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Interesting Routine

Interesting Routine

Summer is around the corner, and I am about to go home where privacy awaits. College is a terrible place for PE. Whenever I couldn’t do PE, I thought about routines to help myself this summer. I believe I have come up with a new routine and I am excited to try it out starting May 15th. Here is it, do critique.

Week Odd (1,3,5 etc)
Morning - Bibhanger- 4-15 min. sessions using BTC, and over both legs, also using an A-stretch. (getting the ligs)

Later in the day 15-25min girth work (jelqs, bends, etc)

Before Bed- Manual strech hitting tunica with upper angle stretching

Week Even (2,4,6 etc)
Morning -Bibhanger- 4-15 min sessions using OTS hangs(going for tunica)

Later that day 15-25 min. girth work(jelqs, bends, etc)

Before Bed- Manual stretch the Ligs (straight down, A-stretch etc)

Roughly every 12 hours will be switched between tunica, and ligs. I believe this is a great combination for even and rapid growth. Also the stretching type are switched weekly. I will be keeping a very detailed log of my progress. Any questions please feel free to ask.

You plan to do a 7 on 0 off routine?

5 on 2 off.

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