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Just thought I’d finally properly introduce myself. I am Conan from the Netherlands, 26 years old.

Never thought my penis was very large when I compared myself to the guys in the shower after gym class. I was always different from these guys since I’m cut, therefor my penis always looked smaller (to me).

When I saw a banner on the Internet about pe I started searching the Internet and found the PE forum. This was about 2.5 years ago. Lurked there for some time, read a lot but never posted. I found a link to this place and had been lurking here for about 1.5 year before becoming a member.

I started at about 6.0x4.75 (never really measured starting girth).
I have gained 1.25x0.75 so far.
Size only doesn’t matter to those who are hung like a horse :D
The rest of us like to gain as much as we can. So the gains I have made are a real boost of confidence to me. My goal is 8.5x6.5.

My gains are mostly from jelqing, manual stretching and squeezing. I do not have a strict routine, so my exercises change change from day to day. I am currently working on girth mainly as I’m a little overweight I’d like my penis a little thicker also.

I do my exercises in the when I wake up and before I go to sleep. When I go to the toilet I do some stretching or squeezing.

Thank you guys for being an inspiration and for providing useful information. You have really helped me these past few years.


Don’t tell me again that those guys bigger than you were blacks :) cos there are too many blacks in the Netherlands. In fact, I watched many peep shows in Amsterdam, and there were really impressive dicked dutch guys in these shows. Your goal is an attainable one, go for it.

Soon to be 9''.

lol, they were not black. They probably weren’t that big at all, but to me they seemed much bigger and thicker because of the foreskin. An uncut penis just looks bigger I think.

Now I really like the look of my cut penis and I feel good about it my size. Wouldn’t mind some extra inches though.

If you are fine with yourself, no problem. I have good memories with Amsterdam. Dutch girls are the most beautiful ones on the earth in my opinion. I have spent hundreds of dollars with blonde sluts, sex theatres and peep shows there. :) Those were nice days to remember :)

Soon to be 9''.

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