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Greetings from a longtime on & off lurker, and once-upon-a-time poster at PEforums. (I’m also having problems there. As soon as I log in I can’t so much as see messages, let alone post.)

Overview: (Who I am in PE terms.)

Starting: something like 7.75”bp
Present: something like 8.125”bp
Goal: Until a lover asks me to stop.
Time spent on PE: Been fairly faithful to it for the last year. Sporadically messed with it for years before that. (“Starting” measurement is from the last year.)
Notes: Focusing on length over girth for now.

I got most of my gains via old fashioned jelqing, with the occassional uli thrown in. Early on I would go with the 30 minute to one hour sets, once or twice a day, most every day. Later I moved to doing 10 minute sets, resting 35 minutes (for a 45 minute cycle total) and repeating as much as my schedule allowed.

The notion behind this is that the penis is not a muscle, it’s circulatory tissue. If anything in the body can get the nutrients it needs to repair quickly, it should be the penis. The other side of the idea is that I seem to reach my largest size in the first 10 minutes of a jelq session, and to hit this many times in a day might be more beneficial than passing it once or twice and staying there.

The results were good, but the added strain of the workout on top of the heavy typing load I do most days started giving me the first twinges of carpal tunnel. Since then I’ve swapped from jelqing to using a Bibhanger and have started seeing results from it already. (Only been using it a few weeks now, but it seems to have cemented my last 1/8” of growth. Using a 5lb hang for 20 minute sets, average 6 sets a day.)


Welcome deSol

Sounds like you’ve quite a bit of experience, and have made
some admirable gains. Great to have more dedicated and experienced people here for myself and others to learn from.

I am looking forward to seeing your posts and opinions on ideas here at Thunders.

Best of Luck

Re: Introductions

Originally posted by deSol
Goal: Until a lover asks me to stop.

depends on the lover :)

Welcome to the gang.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

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