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IPE - Inner Penis Expansion

IPE - Inner Penis Expansion

Due to my erections feeling a little poor I’ve been thinking of possible causes lately. One thing I have noticed is that if I apply pressure to the base of my dick at the top things are really good.

I think I am constricting veins (which by definition return blood away from things, as opposed to arteries which supply) and so it makes me wonder why there is this increased outflow. It bothers me a lot.

Anyway that aside I thought that increasing the supply couldn’t hurt and so was thinking about a possible exercise, and would like your opinion:

1) Get a semi or full erection.
2) Make a tourniquet at the base
3) Kegel hard.

Do you feel an uli like effect on your section of internal penis only? I think it feels quite good.

I would be very interested to know what the vets think of this (particularly Bib), as BTB jelqing is still evading me as a useful technique.


Not a bad idea, I do get a nice expansion feeling in the inner penis when I try this. You could try doing this along with your normal kegel routine for a while to see what happens.

Also, did you try horse squeezes for this purpose?

What trouble are you having with BTB jelqing?


Originally posted by SS4Jelq

What trouble are you having with BTB jelqing?


Just a little point but when poor erections are down to PA usually the person is able to have good ones sometimes? I can’t get good ones on my own, and don’t wake up with them much, and when I do they’re not very good.

Anyway when I’m on my own it doesn’t stay up for long enough for me to really work out how to do it. I also tried it once and put too much pressure on the perineum or some area like that as I got blood in my semen :/

I would very much like to address this issue at some point however as I think the merits of BTB jelqing could be great. Until then I’ll try some IPE as explained above.

SS4, did I read in your progress report that you used V to measure at some point? If so (so lazy, I mean busy, can’t check it just now :) ) could you PM me with where you got it, as I think I’d like to try some, maybe.

If anyone like Westla (for example) has any insight into why pressure on the top of the shaft at the base would cause normal function please let me know. This shows me that a cock ring could be beneficial but I wish to try and solve this problem and not just make it a non-issue temporarily.

A cock ring or anything applying similar pressure on top reduces outflow and turns a marginal erection into a better one.

ICM, what is your PE routine? Maybe you’re overtrained. If so, take some time off and/or adjust your routine.

I’m amazed at how much my erections improved from a combination of pumping and kegeling. Since I did them together I don’t know which was most helpful. Maybe the combo was the key. It took a couple months before the effect kicked in, but when it did, wow! You could give it a try. Pump at low-medium vacuum and kegel while in the tube. Work the pc/bc hard. Simple, but very effective.

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