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Interesting Observation

Interesting Observation

I had just finished 3 sets of 15-20 minutes hanging 7 pounds, and as I was taking off my wench, I started to get a hard-on.

I wrap fairly tightly as I’m uncut,so I assume that this was preventing some of the blood flow into the glands because as my dick was expanding, it was taking on a decidedly cone shape. As my erection got bigger, I was totally amazed by what I saw happening.

My base girth is normally about 5”, but as my erection got bigger, so did my base girth.

It continued to balloon and as I could not believe my eyes, so I grabbed my cloth tape (its part of my “hanging kit”:) ) and measured. It had ballooned to over 6”!!

By the time I had unwrapped and got a full erection, it was gone. I tried a Horse440 to try and replicate it but it did not work. Possibly a little larger than normal, but no where near the 6 ” I had seen.

Has anyone else come across this before?

Maybe the best time to do a girth work out is between hanging sets when the tissues are stretched and soft?

I’m hoping to get in a few more sets tonight, so I will try and do some Horse440’s between sets just to see what happens.

BTW, I loved the feel of my fingers wrapped around those 6 inches, even if it was for only a brief moment!!

OK, found out something else interesting tonight.
The “Phenomenon” was also possible before I hung, just as long as I was wrapped!
What I found was that when I wrap (remember fairly tightly because I’m uncut), not only do I limit the amount of lateral expansion (girth) that may take place (in the wrapped section), I also limit the amount of longitudinal expansion that may take place along the entire shaft length. That is, when I wrap, I cannot achieve anywhere near my BPEL. I’m at least 1.5 inches shorter.

So, what I think is happening is this. By limiting my length it is allowing the the fibers of the tunica in the longitudinal direction to “bow” sideways and thus not limiting my girth.
A simple analogy would be that of a belt (the kind that hold your pants up!).
If you try and stretch it out (like a full length erection), it is harder to bow it in the middle then if the belt is held only loosely somewhere near its stretched out position.

The reason I think this is what is happening is that if I unwrap and allow my penis to reach its normal BPEL, then as it elongates, the extra girth also disappears and the penis takes on the usual rock hard firmness rather the the reasonably hard firmness of the extended girth.
So, what does all this mean?

Not really sure except that it would seem that the limiting factor for girth is actually the tunica tissue in the longitudinal direction, not the lateral direction.

So if this is the case then;
1. The most efficient way of doing squeezes is actually at lower erection levels such that the longitudinal fibers are not limiting the girth
2. There may well be a more efficient way of gaining girth rather than just squeezes (perhaps incorporating stretching?)
3. Perhaps this is why some members report good increases of girth from erect bends (which would stretch the longitudinal layer)
4. It may well be the case that NOT doing any girth exercises while looking for length is counter productive.

My knowledge of the anatomy of the penis is hardly fool proof so I would appreciate someone with more knowledge to tell me what they think (calling Westla!!)

Hopefully someone else will also try this and see if it works for them or if I am a freak of nature!
Comments anyone?

Well, it is common that when you reach > 100% normal girth, your EL is not at 100%. I’m not sure exactly why this is. I’m too focused on length to experiment with any girth moves now (besides, I’m 6+ midshaft, around 6.5+ base - so it’s my length that’s lagging).

I would suggest that you experiment. I know that sounds generic, but we all really are different. For example, I gained all of my girth (0.9” Erect, midshaft gains) from jelqing only. Other guys have done all sorts of advanced shit and have not gained that much girth; on the flip side, some guys gained length quickly - to my ENVY! - from jelqing alone or mild stretching). So, nothing is carved in granite.


I have been wondering if the trusted trend toward length work before girth work was not overlooking something. I don’t have a valuable hypothesis to offer for this inclination, but I’d be very glad to see this issue batted around awhile. I’ve been frustrated with my girth gains and have begun to try jelqing with less of an erection and incorporating upward jeqing.


Thanks guys,

I going to try a few things and see what transpires.

Till now length has come easily for me. I have gained virtually no girth, but having said that, I have never aimed at increasing girth.

Anyway, I try and use my new found knowledge and see if I can make something of it.

Andrew, since you use the Wench, lemme ask you a question. I know you need to warm up your member before you hang, but must you do it in between each set?


I normally use a rice sock for all my hanging time except the last half of the last set.

So you just leave the therawrap on and warm your unit up with the rice sock?

I haven’t had this experience with hanging, but sometimes when I use a glass of hot water to do my warm up, my flaccid penis gets a very impressive girth (see my picture in the members’ pics forum). I have no idea why my EG isn’t the same size, but reading this posts makes me feel like it’s at least a little bit less abnormal.

Damn, I wish my flaccid could have the girth that it does after a warm up. The length gets to the size it is in that picture several times a day, but usually hangs around 4”, which I’m comfortable with. But to have that kind of girth …

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Originally Posted by Alrdybig

So you just leave the therawrap on and warm your unit up with the rice sock?

I don’t you therawrap.

I use a gauze type material that sticks to itself ( a little) and then over wrap with cotton wrap to “pad out” enough so the wench grabs better and spread the clamping force a little more. It also stops the Velcro digging into me when I hang SD.

Between sets, I take off the wench and the overwrap, and try and get an erection. This is what gives me the awesome girth I talked about. I slowly unwrap the under wrap so that the “new” girth travels further along my dick.

I’ve now got it to the stage where I can basically get a 5.75 - 6 inch girth along my entire length except the glands. Remember I normally have an EG of just over 5”.

The other advantage I have found with this is it seems to be a low risk exercise. I don’t force anymore blood into my dick other than that which I can kegel into it. So although you can see the effect, you can’t feel the intense pressure like with traditional girth exercises.

I’m uncut and have plenty of loose skin, but when I do this exercise, my skin becomes very tight and it seems that the skin is now the limiting factor (good of course as it is easy to stretch).

I have been measuring and have not lost any of my EL. So far so good.

I going to keep experimenting with this between each set of hanging.

I’ll report back in a few weeks if it is of any value.

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