown a terrible comment at you. I think she would of been teasing your erection rather than your penis. And then to hear her hot friends talking penis size a week later was just adding salt to the wound. It would kill me to have a women give a negative comment on my penis especially knowing im undersized in the girth department, so I feel for you.

My wake up call was not from any womens comments, thank God for that. Iv been lucky that most of my partners including my x wife (the loony bitch :( ) were fairly tight but non loose. Dont get me wrong, iv have experienced loose pussys, quite a few but I never put it back on myself because I had experienced tight pussys, so my thoughts were ”she was loose or really wet”.

Although I do recall one story. I had this short lived causal sexual relationship with this horny dirty little slut, she was a freak with issues that I couldnt be bothered with so I just passed her on to my friends. Anyway, she told me once after we had finished the act that she had a boyfriend that was a really huge built Maury and he had a really big dick. I asked how big and she said really big, she said he had the biggest dick she has ever seen, and that his dick would go half way up his stomach and pointed with her hand. I must say I did feel insecure about my size for the first time, I started thinking ”do I have a small dick”. I didnt know because the only other dick I had seen was in porn, but I also knew that all porn stars have big dicks just like all bodybuilders are built. I didnt worry about it too much though because I was suspicious of her honesty.

Id say my true reason for starting PE was when I came across a free site about enlargement, I gave it a try and noticed it was actually making my dick temporarily larger. I then looked into it and then I came across average penis size studys, I measured myself up and was in shock to find I was undersized in girth. I ended up joining a pay site called because I had questions and concerns about PE which were also asked by other members but nobody got answered…so much for support. (just a side note, DONT JOIN PENISHEALTH.COM it looks good but dont judge a book by its cover, its ALL lies)From penishealth I found thunders from a guy called ferrari??. This good chap ferrari took the job of darren fucking beale (owner of PH if thats his real name) and answered all questions. Ferrari also has a free site called but that url doesnt seem to work, i may be wrong.


The X had no malicious feelings with the statement she really didn’t know if it came out, because of my level of hard on she was having a hard time feeling it. I remember back then I would need a level 4 hard on for her to really get into it and prior to pe I was starting to have a problem getting one. After PE my hard on have returned to the level like when I was a teen and as far as night wood it seems like I’m packing wood all night “diamond cutting wood”. The last time we had sex I was 8x6 and she was digging it I always catch her crotch watching when I pick up my kids.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Yeah Dino, i got this comment once before.

Granted, only the head was in, i was trying to tease her and make her go nuts etc. All she said was “Is it in yet?”

I was all like: “GUH….”

I think she has stayed away from this type of comment since I was so shocked to hear her say it that first time.

Recently, when I pushed into her, I put one finger parallel against my dick and that went in with it… she didn’t even notice til I told her!

It’s a bit discouraging on the PE front as well, because my dick + 1 finger is a significant amount of girth more than just my dick, and she couldn’t even tell, so I begin to think what’s the point, i’ll never be able to make an impact anyway, unless i gain something like1-2 more inches girth. :(

I remember what really got me upset. I was like 12-14 years old at the hospital and they had to take an x-ray of my penis while I piss in a cup. So this nurse who isnt really doing anything says to the other “its so small”. I look at her and they both look at me all quiet. At the time I didnt care but but now it makes me sad.

I don’t know where to start. I’ve had alot of experiences that made me feel insecure about my penis. Two girls called me out on having a small dick. I only had sex with one girl pre-PE sized. I had to get friction from fucking her on one side of her pussy, if that makes sense. With a 3.5” girth, I didn’t feel any friction, and didn’t think sex was all that great. I put the blame on myself.

From seeing other guy’s flaccid sizes and comparing them to myself, I was noticeably smaller. My flaccid was no more than 1” long. Sadly, thats not an exaggeration. I just knew I was small and was lucky enough to stumble onto PE, after years of wondering what could be done to change my size.

Man, I can’t believe I was actually that small. Anyways, it worked out well I would say. :)

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


I’m really happy for you bro!! it’s for great guys like you that I’m glad the world of PE is getting known. Other than that I’m a greedy pe whore who wants to keep it to my self.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Great thread.. Here’s a collection of short stories….

I’ve personally never had a “Is it in yet?” moment. But hearing a group of girls talk about dick size on more than one occassion, watching porn and being in awe of some dudes with large cocks having great sex, being labeled as average, and hearing from girls about past men they had slept with was enough to make me feel inadequate about my size. These things constantly put pressure on me which would manifest itself in my behaviour. I would often steer the conversation with women in the direction of dick size to find out if I was ‘adequate’ in their eyes. I would whip it out during porn and visually compare my size to the actors’ size on the screen. I would constantly duck into the bathroom to adjust my dick to maximize my bulge.

I have also turned down sex while in the bed with another girl for fear of being judged as small. There is a resaurant that I frequent around campus and I’ve have incredible luck picking up women in. Come to think of it, I don’t know why I don’t go there more often. Anyway, I’ve had dates with most of the waitresses in the place, but I’ve NEVER slept with any of them, despite having the opportunity to. Understand that these are VERY good looking women (one of the reasons the restaurant does so well!). I know that women talk, and prior to PE I felt so small in the pants that I didn’t want to become the fuel for small-dick/bad-sex jokes. This feeling was so strong that sex became too scary to initiate despite my burning desire.

One time I was at a water park and was wearing thin shorts. The water and the air was cold and my dick shrivled quite a lot. Needless to say, the wet shorts clung to me and despite my best efforts showed a perfect outline of my shirvled parts. I noticed bulge watchers that day, but it wasn’t a wow-that-looks-good expression they had on their faces. It was more an I-am-embarassed-for-you expression. This contributed to my feelings of inadequacy.

There are other stories…

Thankfully, PE and personal growth has changed a bunch of that.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause


Those are some serious gains Bro, would you mind sharing your routine?

Just jelquing 300 one second stokes a day and stretching for 10 minutes a day. The Best thing fot me is my diet. I eat less fat and more fiber which help me with bloodflow, which dick size is mostky about.

Hey Tug

Shrinkage really sucks, I had the opportunity to skinny dip this summer and the first thing I though of was shrinkage so I made up some lame excuse.
It’s a shame chicks don’t understand the shrinkage thing.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


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