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IR Lamps in UK

IR Lamps in UK

Has anyone bought a IR lamp from the UK, and been successful or at least progressive? If yes, where from and how much?

Maybe you can buy an infrared lamp at a secondhand shop, I’ve seen one last saturday in our village at the so called “kringloopwinkel”, it’s a shop where you can bring your gear that you don’t use anymore.

I don’t know if you can buy an IR new now a days.

Ride to live, Live to ride.

Does it significantly help gains and also could help with recovery after a full body exercise?

Full body exercise for me: kind of, it helps keep the muscles relaxed and loosens the joints.

With gains: I wouldnt be able to tell you for sure. But I know one thing that it beats having a rice sock or using the bath all the time I want to warm up and down.

The rice sock effect can kinda be recreated anyway by putting a towel in front of it to be heated, while using it on the penis.

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