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Intuitive stretching

Intuitive stretching

First let me say that I have been at this since I was a teenager(though I had no success then) and I am now 40. I have gained without trying by clamping and having sex,pumped and jelqued,ADS, and praying, and am almost in the 1 inch club.That being said, much of my length gains have occured lately- around 3/8ths of an inch in 3 or 4 months- and perhaps some observations about my recent success are warranted.

First, I do manual stretching only now, targeting the ligs, 5 to 15 minutes in the morning and 30 second stretches throughout the day. At night I will pull it BTC and stand around watching TV and bullshitting with Mrs. Donaldo. ADS use is less since it was causing skin problems, but gains have continued without it.

I think the key to success has been learning how to stretch more effectively. Bib said work smarter, not harder. And to keep the tissues in a state of fatigue. Yes, that means I do not take time completely off.

The focus has been to stretch at an angle that gives feedback- read pain/soreness. This is not the kind of pain that makes you say ouch, but lets you know the tissues are being affected. This is just like stretching anywhere else, the body tells you what’s going on. Sometimes I will start stretching and immediately feel soreness all over. Sometimes it will feel like nothing at all. If I don’t feel it, I will keep changing the stretch until I do feel it somewhere. If even this won’t work I will stop and try again later, and usually I can find a productive angle at some point. Incidentally, BTC is not the most effective angle for me.

Why do stretching angles need to change?

The myriad attachment points of the ligs seem to need to be attacked in an evolving way. Lig pops might suggest productive approaches. The pop never happens in the same way or due to a certain angle or timing. Is it just ligaments repositioning themselves abrubtly in response to modified or stressed attachments? Perhaps. Prolonged ligament soreness has usually accommpanied the pop. So it’s constant, or at least easily induced, pain/soreness that I’m after. Some have said that to stress the tunica through hanging, the ligs would first need to be relaxed. I am getting more stress in the tunica now than 3 months ago, with the same routine.

I have also gotten better at the mechanics of stretching. I have strong hands and this really helps. I can lock my hand under the edge of my computer chair and rock back for incredible tension. Standing, I’ll grab it with both hands, pull down to the angle with the most feedback, tighten my back muscles up with arms outstretches and locked, and curl forward- using my core muscles to perform and hold the stretch. There are numerous tricks I use to apply and maintain tension, including topical applications to prevent slippage out of the hand- experience counts here. Those of you just starting should remember that this takes practice, just like anything else worth doing.

One last thing. PE has worked for me- I was not born with a dick this big!


” There are numerous tricks I use to apply and maintain tension, including topical applications to prevent slippage out of the hand…”
Bib’s comment is great!

Please share your other tricks and especially what topical applications.
Thanks so much!

Thanks for the post, ‘don.

I’ve always thought that “working the angles” was one of BiB’s more important yet most overlooked tenets. I truly believe that it is the key to continuing gains.


You say you’ve been at it since you were a teen,now your 40 and recently saw nearly an inch growth. Wow!
So in summary your stretching at different angles.

So dumb Q how big are you now?
Congratulations on your gains!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Remo- aloe vera is good, and Mederma(for scars). Many “tricks” are angles and hand positions that are hard to describe- I’ll work on something.

GM- Bib seemes to know a thing or two.

kingpole- the other night I measured a strong erection and almost hit 7.5, a sight I never thought I’d see!


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