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Interesting 'Science of Flexibility'


I think the heat would have to be quite extreme. It was referring to denaturation of the collagen structure therefore I’d expect (like hair straighteners) you’d need it to be very hot.

There seems to be numerous references to heat increasing the rate of creep so if you have the effort to use heated socks and flannels etc.. Then go for it.

Originally Posted by BunchofBananas
For anyone not following all of this entirely i will do a really dumbed down theoretical example:
Two men each ahve a 5 inch penis. Man A hangs with 5 pounds for X total hours within the creep zone. Man B hangs with 10 pounds for X total hours within the creep zone. Man A gains about 5mm (i.e. about a fifth of an inch; an immeasurable amount due to varying erection levels etc..) and Man B gains 55mm (2+ inches, a most definitely measurable amount)

Bunch forgive me if I am repeating something here, I didn’t read this whole thing through.

The concept that you are skipping that is critical is contraction reaction and inflammation.

For many guys, too much stress results in contraction, which I believe is mediated primarily by smooth muscle. My guess (while I’m wildly guessing) is that smooth muscle contracts and holds the connective tissue in a shortened position, and the inflammation then allows it to repair itself in this shortened position IF the irritation was enough to cause inflammation of the connective tissue.

This is the reason why some guys can hang heavy with good results and some have very poor results.

I recommend that you should use a wt that DOESN’T induce a very strong contraction reaction. This varies greatly from person to person.

I am skipping IPR because I am, at present, more interested in causing ligament creep for size gains. I do not believe the ligaments themselves will lengthen due to IPR. I think that the tunica etc may lengthen in that way though.


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