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So I tried PM’ing a member regarding his IPR incites he suggested I post my questions to the forum for the benefit of the community. So here goes…

I started this thread originally to get some feedback from guys with IPR experience because I was considering trying an IPR campaign. Since then I’ve committed to a 2 months break and I’m going to give it a whirl. I need incites in hopes of a successful campaign. Friday will be 4 weeks of PE abstinence and I sure miss it but the time has passed so quickly another 4 weeks will be a breeze.

I want gains in both girth and length (don’t we all) but this campaign is going to focus on length. Here’s my plan with questions…


  • Phase I routine…

    30 sec. Wantsmore Stretch
    20 min. Dry Jelq

    ADS using an AutoADS (Full intensity)

    Late Afternoon…
    15 min. DLD Blaster (Bundled)

    Fowfers in bed

    2 days off (Micro Break) ADS (Full intensity)

    Repeat routine factored by 1.1 on next “on day”.

    When gains stop, begin Phase P

  • Phase P (30 day routine)…

    Start Day 1 ADS Full intensity
    End Day 30 ADS with next to zero tension

  • Phase R (30 day routine)…

    Resting (Macro Break)

Here’s some question…
  1. Is there anything flawed in this plan?
  2. When should I measure for gain stoppage; before or after a workout?
  3. Are my ADS intensity levels correct throughout my campaign?
  4. Any thoughts on the number of days off between workouts?
Any other incites are welcome.

1: if you like it there is no flaw
2: before workout
3: avoid sharp pain pain is subjective and different for all dudes.
4: days off is depending on “erection quality”. Do you still get rock hard the day after. If not you need longer breaks or to cut back a bit on your routine.

Is it working, are you growing?

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I failed to mention my 5 minute warm up with a heating pad before and hot shower after the morning workout.

Ok, I was asked my opinion via PM, so here it is.

There are a couple key components of this theory that I think are very good, and some components that are variables, therefore not to be taken as gospel.

So the key components ( in my opinion) are FIRST, you must have found a method and time were you are MAKING gains.

Second, continue with your method AS LONG AS YOU ARE MAKING GAINS (this can include small incremental increases of force/time such as multiplier of 1.15).

Third, when gains GREATLY SLOW OR STOP, take a break rather than continuing to up time and force.

Forth, that the minor gains gained from constantly upping force and time are negated by the toughening that will result from it, and the greatly increased decon time needed to re prepare you for another gain cycle.

Some of the things I like but aren’t set in stone, I like the multiplyer of 1.15 to increase time/force, because its a nice amount, reasonable and clean…but not magical. I also like the concept of ADS for a period of time to help cement…but again, I don’t know if its really needed in all cases.

Now the part that is really subject to variability (IMO) is length of time to continue in the I phase and length of time needed for deconditioning. I think these times are directly proportional to the amount of FORCE used.

For example, if you are using modest force only in jelquing, because you are actually doing very little tissue Irritation, you can continue for quite some time before gains slow or stop, and because there is little tissue toughening, the decon time needed will be far less than 3 months.

On the other side of the force spectrum, if you are hanging with significant weights, ala Xeno, then the 2 week window of growth is probably pretty accurate for most, give or take a few days. Also, because I think he was actually causing significant Irritation to the tissue, hence tissue toughening…that the much longer decon is probably needed and beneficial.

What will doom IPR to failure from the start is if you haven’t dialed in growth to start with. If you aren’t getting any gains with your routine, then move to ADS phase then on to decon, you will have wasted all your time.

Nobody has ever explained what ‘toughening’ is, how it happens or how ‘deconditioning’ would reverse it effects.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

IPR probably explains how things happen pretty well, but the practical implications expounded by some on here are less than useful, IMO. How many people make a measurable gain from several PE sessions interspersed over a fortnight? Not me.

Who, even if he did meet criteria ‘A’, would have the Monk-like control (and faith?) to stop a routine that was working, to ‘cement’ and ‘decon’?

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Thanks for the reply Sparky and everyone else. You can always count on Kingpole to offer sound input.

I was gaining between Jan and July 07 but they slowed if not stopped completely. After no gains between July and Oct, I figured an extended decon break was in order. I was intrigued by what I read regarding IPR and my philosophy has always been “work smarter, not harder”. Xeno was pretty convincing in his arguments and I figured it can’t hurt to try it once. Plus 70% of the folks that responded to my poll in the IPR Theory thread (that tried a campaign) responded positively.

I’ll be the guinea pig.

I’m still 30 days out from starting Phase I so please let me know of any thoughts/ideas you may have. Even if you think it’s a waste of time, convince me why; but I only want negative comments from guys that have tried it.

What do you guys recommend for the duration of Phase R?

Here’s what I’m planning at this point…

  • Phase I - duration unknown (Till gains stop)
  • Phase P - 4 weeks
  • Phase R - 4 weeks (Or should this be longer?)
If the first attempt is successful I’ll start a new campaign.

So it’s clear I’m going to incorporate a ADS into my IPR campaign but which one is the question? Any thoughts on the AutoADS vs. VacADS? Or is there something out there I haven’t seen before that would be well suited to wearing in a work environment?

Originally Posted by ahopeful1
What do you guys recommend for the duration of Phase R?

Here’s what I’m planning at this point…

  • Phase I - duration unknown (Till gains stop)
  • Phase P - 4 weeks
  • Phase R - 4 weeks (Or should this be longer?)
If the first attempt is successful I’ll start a new campaign.

I’ve thought about this a lot. Its one of those questions that I think we are almost entirely guessing on.

I think you can observe EQ for moderate force PE…and when it reaches a peak during decon, like raging hard nite wood, THEN starts to reduce—-time to start again. In modest force PE, it may be about 2-4 weeks. This would be where you never had any changes in the texture of your flaccid, it was always soft and floppy.

For heavy force PE, if you have gotten stiffening of your flaccid, if it has become tougher, like “beef jerky” you can wait until it returns to a more normal soft and floppy texture, a more normal texture, then begin again. This would be far longer time than needed for modest force PE….could be months.

These are just guesses and theories that may be helpful for some, and entirely NOT for others, but its all I got for now. In the meantime, I think its probably better to do too long of a decon than too short, so err on the side of too much (whatever that is).

And to soften up a stiff tough flaccid do fowfers. I swear to it you will at least have a nice soft fluffy longer hanging flaccid for your time spent.

It seems the softer the flaccid the better the erection.

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