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IPR Theory

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What do you think or KNOW about the IPR Theory?

It’s a crock! - Makes no sense and I wouldn’t waste 2 months without PE


Briliant Idea! - Sounds like a good theory but haven’t tried a campaign


Plausible - Tried 1 campaign and saw gains


Definitly Works - Seen gains every campaign


Didn’t work for me - Tried 1 campaign and saw NO gains


Definitly does NOt Work - No gains after multiple campaigns

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IPR Theory

I was educating myself on ADS’ing and came across Xenolith’s IPR Theory. Xeno claims 2” X 1” Gain over a 2 year period and his stats support that statement. That said, it seems as if he were onto something. So I did a “Subject Line” search for “IPR” and see there isn’t much out there dedicated to the topic. Kristian69 started a thread and asked the questions I was interested in but the thread quickly strayed off topic. So are mine…

Please participate only if you've experimented with a IPR routine.

  1. Did you experience gains from a campaign?

    If yes..

    1. How much did you gain?
    2. What was your routine schedule?

    If no…
    1. Any insights to why you didn\’t gain?

  2. How many campaigns have you completed?
    1. If more than 1, Did you see gains every campaign?

  3. How much time did you spend in “I-phase” (Inflammation/Injury)?
  4. How much time did you spend in “P-phase” (Proliferation)?
  5. How much time did you spend in “R-phase” (Remodeling)?
  6. What are your total gains while practicing the IPR Theory?

Here's some reference links for folks that want to learn more about IPR

What is the IPR Theory? (posted 3/6/06)
Xeno's biological thoughts on IPR (posted 5/11/06)
Xeno's attempt at clarifying the IPR Theory (posted 5/11/06)

Let’s try to keep this thread on topic and spin up separate threads if needed.


Here’s my experience…

I tried one IPR cycle. No, I did not have any gains.

In retrospect, I think my results were not what I had expected mainly because of not effectively utilizing an ADS (I wrapped but had no tension)
and sloppy execution of my routine.

In answer to the other questions. I followed Xeno’s routine pretty closely. I did not do the 2 month decon afterwords because it was my
first month AFTER a 2 month decon, so I wasn’t about to take another one. Also, what was the point of taking a 2 month break with no

Even still, I think it is the most plausible of any theory so far. But, think the problem lies in the understanding of how it works and proper execution.
To me, Xeno had some really good and valid points, but I think he muddied the water with an unhealthy dose of BS
thrown in to make himself sound more intelligent. When he started purposing things such as the Fibonacci number sequence theory
and applying it to human biology he lost a little credibility with me. Not that it doesn’t or can’t apply. I just don’t believe he had the necessary
training or knowledge to apply it to cell replication. He seemed to have a very good grasp of mathematics but I think his applications
were sometimes far fetched. Anyhow, this was not meant as a post to bash Xeno, he made some great contributions.

Personally, I think that it has never been tested thoroughly enough and mainly because few of us obsessive-compulsive penis-stretchers have the self discipline to take the recommended long decon breaks so they don’t start the routine. Also, for the guys who do, there are tons of variables involved so even with the best application not everyone will see amazing results.

An observation I have, that seems to support some of Xeno’s theory, is the gain cycle. I always start my new routines at the beginning
of the month. I get my best gains when I have started a new routine using a new exercise or device. With this being the case,
I almost always see my gains around day 12-14. I’m not sure why but Xeno observed this also. Ironically, I did not observer this during my IPR

I definitely think there is validity to the theory. I may even be temped to try another cycle soon.

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Louis Pasteur

Interesting stuff. I will have to look at it more closely later.

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Thanks for the reply Iguana.

It certainly seems plausible to me too. I may be bias and although I’m not a mathematician I firmly believe a mathematical formula can be developed to support the PE process. Even though every-ones bodies react differently to PE (variables) they still cannot avoid the laws of physics.

While reading through the archives yesterday I saw that MX and Shiver or was it Shinner also saw the gains around the 12 day mark.

You’re also right! 2 months is a loooooong to to go without manipulating your junk after you’ve crossed into the realm of the “PE Junkie”. I can’t seem to locate the post that references the 2 month phase R time-frame. I wanted to refresh my memory on how he derived that figure.

I’ve seen and spoke to guys PE’ing under the opuses of a IPR routine but if I understand the theory correctly they’re operating on the micro level. Not the macro level because there’s no set extended R phase.

Here’s how I understand a IPR PE Campaign to work. Basically restating Xeno’s comments to the best of my ability.

  • Phase I (Inflammation/Injury) - This would be 2 weeks of PE (any form) that increases in intensity by a factor of 1.1 every third day while incorporating a ADS or wrap between workouts.
  • Phase P (Proliferation) - NO PE! 4 weeks of ADS or wrap that gradually decreases to no usage on the last day of the 4 week period.
  • Phase R (Remodeling/Rest) - 2 Months of abstinence from any form of PE.

Is there anyone out there that has the self control to avoid PE for for 2-3 months?

Thanks for the response MX. I have a several questions for you considering you subscribe to this theory.

  1. How long have you been practicing this method?
  2. Do you see gains every campaign?
  3. How much have you gained since you began this methodology?
  4. What would you estimate your average gain is per campaign?
  5. Have you noticed any gains during phase P while wearing the ADS or wrap?
  6. Do you think this methodology is equally effective for targeting girth and length?
  7. Have you performed girth and length exercises during the same campaign? Or do you focus on one or the other?
  8. In your opinion, do you think there’s a limit to gains using this methodology?
  9. I’ve been actively PE’ing since Jan. with a few 2 week decons here and there. Should I take a decon break prior to starting a campaign? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. I’m also pretty sure the recommended time frame is 2 months. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
  10. I’m under the impression it’s best to take measurements “post” workout in order to realize the maximum potential gains. Is that a valid statement or should I measure on a rest day between PE sessions?
  11. 1.1 is the multiplier for each PE session right? Or are there some calculations I need to perform to find the multiplier right for me?
  12. I (like others) have experienced considerable improvement in my erection quality since beginning PE. I’m wondering if you’ve experienced any degradation of quality during the decon break.

Well obviously I’m very intrigued by this theory and I really appreciate any incites you or others that practice this methodology have to offer. The only thing now is to convince myself this is worth trying and to stop messin with my junk until a decon period has elapsed.

Thanks again!

One more question MX…

Do you think a anti-turtle sleeve would be detrimental to the healing process during phase R?

Thanks again.

There are parts of the IPR routine that are backed by results, such as deconditioning, and the use of an ADS. Also, the body really does heal itself through an IPR process. Whether or not this is how we permanently elongate the connective tissues in the penis is still in debate.

I see evidence for the Macro IPR cycle, but I’d need more scientific evidence, or proof in many member’s PE results, to fully believe in the Micro IPR cycle idea.

I believe that following it in complete detail can work, but that your starting force and time estimates need to be accurate.

This theory seems helpful, especially for those whose erectile function is easily compromised by even moderate PE.


I am still trying to find an IPR regiment that works for me. I tried a regiment that was 15 days of PE+ADS every third day, ADS every third day, and rest every third day (I-phase), two months of ADS-only (P-phase) and two months of rest (R-phase). I gained 1/8” length during this regiment. Then, I did a combined IP-Phase on my second regiment for one month, followed by two months of R-phase. Again, 1/8” length from this regiment. The idea is to find a regiment that is as condensed as possible (while still providing renewable gains). I think one month on, two months off is what works for me. I am testing another three month regiment to find out if this really works.

I have a firm belief that decon breaks are beneficial.

I love GOLD

Originally Posted by gold_member

I have a firm belief that decon breaks are beneficial.

AMAN… :) You may want also to check out this:

How important is REST ?


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