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Is enlargement surgery permanent???


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There are complications with PE in general Penismith. Nothing about PE is complication free. Someone MUST take the plunge in order for the community to benefit from new advancements. So far, I would personally consider having the procedure as I believe it to be as safe as clamping in the short term.

Well… life is risk. On that much I think we can all agree.

Any one of us could get hit by a bus tomorrow after all.

I think there are levels to such things, however. I would hesitate to equate this procedure with PE - even clamping, which practiced with too much uh, ‘enthusiasm’ can certainly be quite risky.

penismith is right to encourage dialing back the discussion into the realm of objective analysis, and I’m glad to see Determined2Gain is willing to qualify his remarks - and acknowledge his bias. I, for one, appreciate that level of honesty. I’d further appreciate making sure to re-state and reinforce such qualifiers in discussion going forward. There are a lot folks that are so eager to accomplish their goals that they tend to overlook any downside.

The balancing of risk/reward ratios is of great importance in all of this. Everyone wants a quick fix. We’re a society that has built-in immediate gratification to the psyches of the vast majority. However some super-sizing endeavors can’t be rushed, or accomplished, at the same pace as ordering a Happy Meal.

Let’s make sure that the health and functioning of organ in question is at least as important as any goal of gaining. In that regard, it’s best to have as honest a discussion as possible when going over the various alternatives.

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No surgery to get penis enlargement


The biggest problem I see with penile enlargement surgery, is it is in direct contreversy with PE faith. If you believe in PE and have penile surgery, most of them end your PE journey because of the nature of the surgery and the consequences that come with them. I mean, once you have “fat or and silicon injection” stretching, jelq, and most likely any other form od PE is over. The ligiment cut, I think would also have the same consequences.

I think PMMA is very interesting, but the problem with long term implants that are new, is you don’t know what the outcome will be in a few years. I have read so many women who are now suffering from PMMA, swelling, having parts of the buttocks cut off etc and not much can be done. Another problem is long term inflammation puts you at a high risk of cancer. I will stick to normal manual enlargement and keep watching for complications. I won’t lie PMMA has given guys amazing results, realistic thick cocks. Not only that, when flaccid you have a thick bulge and increase in flaccid length. I will give myself 1- 2 years before I have it done.

Another problem I think doctors who are doing it in Mexico could possibly be using different substance and posing it as PMMA, I say that because real PMMA is actually quite expensive per CC’s, and surgeons in US have expressed concern about the cheapness of the injections vs the wholesale cost?? Anyways I might be wrong.


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