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Interesting link

Interesting link

I’m sure some of you have heard of the TV show “Talk Sex with Sue” or something to that extent. Well, here’s what she and her urologist have to say about jelquing:

She doesn’t seem to be against it, her urologist, however, thinks otherwise.

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Hmmmmmmmmmm, very interesting, a urologist that has never heard of jelqing?

Well, guys, I guess I’m gonna have to give up on PE since the Doctor says its impossible, I will just donate my gains to whoever wants them.

By the way Sue stated in no uncertain terms that the penis cannot be enlarged, so take what she says with a grain of salt. hehehehehe :D

And just in case anyone feels that she is right, check out the PE Size Data Base, there are an awful lot of guys in there who have demonstrated that the good doctor is incorrect and mis-informed.


P.S. Does anyone know why Sue’s show is not carried “live”?

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I remember Dr. Drew on MTv always used to claim that lengthening your penis was impossible. I think that may be why I never considered that it was possible until I found thunders place. Dr Drew used to say that it was impossible and also very dangerous to even ATTEMPT pe. I think he may have given some argument about there being so many structures in the penis it was ridiculous to try.

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Yes its impossible because he can’t profit from it.. instead he will inject your dick with fat for 8,000$, that is the ONLY possible way. One thing we must accept to is that many of these people actualy believe this, its what they were taught at their schools.

I dont’ even have a tv now, every word I ever heard on that thing was a lie, at first I believed, then after investigating several things myself I found out they were totaly wrong. Then soon realized everything was a lie on there. Even the stories on there are total bullshit and uninteresting. Every story almost has two guys pursuing one girl, a good guy and an evillll guy. The woman always chooses the poorer, weaker, but kind hearted man. The last three movies I’ve seen: waynes world, pirates of the carribean, and robin hood.. all three have the same love story, and its a stupid one at that. The sad part is the average person now honestly thinks Tia, would choose Wayne over Benjamin, no way i’ve seen this story in real life many times, the woman always chooses the benjamin. Its the same with pe, a lot of people think women dont’ care about size, or actualy would choose a smaller man because he is more skilled, NO WAY. MAYBe if the small guy was rich they would have him as their husband and take the hung guy as their lover/ father of their children.

I think its great if PE isn’t mainstream. I like the idea of doing something edgy and considered impossible.

When I reach my goal, I will just laugh at all the ridiculous things that made me insecure.

As much flak as you may want to give television doctors for saying PE is impossible, consider the implications if they actually go on the air and say it is possible.

Originally posted by Antistar
As much flak as you may want to give television doctors for saying PE is impossible, consider the implications if they actually go on the air and say it is possible.

Good point, every Richard who hurts themself will sue that doctor.

I think it won’t become mainstream, most people don’t want to admit they are unhappy with their penis.

I can understand why there is no Doctor willing to go on national tv and say that it is possible. Because they would get thousands of phone calls wanting to know how to do it, and they would have to say ” just grab and pull” and wouldn’t even be able to charge for it.


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I don’t think any TV doctor would tell people about PE because of the potential liabilities. I agree with the statement about men not wanting to admit that they’re not happy with their penises because some of them have that “I’m the man” attitude and a perceived small penis doesn’t go along with that.

Thinking about Dr. Drew, I never cared much for him. He always seemed like kind of a phallus and a know-it-all. Let him think that PE is impossible and dangerous.


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Well, my motto is gently Bentley

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No urologist, no plastic surgeon and no gynecologist will EVER admit that PE works, folks. But Sue didn’t exactly say it doesn’t work either, she says

” But it is up to you. He did not think you could do any serious damage, and it is a harmless way to spend an hour a day. My maxim is…”gently Bentley.”

Now what?

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