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Is it better to stretch before or after jelqing?

Is it better to stretch before or after jelqing?

I’m thinking of going back to this traditional technique to see if it works for me once more time. A pay site which I got a while ago said to first stretch and then jelq, but users in other forums say to jelq first then stretch. Which way is better? I want to gain length mostly girth would be nice. Here is what I’m going to be doing for the jelqing routine

130 reps on base of penis. Then I do 50 on the middle. 170 on base, 50 on middle.

Take about 2 minute break then do 350 jelqs to finish it off. I don’t know how long this session would last for maybe 20 to 30 minutes altogether.

Id say stretch first because after a good jelqing there would be way to much blood flowing in there to stretch correctly. imo.

I think the main reason for the stretch then jelq thing is that if you are jelqing with any intensity you penis will be nicely sore by the end of the session. To then clamp an ok grip around your glans is not treating the tissue that has just been jelqed with much care.

A little mild jelqing before a stretching session should be ok and (heresy alert) it might loosen up the tissues a bit to allow greater effect from the stretch.

I stretch and jelq in separate sessions, leaving the jelqing session until last. I can’t imagine wanting to stretch after a good jelqing session. Though mild jelqing and/or a few horses seems to work ok.

Why give up on the hanging? You seem to be wanting to rotate techniques a little fast to actually perceive results from any particular method. Maybe you could simply add a few jai stretches to the front of your hanging routine and try to get the hanging based blaster down and stay with that for 3 or 4 months.

Thanks for your posts I’ll stretch then jelq. I’m not going to use the power jelq device this time around because it didn’t work for me when i used it for 3 months. My index finger and thumb will cover more circumfrence. Memento, the bib hanger is stretching my skin way too much for my penis. I’ve tried every wrapping technique in this forum and peforum, but no matter how I wrap it i’m still going to have A LOT of skin near the top. And all i feel is a buring sensation from the skin pull. My erect length is 6.7 but my skin could fit around a foot long penis.

I kind of assume if a thread quietens down that the problem is solved (maybe I’m naive).

Obviously skin stretch is not what you want. I hope you have better luck with manual stretches. I’ve done well on static stretches, especially v-stretch variants.

I stretch before and after…for any exersize, PE or otherwise.

Results are positive.

be back soon

Dura, what kind of stretching method do you use before and after jelq. And for how many minutes?

I always stretch after my jelq routine. (JAI) I didn’t gain anything when I used to do it before jelquing… (I’m not the only one.) My theory in short sentence: Make your penis warmed up by jelquing and then stretch, because there is “more tissue” (swollen) to stretch.

Keep Gaining! :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

I’ll do a before and after stretch routine because it sounds like a good exercise for length growth.

10 minute hot cloth

10 minute static stretches in all directions,

30 minute jelq,

10 minute hot cloth

finally 15 JAI stretches each direction for about 5 minutes

I’ll see how this plan works out.


Basically just simple manual stretch in all directions, similar to what you describe, before and after. 10 min. before, maybe 5 min after. Plus stretch in the shower (take advantage of the hot water).

Sounds like you have a good routine.

be back soon

I do JAI stretches before and after I use the Powerjelqer. I didn’t do them after until I read Johan’s theory and agree with it. You just have to wait for some of the pump to subside, but you don’t have to wait till you’re back to the normal flacid state. I just wait a few minutes.


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