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Invitation to all who haven't posted


Invitation to all who haven't posted

Calling all members who have never posted or posted a little!

Lets hear from you….what’s going on, are you pe’ing?…any success?….progress?……routines?….ideas?…. thoughts?

What’s stopping you from participation, I believe all are welcome here…the more the merrier. There is no such thing as stupid comments. This is a very safe place to talk about a very private issue…penile enlargement. Do you have pe related fears, insecurities….speak…it will help alleviate your tension, and maybe just maybe aid in giving a positive PE attitude, which helps
“keep up” the persistence necessary to achieve our goals….

I, too am relatively new to the forum. It is interesting to note all the members viewing but not posting at any given time.
Lets learn from each other all we can and share our PE goals.

Food for thought


Give your crank a yank and a spank

every now and then and watch what happens


I’ve been peing for about a month, w/ no real routine other than 100 intense hand down jelq’s in the shower and some manual stretching. I recently started squeezing, and AI Stretch’s. WOW!! AI stretch’s really have made me feel the ligaments stretch:D I’m now going on a 3 on 1 off routine and will see what come’s of it. I also noticed about a .25” length gain while erect, So I’m now 6.5”ELNBP(7-1/8”ELBP) and 5-5/8” EG:D I’d like to be about 7.5” ELNBP x 6.25” EG.

It's working...It'sworking!!!

I have been PE’ing approx. 1 month. Jelking,then hanging.I hang 1 on, 1 off now. Started AI stretching, got 2 lig pops. Hanging 12#, 15# seemed a little much. I didn’t exactly measure at start, but I can see a difference. I don’t know if I am getting back what I lost over the years or what. Whatever it is I will take it!!! One thing I like is excellent morning wood again. I was starting to worry a little. I am almost 50 yr. old. I would say I am 1” or more longer flaccid- 4 1/2”. 6 1/4” or so erect. Girth is 6”’ I am not working girth now too much. I thank God for this site, and your help too, Thunder…

Slow period

Hey guys,

Don’t know what the cause is, but posting has been way off the last week or so. It may be that guys are on vacation, getting ready to head back to school, or ???

We usually run about 30 to 35% on a posting to member visits ratio, we are way below that now.

So now is the perfect time for the new guys/non-posters to get involved.

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first post

Okay, here’s my first post. I’m going on my 3rd week of PEing. In my case, I’m only looking for girth gains. I’m starting at 7.25” bpel and 4.5” eg. (hard to measure because it’s not always real hard when I have a ruler in hand, and I have to straighten out the curve along the base of the ruler) But I feel way out of proportion skinny wise. My plan is to just jelq, after warmups of course. My jelq moves are varried, and I go from light to strong for maybe 20 minutes. No stretches or hanging for me. I really just want to add the girth, and any length that comes along is fine, but I’m not intentionally trying to get any longer.

Anybody else just jelqing? Or am I the test case.

I also do my PC exercises as the day goes by. The real benefit I’m trying to get out of this whole experience is to pump new life into a sleeping dick. I’m on the verge of real ED, and want to nip this in the bud. After 2 1/2 weeks, I have high hopes that this might do the trick, but I’m still skeptical. Reading all the posts on this site is very encouraging.

Welcome aboard!!

Hey lean85,

Welcome aboard! You may want to check out squeeze type exercises eventually, to help with the girth gains.

Also, send Avocet8 a Private Message and he will get you hooked up with his great ED site. Lots of good info there and a decent bunch of guys too! They may have some useful information for you.

Keep us posted on your gains and progress.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Hey Lean

Thunder is right about the squeezes they are the best for girth gains. Take your time and do them gently at first because they are potentially dangerous if you don’t build them up gradually.
Read as much as you can about them before you start.

You are lucky, with your starting length and just a small girth addition you’ll have the ideal size imo.

Good luck and Welcome :)

ù ì å í


I have only had the PE device for 3 days and I am wondering how long it would take for me to
notice any difference?
My goal is to have 19-20 cm in length and I am now 14 cm. I don’t know the American measure!
Thickness I don’t know jet! But it seems to me that it is easier to get a bigger head than the rest of the dick.
All the blood is pressured out towards the head so how can it be bigger closer to the body?
My routine is that I start with stretching with the roller. And I do to the front, sides, up and down.
I hold for 30 seconds and I repeat 3 times.
But I start with a real warm shower first. After the stretch I begin to roll. I have 80% erection and I begin from
as close to the body that I can, and I roll 200 times as hard as I can, but not so hard that it hurts.
I use 4 seconds on one roll, and I have to stop and masturbate in between because it wont stay up.

Is there any one who can give me an exercise that I can use who is better than the one I am using?
And what should I do to get it longer? I don’t have any exercise for that.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome aboard!!!

Hey Glenn,

Welcome to the forums.

By pe device, I take it you mean the Power-Jelq?? If so, have you checked the exercise section of the Power-Jelq site??

Maybe some of our members that use the PJ will give you some ideas.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

I keep seeing this thread floating around every now and then, so I thought I’d finally speak up. I discovered the PE Forums awhile back and consequently discovered these forums as well. I think both have a lot to offer and it is great to see such a touchy subject discussed openly in a community of great people sharing their knowledge.

My story… I finally decided to give penis enlargement a try over a year ago by signing up to a pay site hearing about ‘exercises’ you could do, things that didn’t require expensive surgery and what not. I wish I’d found these forums back then (I searched like hell, too, for something free)! I tried it for a short time, but I just didn’t have the discipline and eventually gave up; however, it was something I’d kept in the back of my mind. A few months ago, I started thinking seriously about it again (was living alone for the first time in years and had the privacy). My membership at the aforementioned pay site had expired (they now offer lifetime memberships to everyone, but my old one apparently didn’t qualify, doh), so I started to search again for something free now that I knew the terminology (jelq, etc). That led me to this great community and others like it.

After reading and reading off-and-on for the last few months and trying to get an idea of how to safely start a routine, I finally began a routine about three weeks ago. I’m going the basic beginner’s route: hot wrap warm-up, 10-minutes or so of manual stretching in various directions, followed by 10-15 minutes of jelqing, maybe a little more stretching (I’m going mostly for length) and finishing up with another ‘cool down’ hot wrap for safety. Unfortunately, I’ve been really busy with a lot of things, so I can’t keep a proper schedule, but I try to do my routine usually 2-3 days in a row, but sometimes my off days aren’t just 1 or 2 in length, sometimes I have to go 3 days without doing my routine, but since I’m still a beginner, I look at it as being safe and giving myself time to adjust. And I haven’t given up and plan to keep with it…

Why? Well, I measured myself for the first time today since I started. Originally, I was 6.25-inches BPEL and 5.00-inches EG. My flaccid length has definately improved (didn’t measure it today, but it started out at 4.75-inches NBP), but it is well over 5.00-inches NBP now easily and constantly ‘hanging low’ and rarely shrivels up on me anymore. (I find great pleasure when at the urinal at work when someone is next to me and I ‘shake it off’ and it is flopping around now and I KNOW that bastard next to me is thinking, Damn… what a dick. hee hee.) But the best thing is after having some days off to get an accurate measurement, I measured my BPEL and I was up to 6.75-inches! The proverbial, “I’m sold!” is definately in effect here. I’d been eyeballing it for awhile and not really seeing anything, but I guess we all know how that goes… it’s YOUR penis, so you don’t really notice such changes as you stare at (and think about) the thing far too much. The ruler doesn’t lie though, so I was quite happy (and a bit surprised, I must admit).

Like most 6-inchers, I’m shooting for 8 NBPL and around 6 in girth. Of course, I’m happy with anything I can get, but these are my long-term goals which I hope to achieve, hopefully within a year.

Anyway, just wanted to throw out my first post and say how much I appreciate the existence of these forums and all the knowledge you guys have shared so graciously. Once I’ve learned a bit more, I hope to be able to contribute more.

(BTW, and sort’ve off-topic: for anyone who doesn’t get the joke, my username is the name of the porn star in the made-up porno shown in The Big Lebowski, one of my all-time favorite movies, as obviously at only 6.25 I’m not porn material… but I’m gettin there, heh. “Kurt Hungus… and Bunny La Joya… in… Log Jammin”. heh. Great film.)

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No offense, but part of the cause may be that many questions are answered with:

“Check the archives (I can’t believe these newbies don’t bother to read first)”

(Of course, the archives are quite detailed too…just about anything you want to know has been posted here…)


6-22-08: 7.5' BPEL, 7' NBPEL, 7.75' BPSFL, 5.25' EG

Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL

Re: :)

Originally posted by UberGoober
No offense, but part of the cause may be that many questions are answered with:

“Check the archives (I can't believe these newbies don't bother to read first)”

(Of course, the archives are quite detailed too…just about anything you want to know has been posted here…)

Hey, I have posted before but not enough. Color me retard but where are the archives I always hear people talk about?


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