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My last PE session was yesterday afternoon -jelq plus girth exercises- I think my penis was kind of dry and not fully loaded with blood …even though I rested during the last weekend we were tired (me and my tool)

Well, today the skin that covers my dick (I forgot the english word, but you know what I mean) is dry and contracted, I mean shrinked…The sensation is not very nice…It´s like I lost some sensitivity, when I touch myself the skin doesn´t feel smooth -it can´t be serious, I hope.

(My PE session took place just after running. Salt may have something to do with what happened)

I´m gonna have to take a few days off and apply some moisturizing cream on it.

I cannot recall if this is the first time. But it would be important to say that during the last weekend I had to rest because PEing everyday was making my dick feel really tired.

Any thoughts?

At this point I think, Is this an injury? Am I hurting myself?


a great way to make your foreskin smooth again is to put a gallon of Vaseline on it. After that put on a condom and let it rest for a couple of hours.

BTW, i don’t think that you’re hurting yourself since dry skin isn’t serious.
Try using baby oil when wet jelqing….

Good gains :D

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I use to wet jelq with shampoo or conditioner mixed with some water. One day my penis turned very dry and wrinkled up. It was sore. I went and bought some vaseline and applied that a couple of times a day for a few days. I didn’t do any jelqing during these few days. It returned to normal and now I use vaseline when I wet jelq. No more shampoo or conditioner for me, I learned my lesson. Baby oil is also said by many jelqers to be good to use in place of vaseline for wet jelqing.

Josip, I use plain ol vegetable oil when jelqing and squeezing it’s cheap, easily cleaned up and very effective. You can even put it in the micvrowave and warm it slightly. I put mine in a coffee cup that no one uses and put it in the microwave for about twenty seconds and test with my finger. If any one here hasn’t tried it you’re really missing out. And a little goes a long way. Sorry, but I can’t address the sensitivity issue for you.

HTH’s = hope this helps,


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

Salt (I did my jelquing just after sports) plus jelquing were responsible for this, now I am 100% sure. I will apply baby oil and a good cream I have till it heals.

Thanx guys!
Cheers, Josip.

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