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Is It In Yet????


Actually, I was a little intoxicated so I wasn’t exactly standing- but the incident definitely sobered me up real quickly. I’m positive that the incident is the reason that I even consider doing PE. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have some attention on the ole memory.

We didn’t continue the relationship afterwards~sex was just out of the question. Kind of hard to live up to the task after you have had that burned into your memory..We did remain friends as we had been involved in each others lives for several years.

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

Damn Lordbase. I’ve read alot of small penis humiliation stories,

but I think your’s is the worst. I think I would have switched

schools :-\

Hehehe, well here is my story.

I had/have a “friend” that I had sex with once or twice back in the mid 90’s. She was/is rather mean spirited and on one occasion a friend had some midget porn (Yes I’m serious) on the ole tube and in all seriousness she looked back at me and said “thats you”
Bitch, luckly it was a pre ordained fact that she wasn’t a nice person so it didn’t hit me “that” hard

I’m not that small (5.75elx6.5eg), and never had any complaints prior, most likely due to my girth but it made me think that having a couple extra inches in length would be nice, and what the hell a inch more in girth couldn’t hurt (me at least :P )

So here I am, just started and looking forward to the benefits, but also the community of men looking to improve themselves.

We should add a workout forum too so we can encourage each other in a “whole body” change

Glad to be here, se ya’ll around


Grow long and prosper Start 3/04 Bpel 5.75 Eg 6.25- 6.75 Goal Bpel 7.5 Eg 7.5 :)

man I am a thread killer :P

Grow long and prosper Start 3/04 Bpel 5.75 Eg 6.25- 6.75 Goal Bpel 7.5 Eg 7.5 :)

Poor baby with your 6.5” EG. Heh heh, don’t expect much sympathy from me. :D

Holy Cow pussy,

At 6.5 Girth you should be splitting them in half! You really want more girth?

Good idea about the workout support. I used to have a girl friend who loved my abs. I think it makes a huge difference in the way your unit looks. If the muscles in that area are in good shape you should have great blood flow in the love muscle- ha, ha….

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout
Damn Lordbase. I’ve read alot of small penis humiliation stories,
but I think your’s is the worst. I think I would have switched
schools :-\

Well, I would have done so, but I lived in rural England and this was the only school which was close enough for me to go to. Plus it wasn’t too bad, I got used to it eventually and built up some pretty tough skin.

Especially when the gay rumours came out a year or so later. Although that’s another story and would be flying off on a tangent from this thread. If you really want to know more about my humiliating school experiences let me know!


Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Now you know why so many guys have issues, and how most of them end up here.

It’s not that all women say negative things, but it’s those comments that get my attention the most.

I’ve heard “is it in yet”. After I paused for a moment, she must have realised how it sounded and then she followed it up by saying she thought she might be too wet.

I’ve been called pencil dick once during an argument.

I had an ex tell me “Deeper!” in a moment she seemed the most turned on I ever saw her. Until then, I was willing to believe her that she enjoyed my size better than her big ex. She had found him quite painful and she did have a rare occasional vaginal orgasm with me, so I believed her even though she was always quiet during intercourse with me and I had been told by a friend of hers that she made extreme noises with her ex during sex. Even after her “Deeper!” moment I figured that perhaps it meant a size inbetween my size and his would be optimal for her. She was a sweety so it was easy to want to believe her when she said I was better than him. Even when there was another time that she and I were in a store and she said something that indicated what she saw my size as: I had caught a cashier look me over, and half jokingly I told my ex I bet she thinks I’m packing. Even though I wasn’t, the pants I had on sort of give that impression. My ex says ” Well,wouldn’t she be in for a surprise”. Knowing her well, I knew she didn’t mean anything harmful and was simply stating a fact, but it still sucked realising she considered me less than big and perhaps even on the small side. I don’t think she realised the negative power of those words, because after all she was the one that had told me she liked my size better than her big ex. This is the only woman I’ve had anal with and the anal occurred as we were about to break up. She had as many orgasms with anal, during the two times we got together with that, as she had during intercourse the entire time we were together. Having heard the stories of women preferring small dicks for anal and big dicks for vaginal, this made me feel smaller than ever.

I had a one night stand that I thought I had perhaps performed fairly good with: After about 10 minutes of pumping doggy she let out a “Ohhhhhh”, after having been quiet up till then. Then after another 5 minutes of quiet doggy she let out the same sound again. I didn’t really think of them as orgasms, but a release of some sort it seemed. Afterwards, we are laying there and after a little while she says “Your forte is oral, you are very good at it”. Even though she was giving me a complement it was unfortunately not a complement to the intercourse as far as I was concerned. She didn’t have squat to say about intercourse and it was all too clear she was avoiding mentioning that part. We had done missionary earlier and then the doggy I spoke of, and I understood about varying stroke lengths and rhythm and grinding. I was pretty sure she just wasn’t feeling my size much. If I got a couple of ohs from her, I could just imagine the sounds a bigger guy would have brought out of her. My performance wasn’t anything special at all to her, and to think I was for a brief moment in time proud of myself about it. She was a big woman and had big hips on her and I actually started feeling like she was too much woman for me, that I didn’t have what it takes to handle her. Yeah I had my tongue and hands, and she had even complimented me about that, but to me oral was just the side dishes and not the main course on the plate like the intercourse. So for me it wasn’t just what they do say, it was also what they don’t say.

For me it has also been about not getting the sounds during intercourse that I’ve heard big guys get. While my experience, of seeing the difference in a woman’s reaction from having sex with a small/average guy and then the same woman’s reaction with a big guy, is not as up close and personal as Russell4’s is, I did see a direct comparison when I lived in an apartment and my neighbor switched from her hung boyfriend to a smaller guy. The difference in her during intercourse, and how turned on she became, when with the big guy was astounding and burned in my mind. I never knew her well enough to know whether size ranked high or not on her list of what she liked about guys, but I do know it made a big difference for her when in bed. I thought she was very sexy, but I was too intimidated to ask her out (when she wasn’t dating anyone) for fear she would be quiet with me during sex and would be disappointed in my size. The extreme reaction the big guy had gotten out of her was a tough act to follow as I realised for sure when she was quiet with the new guy. I was glad then that I hadn’t asked her out. So in this case a woman added to being me insecure by being so loud during sex with a big guy and seemingly not caring who heard it. Among all the grunting and gasping shriel sounds coming from her, she would find time to hollar out how big he is, though her words in the sentence would be broken up ever time he went deep. I didn’t have to see it, I could tell by sound as to what was happening.

As can be seen, there are many different ways women make us feel insecure about our size. It’s not just what they say, but what they don’t say. It’s also about women having stronger reactions with the big guys, and while some women say they are no different in response with average guys than they are big guys, the stories through the grapevine, my overhearing the comparison difference, the up close and personal story of Russell’s, the guys that have been in groupies that say the women moan much more with the big guys, and my knowing I have never gotten the sounds and reactions that big guys get, all adds up to indicate to me that many women (I’m not saying all) may be just sparing our feelings when they say “You’re fine” “You’re perfect”. Ok, but am I the best size. What a woman says and how she reacts may be two different things.

After all my rambling I forgot to mention that threads like this are actually inspirational for me. It’s sort of like the skinny guy on the beach that gets sand kicked in his face and then goes on a bodybuilding program and goes back to the beach and kicks that guy’s ass. In this case, we can build our dicks to be bigger and then we kick ass in the sex world, not the other way around as before. Here’s to all your size goals coming true.

None of those comments, or anything special, there is always the comment about the veins outlook, well not always but usually.

Really there is no telling from outside what kinda pussy women haves, I think fisting plays some kinda part in this, many guys have obsession about it, they are ruining the pussy’s, thats what I think.

Looking to be a kiwi.

This is a great old thread if any of the new guys would like to add their wake up call stories on when and why they looked for a way to grow dick this is the thread to post it in.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


That was brutal man… That could have brought on a Columbine rampage… I started to shrink up just reading it.. My flacid can get damn small at times so I know exactly what you mean..



this is a long, ole one. I still love hearing about this…I’m still pulling and stretching as hard as always, for the same reasons. I have the same experience with female vocal performances. I’d love to cause one of those before I die…

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

I just read the whole thread. Pretty depressing.


Look for screamers, some women just don’t scream (unless they see a spider or something).

I never had a “is it in?” moment ( although, oddly enough, with the second girl I ever had sex with I asked if she was on…. heh heh loose non-kegeling bitch!) Anyways, I made the mistake of popping steroids and andro for sports and my 7in. shrunk to 5 in. nbpel. As of now I’m still only 6.75 BPEL, got a ways to go to recover.

Yeah, roids, what a totally bad experience side-effect-wise, didn’t even do anything for me and I was told that I went from a high school model-type to a war torn veteran in the space of a year.


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