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IR lamp strength: heating connective tissue

IR lamp strength: heating connective tissue

Hi guys,

I’ve been looking at IR lamps. It seems like most of the people who’ve posted on Thunder’s have got the little Phillips 150W lamps. I’m looking to spend a bit more partially because I feel a moveable head will make things easier and partially because the phillips don’t really seem to be available in Australia, at least not a competative price.

I’m looking at this model, which’ll cost me about $50AUS + $30 P&H:


It’s 250W, is that too strong?

I’m having a bit of difficulty finding scientific articles that talk about how long it takes to heat up collagenous tissue with different wavelengths/distances/power output. I’ve read around that about 45 degrees Celsius (internally) is idea for plastic deformation, is anyone aware of any studies that talk about heating up this type of connective tissue?


Mine has 300W. It can get very hot indeed after a little while but then I just increase distance. I read somewhere that 42 °C was ideal for collective tissue healing. Must have been in this thread (I’m sure you’ve seen this one, Tweaking):

Using Light to get Heavy - INFRARED

Good luck with your search. nos está robando

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I use a 250W infrared bulb from Home Depot. As caldera stated, you simply increase the distance once you feel discomfort. If you ever feel burning you are holding it too close; a burning sensation is not required for proper warm-up/warm-down! I’ve never used a 150W before so I can’t comment on that.

If it is really $50 go for it (but is says different on the advert.

As has been said it needs to be a distance from your body. But as it has it’s own stand it is not a problem and should be fine for your purpose. Depending on where you do your PE (might be a bit awkward in the bathroom - space wise)

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Awesome. Thanks guys. I’ll get it then, as soon as I can transfer some moneyz into paypal which takes forever.

I’m buying it via eBay where you can get the exact same model from Hong Kong from about $50 AUS which is about $57US, even though that site says it retails at over $300!. Haha gotta love the Chinese!

I bought mine on-line from a pet shop; sold as a reptile cage heater, with a choice in wattage. It didn’t come with a stand, but with a little ingenuity and some Blue Peter sticky back plastic I can now mount it on a microphone stand to use.

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