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Is hanging the most effective way to PE?

Is hanging the most effective way to PE?

I just got my bib in the mail yesterday. I started hanging about an hour after I opened it. I guess I was kind of excited. Anyhow before this I’ve been doing jelqs and manuel stretching. I know I’ll still do the manual stretching because at work I get alot of privacy, but do any of you vets out there think that I should continue doing the jelqs? Thanks

I hang, jelq and stretch. Although, I only jelq about 4 days a week. I see nothing wrong with doing all three. It has been effective for me as my gains to date have been 2.75 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth.

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Nah, but, you can use it to “mix things up”. Not the best way to do PE in my opinion…well, at least not the most efficient way to PE. Considering it probably takes at least 1.5 hours just to do three 20 minute sets when you factor in wrapping, putting on the hanger, adjusting it just right, doing a set, taking off the hanger, break for a few minutes…REPEAT. It sounded like the most logical way to get my length gains at first because I could get this wonderful stretch (mostly skin stretch by the way) for 15 or 20 minutes at a time. But, after a lot of hanging and re-thinking….I came to the conclusion I’m better off with manual stretching. I can do it whenever I want…no equipment required, and I can get a LOT more resistance without wondering where exactly I’m getting the stretch. IE: In my penis, in my ligs, in my skin ???? Then again, if you work from home or dont work…and have several hours a day to hang weights from your penis and a ton of willpower hanging might be the “holy grail” of PE for you. Just one man’s opinion.

I wish I could give my own opinion on hanging since I DO HAVE a Bib but still can’t use it because of the injury I STILL have but I do have an opinion on the thread. I think every avenue of PE should be explored by each individual and find what works for them. I try to keep a very open mind to every thing posted in these forums and give everything a fair shake. I think that every person in these forums should post any unique exercise they are doing because this may be the exercise that helps another struggling individual.

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For me, hanging was by far the most time-efficient method of PE. I could wrap and attach the hanger and weights within a couple of minutes. Then hang for twenty minutes while I got work done. Less than a minute to take off the weights and hanger. Work for another ten minutes while resting. Then repeat multiple times.

I would stay wrapped for four or five sets, jelqing for a bit around the wrap and also behind my balls for a couple minutes during a rest period. After the 4-5 sets, I would take off the wrap, piss, whatever and maybe lightly jelq for ten minutes or so. Then re-wrap and start again.

I got an intense workout with very little dedicated time invested. The only dedicated time was in wrapping, attachment, and jelqing to restore circulation.

With DLD’s new techniques, I believe a guy can spend just a little more dedicated time, doing the twists with the hanger on for a couple minutes, and then immediately attach the weights and get a more intense workout. Also, it is very easy to do the blasters while hanging without even thinking about it.

With the manual exercises, the entire time has to be dedicated. I do not and did not have that kind of time to invest.

With whatever type of PEing you are doing, I believe it is important to jelq, not for true gains, but to increase and insure good circulation within the CCs and CS. The circulation ability of the penis is so important to proper function. It is silly not to invest a few minutes a day of light jelqing to insure proper function. Further, whatever gains you achieve cannot be expressed without additional blood flow.


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