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Is is Possible??

Is is Possible??

Hi to all PEers,
This is my first post, thought of contributing something to
the forum sometimes ago, but i’m a newbies so i know nothing much.
Love this forum with friendly member and being so helpful.

First to say sorry for my poor english as i’m from asian country.
As an asian born with small dick, i envy all of you for have a huge penis.
Even your flacid state are much more bigger then my erect. :-(
This is why i’m here, i don’t want to be the same for the rest of my life
knowing that there is method exist that can help me change this. I’m sure
with all the expert here, i will get extra gain and not one typical asian
dick. Hopefully!!

Sorry!!,Cut the crap and to the point.

My Backgroud:
NBPEL = ~5”
EG = ~5 1/4”
Being PEing for about 1 years on or off. without any specific method.

Lately having been doing manual strecth ~20 min per day for about 1 month.
Just a week ago, too busy with other chores thus i miss some of the exercise but
in the beginning of this week i felt that the girth has grown and when i measured
it increase by 1/4 to my current stat. though my aim is really for length.

Is resting really contribute to my atually growth??
Is manual streatching contribute to grith more then length?

Before PE:
NBPEL = ~5”
EG = ~4 7/8”

Thanks in advance for all your time.


Well welcome to the boards friend. Although i cant really help u with your questions i would like to point out that your girth is rather good, beats mine ^_^

Stretching should help your length, have you tried to figure out your LOT? Figure that out and then u can learn which direction to stretch for best gains.

Im a newbie myself so my info may not be accurate but i think thats how it goes.

And Good luck with your PE’ing!

Welcome my friend, well time will tell whether it will work or not stick at it and you will find out.

As for your stretching, it should promote length not girth growth, what you are perhaps seeing is perhaps swelling, others may disagree.

What kind of stretching have you been doing? If you fish around here long enough you will find some good descriptions and how it should be done.

Good luck



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